Haz 05

What If?

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August Ames

Those dreams! It was those damn amazing, haunting dreams that started it all again.

4 a.m. Friday morning: I woke up drenched in sweat, my nipples hard as pebbles, my pussy slick with the thick wetness that comes with orgasm. I woke from the force of the orgasm of my dreams to the one my body was truly experiencing. “Why is it that I only have sex to orgasm in my dreams with him?” I thought to myself. Never, and I do mean NEVER, have I ever cum in my dreams before I started dreaming of him. Hell most of the time I never even get to have sex in my dreams. It’s always this elusive thing that I chase and get so close to but can never achieve. Either I wake up or something in my dreams stops me. But then there was him.

I awoke that morning realizing that I was still in love with him, or at least hopelessly in lust with him. Still craving one person I know I can probably never have. It’s been over 4 years since I have seen him, since I’ve been touched by him. But I can still remember every detail of every moment I spent with him. I remember that first kiss, how as soon as he kissed me, his lips knew exactly what I wanted, needed, I was lost. But in four short weeks he was gone. Oh, but what we did with our stolen time together in those four weeks have been enough to haunt me to this day.

It was the dream and the memories that prompted me to try reaching him once again. It had been many months since I had heard even a quick “Hi” from him but I felt compelled to try once again. I left him a message on-line saying that I was wondering if he had “fallen off the face of the earth” again and if he had the time or inclination to drop me a note or give me a call. I left him my home and cell numbers and went on with my day, never really expecting I would hear from him.

12 Noon, Friday: I called my best friend. She’s the only person that can understand what I am going through, what I am feeling. Well, since we swear that we share a brain, it’s kind of a given.

“Hello?” she says into the phone as if she knows it’s me.

“Hey it’s me. I had a realization at 4 a.m. this morning.” I say.
“Oh?” she questions.

“Yea, I woke up from an amazing dream about him and realized that I am still totally in love and or extreme lust with him.” I say sounding completely hopeless.
“I know” she says.

“But I don’t want to be! Damn it! It is too hard!” I admit.

She laughs and says, “I know how you feel, but there doesn’t seem to be a cure for it, does there?”

“Nope,” I sigh.

“Well,” she says, “expect a phone call from out of the blue soon. You know the last time I had one of those dreams about that guy Danny, he called the next day.”

“Yea, I wish. I doubt I’ll hear from him. It’s been months since I have heard anything from him at all, and almost a year, maybe a little over, since he’s called me. He probably doesn’t even think about me,” I say, sounding slightly dejected.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” she warns me.

I went on to ask her what she’s up to tonight and then tell her I will call her later. I then went into the restaurant to pick up my to go order and head back to the office. I was determined to get him out of my mind.

6:00 p.m. Friday: I got out of work late, again. I had the worst headache and the only thing I wanted to do was sleep. I was supposed to go out with a friend but I was hoping he wouldn’t call so I could go home, take some meds and sink into oblivious sleep. It was 6:30 p.m. by the time I finally got home. Alvin hadn’t called and he didn’t answer his cell when I tried calling it. I left him a message saying I was wondering what was up for tonight and for him to call me. I was still hoping he wouldn’t call. I took my meds, plugged my cell in to charge, keeping the ringer on “just in case” and then I stripped and climbed into bed. Curled up in the warmth of my covers, I slipped off to sleep.

Again the dreams started, He’s there and I am with him. I can feel his lips on mine. His hands brushing over my skin. His fingers opening me to his cock. I feel the length of him slide into me. I am arching my back and thrusting my hips up to meet him. I am getting closer and closer to climaxing…
Then the ringing started and I awoke to realize that my cell phone was ringing. I struggled to get myself untangled from the bed sheets and to the phone before the ringing stopped. I picked up the phone and looked at the phone number. As I recognized the area code, my heart skipped a beat and I gasped. It’s Him! It’s really Him! Slightly short of breath I answered the phone and said, “Hello?”

“Hello, how are you tonight?” he said.

I got wet and my knees went weak at the sound of his voice. “I’m fine.” I managed to say, grinning like an idiot in the dark.
“Only ‘fine’?” he asked.

“Well, actually a bit better than that now,” I answered.
“I bet you don’t even know who this is.” he teases.

“THE HELL I DON’T! Especially since I just awoke from a dream about you. And a very good dream demetevler escort at that.” I tell him.
“Oh really now?” he asks.

