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When the Cat’s Away, Britt likes to Play

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When the Cat’s Away, Britt likes to PlayLisa went to Vegas for one of her girlfriend’s stagette weekend. I had no problem with it, I had been working 6 days weeks for about 3 months and was looking forward to having the house to myself. Nothing much had changed since Britt had moved in. She would suck my cock but wouldn’t let me fuck her, finger her or eat her out. Not that I was complaining, because the more she sucked cock, the more adventurous she became. I had graduated from blowing a load on her tits, to facials, to having her open up her mouth, stick out her tongue and let me blow my snedge deep down her throat. Things were great. I could roll over, fuck Lisa whenever I wanted, and other times lay back and let that 21 year old slut suck my cock until I blew wherever the fuck I wanted. Life was good. Lisa was gone the first night when I decided to smoke a joint and watch a few shows that had been pvr’d during my stretch of working too much. The phone rang, I seen the number was Brittany’s, she was calling to tell me that she was leaving the school in a bit and wanted to know if I was staying up. We talked for a few more minutes and I told her that I would more than likely be up. It was nearly midnight when she got home. I wasn’t planning on getting up early tomorrow so I was still wide awake. I pointed to the bong on the table and flipped her the can of weed, she broke off a chunk and took a deep hit. She exhaled and said that she had been drinking and was horny as fuck. That was fine as I was getting hard watching her in her mid thigh length skirt and boots. Amazing, what a fucking body. I decided that I wanted to eat canlı bahis her out and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. After a few more minutes of passing the bong back and forth I decided that the direct approach was the best. “what is it going to take for you to let me eat you out?” She got quiet and said “there is nothing that you can do or say. It is too embarassing.” I wasn’t taking no for answer, so I sat down beside her and playfully tongued her neck and ear. She tried to pull away, but I was on her. I had my hand on her inner thigh, she resisted a little, but not much. She took a deep breath and said, “you are not going to stop are you?” She didn’t need to wait for my answer and I had already moved my hand to the crotch of her panties. Already I could feel the heat and dampness from her cunt. I pushed the fabric into her hole and wiggled my finger in, making sure that her panties absorbed some of her juice. She laid her head back, resigned to the fact that within seconds I was going to be sucking her clit and licking her puss. She said to me softly, just as I was going down on her “please don’t laugh”. I stuck my tongue into her cunt and jabbed it in as far I could. She tasted like honey. What the fuck was there to laugh about. A little stronger aroma than I had anticipated, but she had been out all day so that can’t be it. I took turns licking and sucking her lips to nibbling on her inner thigh. When I decided she was ready, I stuck my middle two fingers in her quim and quickly built up a pace of massaging her swelling g-spot. Every few seconds I would force my fingers up as if I was trying to lift her off the bahis siteleri couch so I could feel the spongy pad of her g-spot.After 15-20 minutes of finger banging her I knew it was time to start sucking on her clit while I tongued her. I got down on my hands and knees and roughly spread her legs apart. Any reservations she had about me eating her went out the window. She was moaning and talking loudly, begging me to fuck with my hand until she came. No problem there, I had my hand nearly wrist deep when I started to tongue her clit. HOLY FUCK it was nearly 3″ long. She wasn’t k**ding when she said that she had something like a cock down there. I ran my tongue around her swollen member and sucked in. It felt like I was sucking a cock rather than a clit. I was able to bob up and down on it nearly as fast as she sucked my cock. I deepthroated her clit and stuck my tongue inside her as I did. By this time, she had me by the ears and told me to suck her little cock like she had sucked mine. I must say, it was nice to hear her say such dirty things and I tongued her cock quicker. I gave it the full treatment. Running my lips up and down the side of her length and then back to the deepthroating.This is what she must’ve been worried about. Her long cock-like clitoris. It throbbed and grew in my mouth as I continued my combo of deepthroating it, licking it and jerking it with my fingers. Her ass hung off the couch as her legs were thrown over my shoulder. Once again I returned to massaging her g-spot, this time a little rougher, she grunted and moaned as I sucked her and fingered her. I could feel the swelling inside her and güvenilir bahis I hoped that she didn’t hold back. I didn’t have to worry, she held my head in place and ground her hips against me. I didn’t take my lips off her button until she convulsed back and said to me frantically, “I think I am going to piss, I think I am going to piss”, I knew that she wasn’t about to piss. She was going to treat me to a squirting show. I could feel her spot swell to the size of a walnut as I continued to milk it. I had my mouth wide at her opening, waiting to catch her spunk. In and out and up and down I fucked that tiny little cunt of hers.I ripped my fingers out of her gash finally and with that the flood gates opened. The first blast hit me full flush in the mouth and a bit hit the back of my throat. All Britt could utter was “uhhh, what the fuck, hggh, stop, don’t stop.” She was speaking jibberish as I had my mouth filled. I had drank squirt before, but I was surprised at the velocity. I didn’t have time to recover when the second, third and fourth blasts hit my face. I was licking and sucking as much of it up as I could. She covered my face with her goo and sat back. It stung my eyes and was bubbling from my nose, but I was undettered. I was happy, she had given me my shower of cum. I had eaten her like a champ and her girly facial was my reward. She tasted great and I told her so. She liked that. She said that she had no idea what had just happened, but wanted to do that again really soon. I looked forward to doing some crazy things to that clit of hers too. Now that I knew that Britt was a squirter, I knew that my life was about to change. We got cleaned up a bit and headed for her room for the first time since she had moved in. She was still shaking from what she said was the first time she had ever squirted when I told her that I wanted to fuck her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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