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Subject: When You Least Expect Chapter 27 Copyright 2020-2021: No part of this story may be reproduced in any way without the express written consent of the author. The author fty permission to post the story on their website. DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction and fantasy. No part of it is based on true events, and any similarity to any person, living or dead, is coincidental. It contains descriptions of homosexual activities between consenting adults. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then – I hope you enjoy it! Nifty needs donations to continue doing what we all enjoy. If you can, please consider donating. When You Least Expect By Josh Blake Chapter 27 Braden and I were excited about meeting David’s grandson Ryan. Ryan had recently revealed his sexuality to his grandfather after David’s own coming out went south. Ryan wanted an opportunity to meet Robert and all of David’s friends. David thought it would be a good idea for him to meet Braden and me so he could see how another gay couple behaved. Mom wasn’t feeling well, so she decided to stay home. I think she really just wanted to let us have a guys night out. We were going to take Jackson with us, but after David invited us to spend the night, we decided against that idea. With Mom not feeling well, Bonnie seized the opportunity to keep her grandson overnight, which would allow Mom an opportunity to rest. Lucas wanted to go and asked if Austin could come along as well. I didn’t think it would be a problem. After all, David’s house is huge, and he had plenty of room. Lucas and Austin had decided that they were indeed in love and announced their new relationship to the family. No one was surprised, and no one was upset. At their age, I had no idea how long the relationship would last, but they seemed to be happy for now. Ryan arrived at his grandfather’s house Friday afternoon. David was thrilled to see him, as he hadn’t seen him in quite a while. Ryan was also happy to meet Robert, and the two of them hit it off right away. “So, Ryan, not to put any pressure on you or anything, but when do you think you might want to tell your parents about your sexuality?” David asked his grandson. It was Friday evening and they had just finished dinner. “I don’t really know, Grandpa. After the way they treated you, who knows what they’d say to me,” Ryan said. “Well, you just do it when you feel the time is right. And just remember, you always have me, no matter what happens,” David said. “And me, too,” added Robert. “Fuck it,” Ryan said. “I’m going to tell them. They can be mad if they want. Sorry about the language, Grandpa.” David laughed. “It’s quite alright, son. I get it.” Ryan pulled out his phone and placed a FaceTime call to his mom. “Hey baby,” Sharon said. “This is unusual on a Friday night. I figured you’d be out with friends or something.” “No, I’m in for the night,” Ryan said, not letting on where he was. “Is Dad around? I want to talk to you guys about something.” “I’m right here, kiddo,” Michael said. “What’s going on?” “This isn’t easy to say, but I need to say it,” Ryan said. “I’ve been hiding a secret my whole life. As long as I can remember. I never thought I could admit it to myself, much less anyone else, but after Grandpa had the courage to do it the other night, I figure I should, too. I’m gay.” “No, you’re not,” Sharon said. “I won’t hear of this nonsense. You’re just confused.” “No son of mine is going to be gay,” Michael said. “I don’t know where this is coming from, but it’s not true. Who put you up to this? Is this your idea of some kind of sick joke?” “It’s no joke,” Ryan said, his voice quivering. “I’m gay. And I always have been.” “This is just too much,” Sharon said. “First my dad and now you? Did your grandpa touch you when you were little? Is that what caused this? Because I’ll fucking kill him. He is the cause of all of this!” “Mom, grandpa didn’t do anything but show me that it is okay to be who I am!” Ryan shouted. “Don’t yell at your mother!” Michael shouted back. “I raised you to be better than this!” “We didn’t raise you to be one of these sexual deviants!” Sharon yelled. “This is outrageous. I’m going to call the church and talk to Reverend Phillips tomorrow. There are camps for people who think they are gay. They can fix this.” David had stood by and heard about all he wanted to hear. “The only thing that needs to be fixed is you and your bigoted ass view on things,” David said, suddenly appearing