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Wendy52 asked to babysit 6

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Wendy52 asked to babysit 6I just handed my phone to Rosemary and watched in shock as she called the whole of the local mothers cooking club.As each one answered she told them to hold whilst she added others to the call. Soon she had Julie, Alison, Claire, Margaret and Lisa on the phone, she switched it to speakerphone then told them all she was with Wendy who was babysitting for Charles. The girls all giggled and past rude comments about how they bet I had my hands full over there and probably much more if I played my cards right. Rosemary told them all to be quiet and listen as we didn’t have long before our husband would be home. She explained how she had come over to help me as Henry and Arthur had been too much for Wendy and they had now called Chris and Carl to come and stay the weekend.She explained how Charles and his wife were away for a long weekend and the boys had turned their house into a BBC rules type of place where any white woman who entered would be theirs to use as and when they liked for as long as they liked.The girls all started to shout and talk really fast down the phone so we couldn’t work out what they were saying.Rosemary shouted down the phone for them to all shut up, get their swimsuits and get over here as soon as they could if they wanted some young hard BBC.I was amazed as all the women shouted we are on our way and the phones started clicking letting me know they had hung up and started to make their way over here.Edward the father of Carl and Chris laughed out loud as he walked over to Rosemary and said my sons tell me you like it up the ass. Rosemary turned towards him and raised on her tiptoes to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him deeply, then grab his cock and say that would be telling. Edward just lifted her into his arms and carried her off into the living room.It felt strange how I was stood in the entrance hall to my neighbour’s house in a small bikini. My body full of cum and smeared with love bites and small bruises from all the groping and squeezing my body had experienced over the last couple of days. I was now waiting for all the upper-class ladies from our estate to turn up and be used as I had been by these horny young black cocks. I could hear Rosemary begging for Edward to fuck her tight little white ass with his BBC.I walked over to the door and looked into the living room, there bent over a large leather chesterfield armchair was Rosemary with Edwards 12 inch BBC slowly forcing its way deep into her tight little ass.I was just about to walk in and watch Edward fucking my friend up the ass when I noticed the first sports car race onto the drive and Julie and Alison almost jump out the car and run towards the front door.I rushed over to open it before they got a chance to ring the bell so the boys wouldn’t know they had arrived yet.The girls rushed into me wearing gym clothes and looking rather flushed and red in the face. I led them to the living room door and allowed them to watch Rosemary being fucked in the ass whilst I explained what was going on. The girls then noticed another sports car coming up the drive so they asked where the boys were then stripped off their gym clothes to reveal very tiny bikinis and ran into the games room.I moved over to the door and just as I opened it I heard screams and laughter coming from the games room.Margaret entered the house in just a bikini güvenilir bahis and walked right up to me and started kissing and groping me while the door was still wide open. She had my tits out and my bottoms off and dropped to the floor in seconds, she really knew how to take control of another woman.I could see the last car turning up with Claire and Lisa in it, they too had gym clothes on but started stripping out of them as they walked towards the house and could see Margaret and I naked and making out in the doorway. They walked straight past us without making a noise and moved into the living room where Rosemary was now on her knees cleaning the large cock of Edward as it dripped cum from the fucking it had just given her ass.The girls turned to look at me and I pointed to the games room, the girls followed the screams and giggles coming from that direction.Margaret told me she needed some BBC so she walked away from me and entered the living room, she dropped to her knees and help Rosemary to suck Edwards cock back to its full glory.I was just about to go in and watch the fun when the phone rang. I picked it up and could hear Charles laughing on the other end. He told me this plan was working out better than he and his friends could have ever imagined.He told me to stand in the open doorway totally naked and squeeze my tits together to allow anyone walking past or watching to have a good view. I stood in the doorway and felt the cool air caress my naked body as I followed the instructions from Charles.Charles explained how the plan had worked and my husband was now under his control forever, so my sexy little wife white body was his to do with as he pleased as and when he wanted. I remember thinking after this weekend that would probably have been true anyway.I was then informed that Charles had caught a flight back and was only around 5 minutes away in a rental car making his way home to collect his prize. I just stood there and felt my nipples get even harder and stick out so far I thought they would split the skin. My pussy started to leak under the knowledge that my black master would be here in less than 5 minutes to take control of me forever.Charles informed me I needed to walked naked down the drive to meet him as he pulled into the drive in a taxi. I was to lean in through the open window of the cab and wank the taxi drivers cock until it came all over my face, or if he pulled me down I was to suck it, or even allow him to fuck me if he so wanted.Charles then said do you understand me, bitch, you are mine to control and do as I want with. I said yes master I will do as you say.The lights of a taxi then drove down the road, Charles told me to turn and bend over so the lights of the taxi would shine on my ass and pussy as it pulled into the drive.I felt my legs shaking and my pussy throbbing as the lights from the taxi passed over my body then seemed to focus fully on my open legs and pussy. I was then instructed to turn around and rub my tits together sucking the nipples into my mouth, then I needed to walk down to the driver’s open window and ask him if I could do anything for him.I looked into the taxi and straight away I knew Charles had made sure I knew the driver, it was Dan the son of my friend Lora and Dave who lived three blocks over. Dan just looked over his shoulder at Charles and said are you sure that is güvenilir bahis siteleri Wendy my mom’s friend.Charles