“Oh yea. I had one last night as well and let me tell you, you were amazing!” I admit sheepishly.

“Ahh, so that’s what prompted the note, huh?” he said, with an obvious smile in his voice.

“Yea, well maybe a little.” I confess. “I was beginning to think that you didn’t exist anymore.”

He laughed a little and said, “Well, you know I have a habit of ‘falling off the face of the earth’ every once in a while.”
“Yea, I know,” rolling my eyes. He could be such a Man sometimes. Only a man could be that nonchalant when popping into someone’s life out of the blue after so long. He went on to tell me that he’s been busy with work and that he has started running rescue again. He’s a trained EMT and usually volunteers in whatever area he is stationed.

“So, you still want it, do you?” he asked.

“YES!” I half moaned.

“Well guess what?” he said, “So do I!”

“GOOD!” I growled as things low in my body clenched and tingled with desire. That’s what I wanted to hear. What I needed to hear. I needed to know that he still wanted me as much as I’ve craved him.

He begins to ask me what all I have been up to and whether or not I have been a “good girl”. I went on to explain to him that actually I have been behaving myself for a while now. When he asks why, especially since he knows how naughty I can be, I explain to him all of the things that have been going on in my life. Problems with work, at home, life in general. We talked a bit more about that and then I finally had to admit to him that I actually was a bit naughty back a few months ago and then again a few weeks before. Then I asked him, “What about you? Have you been playing any?”
At first he said no and then he said, “Well there was this one woman.”
“The one you met in the bar when you first moved up there?” I asked.

“No, this is another one I met a few months ago.” He explained that he met her in the EMT training class that his station was having. He said she went on and on about how much she loved her husband and crap during class. After class the two of them went to a local bar and continued to talk. He told me she ended up making a bet with him, and immediately I knew what the bet was. It’s a bet that has been made with him before and he always wins. He told me how when the conversation naturally turned to sex she said “I have never found a man who could make me cum by going down on me.” And how, as I knew he would, he said to her, “I bet I can.” She naturally told him that she is more than certain that he couldn’t and so they set off to somewhere quiet so she could prove herself right and he would prove her wrong. This is a bet that several women, myself not included, have made with him. One even put a monetary value on the bet. It was probably the easiest and most enjoyable $50 that he has ever won.

I laughed and said, “They really should learn better than to say that to you. You always win. But then again, I wouldn’t be sorry at all to lose that bet.” I had never made that bet with him. He’d never really given me a chance or a choice. And it all started with that first kiss. As I pulled back from that first kiss, I pulled his lower lip between my teeth and he moaned, leaning into me. I opened my eyes as he grabbed my hand and drug me out of the kitchen at the rescue squad and down the hall into one of the bedrooms. As the door closed, we fell onto each other. Our mouths and hands were exploring each other’s faces and chests. Finally he pushed me back onto the single bed and climbed in beside me. Leaning over me, my hands on his face, he kissed me deeply and then I felt his hand sliding down my side, over my hips to the button and zipper of my pants. I pulled back from his kisses, my hand holding his hand away from the place we both wanted him to touch.

“I want to taste you,” he growled into my mouth.
“NO!” I exclaimed as I still held his hand away from me. I was trying so hard not to let this encounter get out of hand. I was afraid of what might happen. What I might let happen. Afraid of the feelings I had inside and of the ones I thought (and hoped) I saw in his eyes, his face.

“Please!” he urged me as his mouth came down to claim mine in a kiss, our hands intertwining. Slowly I relaxed and his hand fell away from mine and down to the top of my pants. The next thing I realized, my pants and panties were gone and he was between my legs, his mouth sucking on my swollen lips and clit as he gazed up into my face. I reached one hand down to him, as if to push him away, he grabbed it and again intertwined his fingers with mine. Instead of trying to use that hand to push him away I ended up using it to anchor me to him so that I wouldn’t float away. I needed this anchor desperately. The things he was doing to my flesh with is tongue were amazing! The long, slow laps of his tongue over the entire length dikmen escort of my pussy. The light and fast flicks of the tip of it over my clit, his lips and teeth nibbling on that sensitive, swollen little nub were amazing. He had me so incredibly wet I know it must have felt like I was gushing a river to him. All this and I hadn’t even cum yet. My other hand came to be on the back of his head, my fingers running over him, loving the feel of his closely shorn hair against my palm and finger tips. As I moaned and mewled softly, my hips thrust up to meet the flicks and strokes of his tongue. My whole body started shivering at every touch he made to my swollen, heated flesh. Finally he crawled up from between my legs to kiss me. Kissing him deeply, I savored the taste of myself on him. As he lay atop me, I wiggled and squirmed against him. “What’s wrong?” he asked and I debated what I should say and how I should say it. His touch had been wonderful. More than wonderful and had made me incredibly wet, but I still had not cum. I was on the edge but not quite there yet. I finally with a note of pleading in my voice softly said, “So close…yet so far away.”