behind Ryan on the call. “Dad? Why are? Ryan, where are you? Did he put you up to this?” “No, mom, all he did was give me the courage to do it. I called him a few days ago after he came out to us all. I’m at his house now.” “This is unbelievable. I didn’t raise you to be like this,” Sharon said. “What exactly did you raise him to be, Sharon? A queer-bashing imbecile like you and your idiot husband? I didn’t raise you to be like this, either. I know what I did behind your mother’s back was wrong, but you have no right to treat your own flesh and blood this way. This boy is a better person than you ever thought about being, and I’ll have you know that he doesn’t need you in his life. He has me. He has a supportive grandfather who will have his back. As far as I’m concerned, I’m disowning you for your terrible behavior. End the call, Ryan,” David said. Ryan ended the call. They both sat silently for a few minutes. Finally, Robert dared to speak. “Are you both okay?” Robert asked. “I’m fine,” David said. “That needed to be said.” “Grandpa, they pay for my apartment. And my car. What am I going to do now?” Ryan asked. “You’re not going to worry about it, that’s what. Since I’m cutting their ungrateful asses out of my will, I have plenty of money to take care of you,” David said. Saturday evening about 5:00, the four of us arrived at David’s house for dinner. mezitli escort We went inside and were introduced to Ryan. Ryan had dark brown hair and a little bit of a scruffy face. He was about 5’9″ and probably in the neighborhood of 200 pounds. He wasn’t exactly fit, but he was far from being fat. Although, if he kept his current figure, in a few years he’d have the stereotypical `dad bod.’ Ryan was very nice and hit it off almost instantly with Austin and Lucas. They were talking about colleges and what the younger guys planned to do after high school. Ryan was majoring in criminal justice and planned to go to law school after earning his bachelor’s degree. “Do you have a boyfriend, Ryan?” Austin asked. “No, not yet. I didn’t even admit to anyone that I was gay until last weekend,” Ryan said. “I haven’t even been able to think about dating anyone.” “You won’t’ have any trouble finding someone,” Lucas said. “You’re pretty cute.” We all laughed, and Ryan blushed. “Well, thank you, Lucas. You’re not too bad yourself,” Ryan said with a laugh. “I know!” Lucas exclaimed. “I need to introduce him to Craig!” “Who’s Craig?” Austin asked. I gave Braden a look. It was obvious the two of them had not discussed Craig. Lucas realized this, too. “He’s just a friend from school. He’s a senior on the baseball team and he’s really cute. He asked me out before we were dating, but I turned him down because he’s so much older than me,” Lucas said. “I don’t know,” Ryan said. “This is all so new to me.” “You don’t have to do anything until you’re ready,” I said. “Just take your time. Braden and I didn’t meet until last year, and look how old I am.” “Well, he’s probably not trying to be an old man before he gets himself a guy,” Austin said sarcastically. “Tell me more about Craig,” Ryan said. Lucas spent the next few minutes telling Ryan about how Craig had stayed around in the locker room to talk to him after practice, and how the two of them had gone to talk in private. By the time their conversation ended, Ryan said he’d think about it and let Lucas know if he wanted to meet Craig. “I hope you’re all hungry,” David said as he walked into the dining room. “Robert and I have everything ready. We’re serving buffet style, so come get in line!” David had made chicken casserole with asparagus and macaroni and cheese. “You made my favorite!” Ryan said. “How did you remember?” “You always loved it when your grandma made it. You begged her to make it every year at Christmas, and she usually did,” David said. We all fixed our plates of food and returned to the dining room. The meal really was great. It was so good that I told David I would need the recipe to take back to Mom. After dinner, we enjoyed the rest of the evening visiting and getting to know Ryan. The more we talked, the more I could tell that he was a kind soul, and he would make someone a great boyfriend and eventual husband. Our circle of friends just kept expanding. David insisted that we all stay the night instead of driving so far home. Braden and I were given the downstairs guest room that we stayed in before. Ryan was staying upstairs, as were Austin and Lucas. “Ummm, will the boys need separate rooms, or…” Robert asked carefully. “Of