May 30

What a Weekend!

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My wife and I have been separated for 4 years and every time I talk to her she always asks me if I have found a nice girlfriend to help me get my much needed sexual release. I usually let her know that I haven’t found the one yet but I am always looking…although I have been carrying on with a lady that lives about 2 hours away, but this past weekend I didn’t realize that the “one” is a next door neighbor of mine.

The lady that lives 2 hours away was in the area this past weekend and had called to see what I was doing and if I wouldn’t mind some company. I told her that I was ready for her and to just come in when she arrives. My cock started to twitch at the thought of her arriving to see me naked and ready for her expert mouth and tongue to give my manhood some much needed relief. I decided to really get my sexual excitement prepped I went into the bathroom, grabbed my prostate massager, lubed it up and inserted into my ass. The feeling was quite good and every step I took back into the living room the massager was sending tingling feelings right to the head of my cock and each step leaked some seminal fluid which was starting to exit out of my dick and slowly drip down the shaft.

I sat down in the chair and started to exercise the massager by clenching my asshole tightly and then releasing the hold. Each clench and release caused the massager to rub against my prostate causing more fluid to release. I looked down and rubbed some of the fluid around the head of my cock. At this point in time I was ready to stroke myself to a very desirable orgasm. A knock at the door signaled that someone was there and the only person I knew that was stopping by was the lady visiting the area. I figured she was probably as excited as me and I didn’t ask who it was and proceeded to answer the door in my birthday suit.

I opened the door with a rush and there before me was my neighbor Sara. I had introduced myself to her earlier this year when she and her son moved in. She is a petite little girl and looking at her when she moved in I figured she was about 18 or so, until I saw her 7 year-old son. When I met her it was a cold winter day and she had a heavy coat on and baggy pants. As the weather improved I saw more of her and could tell that she has a very nice body with small tits.

There I was, naked and somewhat embarrassed but I didn’t do anything to hide my cock sticking out at her. She looked down with astonishment and giggled. She giggled at the sight of me opening the door naked and not for the size of my 7-inch pecker pointing directly at her. “Were you expecting someone else?” she asked. “Well, somewhat, but I guess you didn’t expect me to open the door naked, did you?” in a bold but reassuring voice that I wasn’t embarrassed. “I was stopping over to see if you wanted to join me later in watching a movie and what I see bedava bahis in front of me is what I would have expected to see later, but, I like this now and since Ian is away with his father, I have the afternoon to myself.

Looking at you right now, I think I have the afternoon with you, mind if I come in?” As she stepped in, I closed and locked the door behind her. I walked over to the couch and sat down with her staring at my ass the entire time. “Is that one of those prostate massager things sticking out of your butt?” she asked. I said “Why yes, how do you know about it?” “My ex used to have one and we always had fun using it during our lovemaking sessions. I always loved to use it on him, but he always enjoyed it more when I would use my finger inside him. I loved watching him get off on my actions to him.”

As we talked a little more about this she suggested that she demonstrate what got her ex off and to do it we should move to the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom with her following me. I laid down on the bed and looked at her as she was removing her sweats. She removed her top and was not wearing a bra exposing her small pert and firm titties. Then she removed her bottoms leaving her g-string panties on. I looked down at her panties and it looked they were a little wet from her excitement of seeing me. I could not believe my eyes when she dropped her panties and my excitement grew to see her shaved pussy except for a small trimmed runway patch. She got on the bed and looked in my eyes and gave me a nice kiss. The kiss was broken when my hand started to reach down between her legs. She looked at me and let me know that I would have my chance but she wanted to do me first.

She had me sit at an angle against the head board and my knees bent giving her access to my asshole and cock. Sara sat cross-legged between my legs and proceeded to grab the massager and pull it out of my ass. I could feel the sensation rip right through my body. She grabbed some lotion and lubed up her finger and placing it against my asshole, she started to rub around the entrance to my butt. I kept on looking at her and her eyes were looking directly at my eyes knowing exactly what she was doing to me. Then I felt her finger slip inside my ass and with that come hither motion of her finger, she nailed my prostate just right.

I could feel the sexual rush up through my shaft right to the tip of my cock. I wanted so much to stroke myself since her motions were bringing me to the brink of orgasm but not enough to push me over the top. I was getting somewhat frustrated and looked down to see more fluid had leaked out and my whole cock was covered in fluid. “I know you are enjoying this and right now I am just getting you worked up, plus all the fluid that is coming out of your prick is going to give me the natural lube for bedava bonus what I am to do next.” She said in almost a whisper. Her other hand wrapped around my cock and she gave it a quick turn using the fluid to lube up my entire member. Her thumb rubbed over the tip of my cock and I was just in heaven at this point. With a couple of slow strokes she had my anus tightening around her finger, my cock shooting cum onto my chest and a huge cry of excitement.