“Oh?” he said looking questioningly into my eyes. I nodded my head slightly as I blushed. “Well then,” he said as he slid back down my body and in between my legs. He started to lick and suck on me like a man possessed. Finally, at my mostly silent urging, he thrust several fingers into me hard and I came for him. My legs clenching his shoulders. My one hand again intertwined with his, my nails digging into the back of his hand. Afterwards, as I lay there slightly limp and dazed, he lay down beside me and gathered me into his arms. As I snuggled against him, fitting myself into the hollow of his body, he said, “I am very glad you told me, I would have been very disappointed if I had left you unsatisfied.”
“No chance of that now.” I laughed as my body shook with yet another aftershock of the mind-blowing orgasm he had given me. Once I had sufficiently recovered from the aftermath of his talents, I rolled him over onto his back, pushed his shirt up over his head and started to give him a back massage. The back massage started to turn into a full body massage and finally he was on his back, his pants gone with me between his legs doing for him what he had just recently done for me. I had to reciprocate. I had to take him in my mouth, taste him and make him cum as hard as he had made me cum. It was “a moral imperative”.

Afterward he told me that I didn’t have to do that. That he would have been more than satisfied with just going down on me and making me cum. That going down on a woman was the thing he probably loved most in the world. I explained to him that it was the same way with me. I had to do it. I told him I just couldn’t not do it after what he’d done for me. But I digress.

Back to Friday night, current day: I started to tell him about that last encounter which I had with a friend of mine who I had been playing with on and off for about two years now, when someone came to his door wanting to talk to him.
I told him to call me back on my house phone and he asked me to e-mail it to him. I did and got wet as I typed and patiently wait for him to call me back. When he called back he again asked me to tell him about my most recent encounter. I explained that Bryan talked me into meeting him in an office park on a Saturday afternoon. It was bright, sunny and warm that day. I told him how Bryan stripped me naked but for my thigh-hi’s and heals and bent me over the seat of his truck and started fucking me. A car pulled into the parking lot and as the awareness dawned on him that we were probably about to get caught Bryan got so turned on he came then and there. We quickly ducked into my car and waited for the other car to leave. He was still so turned on by the thought of getting caught he whipped out his dick again and started playing with it. I went down on him and finally he had me get out of the car bend me over my seat and fucked me again and yet again cumming fast. We did it one more time in the grass behind the building.

“Did he make you cum good baby?” he asked me.

When I replied “No!”

He asked “Why not?”

I explained to him that it was all just a little too fast and it wasn’t enough to make me cum.

“What? Didn’t he taste that sweet pussy of yours?” he said, his voice dropping an octave, becoming even more seductive.
“No!” I moaned plaintively at the thought.

“Then he didn’t treat you right baby.”

“I know,” I whimpered into the phone.

“Are you playing?” he asked.

I said, “Yes” moaning again.

He then asked me if I was playing with my pussy. I tell him “No, I am playing with my nipples.”

“MMmm, oh yea…I forgot you can cum by playing with your tits.” I whispered softly, as if remembering.

“Well, almost, but not quite.” I say with a whimper.

“And you squirt when you cum. God do I love that about you.” ankara escort he purrs.

I laughed and replied simply, “I know.”

Then he said, “He should have taken and cupped your face in his hands and kissed your lips softly.”

I felt things in my lower body, things that no one could ever touch, clench and start to tingle at the thought of his, not Bryan’s hands and lips on me. “Oh, Yes!” I moaned softly into the phone as my hands left my nipples and skimmed over my stomach and come to rest between my thighs.
“Are you playing with that sweet pussy baby?” he asked me.

I again moaned my answer, “Yes.”