course. They are much too young to be sharing a room,” I said. “Are you serious right now?” Lucas said. “You know we sleep together all the time at home.” “Well, I know now,” I said. “I really didn’t want to, but now I do.” I started laughing. “Let them sleep together. They’d just sneak into each other’s rooms anyway.” “Thanks, Dad. I love you,” Lucas said. He came over and gave me a hug. “I love you, too, buddy.” After the boys went off to bed, David commented on how much progress Lucas had made. “I’m surprised he called you `dad’ in front of all of us,” David said. “He usually doesn’t do that unless we’re alone, but he’s making progress,” I said. Braden and I headed to our room shortly thereafter. We decided to take a shower together first, which of course, led to foreplay. It all started while I was washing Braden’s back. I squatted to wash his legs and then came back up to wash his ass. I spread his cheeks and washed inside his crack really well, then I put my hand on his back, forcing him to bend over. I allowed water to wash all of the soap out of his crack, then I held his cheeks open with my hands and buried my face in his clean ass. I was going to town on his ass, working my tongue in as far as it would go. “Oh, fuck Josh! That feels so good,” Braden moaned. I was getting soaked, so I redirected the shower spray so I wasn’t directly under it. I then resumed eating Braden’s delicious hole while simultaneously stroking my hard cock. I stood up and ran my cock up and down Braden’s crack, pushing slightly at his hole. “Just stick it in, babe. I need your dick,” Braden moaned. I followed his instructions and applied pressure with the head of my cock until it popped in past his sphincter and into his anus. “Give me that dick, baby!” Braden moaned. “Fuck me!” I pulled almost all the way out, then plunged back inside him. Braden moaned in pleasure. I was afraid the others would hear, but I really didn’t care at that point. I grunted each time I forced my hard cock back into Braden’s tight hole. After a few minutes, I felt my cum building. “I’m about to fill you up, babe!” I said. “Here it comes!” I had a huge orgasm, filling Braden’s rectum with my cum. After filling him up, I braced myself against the shower wall with my hands, allowing my erection to subside and fall out of his used hole. Braden turned around and kissed me hard on the lips. We kissed for a while until I realized his hard, leaking cock was pressing against my leg. I took hold of it and gave him several strokes. I then dropped to my knees and engulfed his hard cock in my mouth. It didn’t take long until he was pumping a huge load into my hungry mouth. I swallowed all that he gave me and then stood up to kiss pozcu escort him again. We rinsed off, then got out of the shower to dry off and go to bed. “Sex in the shower sure cuts down on the cleanup,” Braden laughed. “That’s for sure,” I said, reaching over to turn the lamp off by the bed. “Goodnight, babe.” “Goodnight,” Braden said, snuggling up behind me. He was the big spoon tonight, for a change. We drifted off to sleep. Little did we know that sleep was not coming anytime soon for the boys upstairs. Lucas and Austin had taken turns taking showers in the hall bathroom across from their room for the night. They would have showered together, but they didn’t want to cause any disturbance to anyone. When Austin returned to the room after his shower, Lucas was stretched out on the bed in just a pair of boxers. He had his arms folded behind his head, putting the ginger hair in his pits on full display. Austin licked his lips. He got on the bed and kissed Lucas, then pulled away and started to pull Lucas’s boxers down. “Hold on, let’s talk a little first,” Lucas said. “Do you think Ryan’s cute?” “Yeah, he’s pretty cute. I like that he’s a little thicker build. That’s kind of hot,” Austin said. “I think so, too,” Lucas said. “He’s probably a virgin.” “Probably so. He said he just came out and that he wasn’t out to anyone. So, I bet he is,” said Austin. “Wanna go change that?” Lucas said, seductively. “Huh? We can’t just go have sex with him! That’s crazy!” Austin exclaimed. “What’s so crazy about it? He’s a young gay boy. We’re both young gay boys. I bet we could have his pants off in no time.” “I don’t know, Lukie. What if Josh finds out? He’s be furious.” “He doesn’t have to know,” Lucas said. “No one has to know but us. It’s just guys having fun. Let’s just go talk to him. We’ll say we just wanted to get to know him better. I promise you it’ll be his