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When my niece came to stay – Part 3

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When my niece came to stay – Part 3This was Edith’s first time in London and she was enthralled by it. We spent the morning in various designer clothes shops as I wanted her to have some really nice quality things. I got her to try on some lovely and sexy things, mainly because I got a kick from see my young niece blossom into a seductive woman who turned me on like crazy. Of course I tried some dresses on too and we used the same changing rooms where they were big enough (and they usually are in these flagship stores). There was lots of unnecessary touching and feeling each other as we looked in the mirrors together, and I slowly started to smoulder. We broke off for a light lunch in Claridges where we talked excitedly of what clothes we’d seen that she should get and the places to wear them. I told her we were going out to a club tonight and I would make sure that she was dressed accordingly. She trusted me although very curious about the club. I wanted it to be a surprise. We ended up buying her a tight black leather mini dress from Iro and a dark blue pleated, washed silk-charmeuse dress from Thakoon Addition. We complemented these with some heels from Jimmy Chou, one strappy and very sexy and one a simple classy dull leather black court, with 5 inch heels. bahis siteleri We also visited some lingerie stores and here she was like a little girl in a sweet shop. We bought a mass of silk , lace and nylon and various stockings and accessories. I had to stop her from talking too loudly in her excitement as she said things like ‘ I’d love you to fuck me in this” or ‘would this turn you on?’ Of course it all did.We got home exhausted and I suggested we had a bath with a bottle of champagne I had in the fridge. I have a big corner bath that just fits two people, so we undressed and jumped into the water heavily laced with scented bath oil and talked about the day’s shopping. The champagne went down well and I relaxed into the hot water enjoying the feeling of her toes stroking my legs and tummy. I caught hold of Edith’s foot and rubbed it against me, across my tummy and my breasts, stirring my sensitive nipples that had swelled under the touch of her toes. I lifted her foot higher into my mouth and started to suck on her toes, one by one as she looked at me seductively, holding my gaze and sliding her other foot between my legs, toes wriggling as they sought my secrets. I parted each toe and sucked and licked on it lovingly, my tongue curling around canlı bahis and between each digit as her toes on her other foot caressed my pussy lips, occasionally slipping inside and making me jump. She laughed each time. I dropped her foot and reached across and kissed her. Was I falling in love? I didn’t care at this moment; it felt so right, so good. We kissed for a long time wrapped in each other’s arms, light headed with love, lust … and champagne. My fingers explored her body, slippery with the water and the soap I rubbed onto her. My breasts against hers, my legs scissoring with hers as we slipped closer, becoming one and our pussies kissed in sync with our mouths. After an age we broke apart and looked at each other, serious, knowing that we were experiencing something special. I got out of the bath and took her by the hand. I toweled her just enough to stop her dripping and led her into my bedroom. We made love, exploring every inch of each other’s bodies; long delicious love, burying our faces in our pussies as we slid into a 69 position and cumming together in multiple orgasms as our mouths and lips took their pleasure. We cuddled under the sheets and slept a little while, before waking around 7.30, ravenous. I made us both omelets while Edith rewashed güvenilir bahis her hair and dried it and then we got down to the serious business of preparing her for the night ahead. I dried her long blonde hair and brushed it before pinning it up for her, exposing her lovely neck. I then did her make-up, she didn’t normally use much, which she loved. I made her eyes quite smoky black and finished with some deep red lipstick and gloss. I then dressed her in a deep purple satin strapless basque by Janet Reager with short suspenders, the top pushed her breasts up deliciously. I put on her stockings for her, black sheer with a seam, enjoying every moment and then the leather dress, fitting snugly and showing off her body to a tee. I then dressed myself as I left her to slip on her shoes, and get used to walking in her heels. As I got ready I saw how she quickly mastered walking in 5-inch heels, as I shouted out tips. She was a natural. I wore some skin tight satin pants with a loose white silk blouse that was quite long, but not long enough to hide my ass, which I think is quite nice. Under my pants I wore some sheer to waist black tights but no other underwear. I put some leather ankle boots on with a 4 inch heel did my make-up and we were ready. A couple of dolls! Edith looked a lot older in her make-up and clothes and very sexy with the tops of her stockings hinted at below the hem of her dress. She felt sexy too, I could tell. I ordered a taxi and off we went into the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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