He then began to tell me exactly what he wanted to do to me. “MMmm, kissing you softly and nibbling on your lips. Making my way down to your neck, licking and sucking on it for awhile, applying the occasional bite in the right spots.”
“Oh God, yes!” I moaned.

“Hands and lips caressing your tits. Pulling those hard nipples between teeth and hands.”
“MMmm,” I whimper. I can remember the feeling of him doing exactly that. My fingers start to stroke my fevered, wet flesh faster. My fingers dipping into my cunt to spread more wetness over my clit.

“Finally making my way down between your thighs. Spreading your legs wide. My tongue would be licking you hard and for a long time. Sucking that clit into my mouth and working it with my teeth. You like that baby, don’t you?”

“Oh GOD, Yes SHANE!”

“So,” he said, “you had told me awhile back you had found someone who could eat your pussy as good as I can.”
“Well, close but not quite as good. Nobody has been as good as you.”

“Who was it?” he asked teasing me.

“Cameron was his name.” I say finally.

“What did he look like?” I asked.

I started to laugh again and said, “Surprisingly, a lot like you.”
“Oh?” his voice sounding surprised and intrigued. “Tell me more.”

“Yea, he’s about 6′ tall. Hazel eyes. Has his head shaved.” I tell him.

“Brown hair?” he asks with a weird sound in his voice.

“Yea, I think it would be if he were to let if grow out.” I answer.
“Was he the one you said you wanted us to have a threesome with?” he inquired with an obvious smile in his voice.

“MMmm, yea, that would be him. I still think the two of you with me would be amazing.” I all but purred into the phone.

“You fucking that pussy for me Casey?” he asks excitedly.

“Yes baby” I say purring a bit as I do it.

“I’m gonna hear you cum, aren’t I?” he ask with anticipation in his voice.

“Oh I sure to God hope so!” I groan.

“Good! Fuck that pussy harder for me. Slide two fingers in for me”, he orders.

“Yes Shane” I moan louder, my hands doing exactly as he asks. I plunged two fingers into my soaping wet cunt. Fucking myself steadily as he continues to tell me what he wants to do to me.

“MMmm, you on your back on the couch, your legs over my shoulder as I thrust into you.” he continues.

“Oh God, YES!” I moan.

“Pressing into you, the tip of my cock touching your womb as I grind in slow circles. My pelvis grinding against your clit. You like that, don’t you baby? You want me to make you cum?” he asks.

“Ohoo, yes Shane. Please!” I plead.

“Pulling out and teasing your clit with the head of my dick before I plunge it in up to the hilt.” he moans.

“Ohhh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” I moan in return.

“Then getting you on all fours with me behind you. Sliding just the tip of my cock into you, then pulling it back out. Sliding a bit more in, and then out again. Sliding it all the way home, my hands on your hips as I again grind against you in slow circles.” he purrs.

“Oh please Shane…PLEASE!” I beg.

“MMmm, not yet baby. Pulling my cock all the way out of you and slapping it against your ass.” he continues.

“OOOoohh!” I moan loudly.

“Then pressing just the tip back into you and holding still. Making you fuck yourself with my cock. You would do that, wouldn’t you baby? You wouldn’t be able to sit still. You’d slam yourself back onto my cock, wouldn’t you?”
“Ooohh!! You know I would baby!! I went on to tell him “I have gotten to like a good amount of rough play now.”
“Oh really? Like what?” he asked, again sounding a bit surprised.
“Well spankings, giving and receiving. Biting, scratching.” I tease.

“You’d like me to be spanking that ass as you fuck yourself hard on my cock, wouldn’t you?” he asks excitedly.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I respond as I continue rubbing myself.

“Anal?” he asks.

“Sometimes…depends on my mood.” I respond with a bit of apprehension.

“So you’d like if I licked my thumb and played with your asshole till it was nice and wet and then started fucking your ass with my finger as you slide my cock in and out of your pussy?” he asks with much more passion in his voice.
“OH GOD YES!!! More Shane….Please!!!!” I moaned loudly.
“MMM, me bending you over the couch at the rescue squad.” he questions.

“Oooh, yea!” I purr.

“Your skirt up, my hands on your hips and I fuck you hard and deep!” he says softly.

“YES! YES! That’s it baby!” I moan.

“While all the other guys at the squad watch. They whip out their swollen cocks and start to jerk off to the sight of us fucking.” He says excitedly.

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