She pulled her finger out of my ass, got up and went into the bathroom to wash her finger off. I just looked at her nice ass as she walked away from the bed. As she was washing her finger, I got up and sneaked up behind her and grabbed both of her ass cheeks and gave them a nice pinch. My cock had gone a little limp and was not ready for any further action in the bathroom. About the time I was grabbing her butt she had finished washing her hands and grabbed a towel. She turned around, looked at me and remarked “Its my turn now!” With that, she walked back to the bed, put the towel on the bed and assumed the same position I was in with her sitting on the towel. She had me sit down between her legs and then wanted me to massage her G-spot. She said that all the excitement had gotten her quite wet and was a very sexual woman and could get off with someone massaging her G-spot.

I reached towards her pussy and felt her very wet slit and then slipped a finger inside her vagina. I pointed up towards the top of her vagina and found the spot where her G-spot would be. As I looked at her I realized I must have it just right. I watched her eyes roll back as I mounted an assault on her G-spot and her breathing was quite labored. Her hands were massaging and squeezing her tits. I took the advantage of using my free hand to slowly play with her clit. Her clit was swollen and felt like a little dick with a hard on. I had no problems moving my fingers around her clit and labia. When she said that she was wet I really couldn’t believe how wet she had become. The more excited she became, the more she wanted to close her legs but she kept on resisting that urge. I could tell she was climbing to the top of her orgasm and then suddenly I felt a liquid drench my finger as she vaulted “over the top”. She didn’t scream but bit her bottom lip as she let herself go. Her eyes had closed and she just kept on cumming enjoying the complete work over my fingers had done to her. As the sensations of her orgasm were coming down she placed a hand on one my hands and had me pull my finger out. She said that the sensations after her orgasm leave her clit and vagina too sensitive to continue.

I pulled out my finger and wiped it on the towel. She took the towel and wiped her pussy, got up slowly from her sitting position and threw the towel into the laundry basket. I just got comfortable deneme bonusu on the bed and just lay back enjoying the view of her walking around. She came over and lay down next to me and wanted me to hold her. I rolled onto my side and found myself kissing this petite beauty next to me. My hand caressed her back all the way down to her ass. I felt her hand caress my chest playing with my nipples. I felt her leg slide up and onto mine giving my hand an open invitation to play with her ass and pussy. My hand did wander down to feel her puckered asshole and it was slick from all the wetness that had seeped down from her pussy. I rubbed her asshole and wanted to see if she gets just as excited when someone plays her asshole.

I nudged my finger into her anus and moved my finger in and out of her. She didn’t seem to mind my finger inside her and then I slipped another finger inside her pussy. As soon as I did that I felt her hand slide down my chest towards my limp cock.

“I think I need to bring this to life” she whispered. I felt her hand massaging my cock and it was coming to life. She left my cock to grab my hand working her ass and pussy to take my hand away. I pulled away and as soon as I did that she moved down my chest, over my stomach and then watched as her head moved closer to my cock. With her hand massaging my balls I felt her mouth envelope my cock. Her tongue was exquisite as it moved around the tip and I could feel the hardness returning. As soon as it was hard, she got up and had me move in towards the center of the bed. I looked down to see my cock disappear inside her pussy. She was tight and oh so wet!

She just sat there for minute just enjoying the feeling of my cock inside her, then she began her thrusting up and down massaging the length of my cock. She just kept on looking down at the sight of her pussy swallowing my cock. I placed my hands on her hips and kept the momentum going and then felt that feeling that starts in the base of my balls and starts its exit as I pumped a load of cum inside her pussy. It felt so good to cum inside her pussy and I felt my balls drained of any extra cum they had in them. A few seconds later she had a small orgasm that ripped through her body and then she collapsed on top of me our bodies dripping with sweat. She said that she really needed the sexual relief and then asked me what I thought of the sexual session. I started to say something before she interrupted me and then did something only one other woman has yet to do. She did the Kegel exercise with my cock inside her and I could only do was roll my eyes and mutter a resounding “YES!”

As she got up and left me spent of any extra energy I had in me, she started to put on her sweat bottoms and her sweat shirt, she grabbed her panties and tossed them to me and then asked me “Are you still interested in that movie for tonight? By the way, bring the panties when you stop over, I just hope you enjoy them until then.”

I went over that night and awoke in a different bed with Sara right beside me. What we did that night I will just have to tell in another fine episode!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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