just laughed and said she is just my slut now and nothing more, you can fuck her and do anything you like to her this once as you did as I said and got me here an hour quicker than expected. Dan reached over and groped my tits, he then pulled his cock out and said suck it you slut. I leaned in through the window and took his nice hard 6-inch white cock into my mouth and sucked it in easily, after all the BBC it felt so easy to gobble away on his cock. It only took a couple of minutes before he was filling my mouth with his cum. He then looked over at Charles and asked if he could fuck me even though he had just cum. Charles said you can do anything you like but it has to be out here for everyone to see, that house is a BBC house only.Dan was out the taxi and behind me pushing me through the back window and towards Charleses hard black cock. I then felt him start to slides his cock into my ass, I tried to pull away and tell him he couldn’t do that, but Charles held my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. The burning pain made me yelp as his little cock broke my virgin ass in. Charles fucked my mouth deep with his rather large fack cock. I hadn’t fully seen it, but it felt very large, and trust me at this moment in time I had taken some BBC. Charles told me how he was happy for Dan to break my ass in with his little white boy pecker as once he heard me tell his sons they could not fuck me there he made the decision he was going to fuck my ass every day for the rest of this long weekend.This thought terrified me and made me horny at the same time. It didn’t take long for Dan to shoot his hot sticky load deep into my once virgin ass, which forced my head down hard onto Charleses BBC which entered into my throat and made me almost pass out but get turned on by the thought of his BBC forcing its way deep down into my throat.Dan soon just stood there groping by tits as they hung down as I bent in through the window. Charles asked Dan if he was finished with his slut. Dan asked if Charles would make me suck his cock and lick my ass right here in the full view of all the neighbours. Charles just pushed me off his cock and got out of the taxi telling me to deal with Dan. I dropped to my knees and started to suck his floppy cock tasting my ass and his cum as he started to get hard and fuck my mouth. Dan then turned around and told me to lick his ass good and deep.I pushed my tongue deep into his ass and felt his sweaty buttocks slide around my face. I then felt a massive cock head try to force its way into my ass. I flinched and moved away allowing the cock head to penetrate my pussy lips instead. Charles fucked me hard and fast forcing my mouth and tongue deep into Dan’s ass.Dan soon pulled away and turned around forcing his now fully hard cock into my mouth, it was only around 2 minutes before he shot his second load into my body. Dan tucked himself away, jumped into his Taxi and drove off leaving me there bent over with Charles fucking me for all the neighbours in our cul-de-sac to see.I could feel Charles pushing one then two, then three fingers into my ass as he rubbed them into the folds of my pussy to get my juice to lubricate them. I looked up and could see shadows behind the plantation blinds watching by big white iddaa siteleri tits swing to and fro as our black neighbour Charles pounded my pussy with his BBC.I begged him to let me move into the house so we could enjoy our sex session more, he just laughed and said a black man humiliating a rich white woman outside her house was a lot of fun for him. He then explained that he would not stop fucking me in front of our neighbours until I had allowed him to use my ass to empty his balls.I begged him to let us move into the house, but he just forced another finger into my ass and made sure his massive black cock bottomed out in my once little pussy. I leaned forward and placed my hands on the floor, this opened up my bum cheeks to allow Charles full access. I moved my legs wide apart hoping this would allow him easier access, then I begged him to fuck my ass so we could go in the house as I was sure I could see phones and camcorders being used to film me being fucked like the slut I now was.Charles just smiled and said beg me again slut. I looked over my shoulder and wiggled my ass and begged my master to fuck my worthless married white ass with his BBC.Charles now had 4 fingers sliding deep into my ass as he removed them and replaced them with his dripping cock. As his BBC entered my once virgin ass it knocked the wind out of my body. I couldn’t breathe and felt a burning pain shoot through my body making me want to push away and run. Charles just held my hips tighter and pulled me back onto his cock. I still couldn’t breathe and felt like I was about to pass out, but just as my body started to go limp Charles pulled his cock out and allowed me to breathe.If I thought it was over I was wrong as Charles pushed the whole of his BBC back into my ass, this again caused me to gasp for breath and attempt to breathe. Charles laughed out loud as he felt my body go limp again as my body struggled for air, then he pulled all the way out only leaving the head inside my ass allowing me to breathe again.Then he slammed it back into my taking my breath away again, he continued doing this until I felt the most amazing orgasm start to run through my body. I am not sure if it was the lack of oxygen or the powerful fucking my body was getting from my master’s enormous cock, but this orgasm was the longest deepest hardest most powerful one I had ever had in my life, and believe me when I say I had been having some good ones over the course of this weekend.At last, my body juddering and my anus clamping down on his cock forced Charles to unload his mighty balls deep inside my ass. It felt like he pumped a gallon of cum deep into my bowels, I could feel it spurting out the sides of my sphincter as it tried to grip the powerful BBC pumping me with its load.Charles just pulled his cock out of my sloppy ass and walked off into the house telling me to get my slutty white ass in here and service all the superior BBC waiting for me.I tried to stand but felt like my bowels would fall out of my ass if I moved. I reached my hand around to feel my once tight ass only to find a large gaping hole that I could slip my hand inside without much resistance. What on earth was to become of me, and how would I ever be able to look my neighbours in the eyes again when passing on the street.I managed to raise myself, turn and shuffle into the house feeling the warm thick cum leaking out of my sloppy open ass. I heard screams and shouting from the games room, but didn’t know if I had the energy to go and see what was happening to the ladies of the cooking club. Sorry it has been a while, but work is taking up most of my time

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