idea before it’s over.” “Well, alright, I guess. Let me put my shorts and shirt on,” Austin said. “No, just leave your boxers on. It’s just at the end of the hall. No one else will see us,” Lucas said. The two boys opened the door, both only wearing their boxers. They walked quietly to the end of the hall to the room where Ryan was sleeping. They could see a light on under the door, so he was still up. Lucas knocked softly. “Ryan? You still up?” Lucas asked. Ryan came to the door and opened it. He was wearing athletic shorts and a white T-shirt. “What’s up, guys?” Ryan asked. “We just wanted to come talk to you a little bit more,” Lucas said. “Unless you’re too tired.” “Nah, I’m good, come on in,” Ryan said, moving aside and letting the two boys enter the room. “I’m sorry about your parents,” Austin said, sitting down on the bed. “It’s really not a big deal,” Ryan said. “They were assholes anyway. We were never super close.” “It still sucks,” Lucas said. “But I know all about having asshole parents. My dad tried to kill my boyfriend and my principal, who is now kind of my dad, and my mom just left me and doesn’t want to have anything to do with me now because I might interfere with her new life.” “Grandpa told me about everything that’s happened in your life. I can’t imagine going through all of that. I’m glad you’re happy now, though,” Ryan said. “Yeah, everything works out, I guess. So, you’ve never had a boyfriend at all?” “Nope. Never,” Ryan said. “Not even someone to, you know, mess around with?” Austin asked. “Nope. All I’ve ever done is look at porn.” Ryan was sitting on the bed between Lucas and Austin. “Shit. I can’t imagine being 19 years old and never having sex,” Lucas said. “Well, it’s not because I didn’t want to,” Ryan said. “I just haven’t had anyone to do it with.” “What do you want to try the most when you meet someone?” Austin asked. “I guess oral sex. Maybe try giving it and getting it,” Ryan said. “Oral sex is lots of fun,” Lucas said, tracing imaginary lines on Ryan’s leg with his finger. Ryan looked at Lucas with bewilderment. “Yeah, I just love it when Lukie sucks my dick,” Austin said. He placed his hand on Ryan’s knee. “Do you want to see?” “Ummm, I don’t know…” Ryan said, obviously startled by what was transpiring. Lucas got up and moved in front of Austin, pulling the front of Austin’s shorts down, exposing his hard cock. Ryan was wide-eyed as he looked at the first cock he had seen in person, other than his own. Lucas got on his knees and took Austin’s cock all the way until his nose was in his pubes. “Damn, babe. That feels so good!” Austin said. “His mouth is so good, Ry.” “It looks like it,” Ryan said. Ryan wasn’t quite sure what to do, but before he knew it, he had his hands inside his own shorts stroking his cock. “Let him show you how good it feels,” Austin said. “Go ahead, babe. Suck Ry’s cock.” Ryan didn’t argue or do anything to stop Lucas as he pulled down the front of Ryan’s shorts to reveal a thick, almost black bush of pubes and a thick, circumcised cock. Ryan’s cock, while shorter than Lucas’s and Austin’s, was thicker than both of them. What it lacked in length, it made up for in girth. Lucas put his lips around it and found that it stretched his jaw more than Trey’s cock or Austin’s had. “Fucking hell!” Ryan exclaimed, a bit too loudly. “Shhh, you don’t want to wake anyone up,” Austin said. Austin started stroking Ryan’s nipples through his T-shirt. After a moment, he pulled the shirt up and over Ryan’s head, leaving his torso completely naked. Ryan was not in the same shape as Lucas and Austin. His body was softer and more of a `dad bod.’ However, both Lucas and Austin found Ryan to be very attractive in a different way. Ryan was also hairier than the two younger boys, with hair encircling both nipples, a patch in the middle of his chest, and a happy trail leading down to his thick pubes. “Damn, that feels good!” Ryan moaned. Lucas kept sucking, while Austin was now leaned over and sucking on Ryan’s nipples. The next thing he knew, Austin felt Ryan’s escort bayan hand groping at his crotch through his shorts. Austin raised his ass and pulled his boxers down and off, leaving himself totally naked. “Feel it all you want,” Austin said. Ryan definitely took him up on that and used his hand to feel all over Austin’s crotch, fondling his balls and his cock. Austin was rock hard in no time. “Do you want to suck it?” Austin asked Ryan. “Yes, please,” Ryan said. Austin straddled Ryan’s head, lowering his cock down toward Ryan’s mouth. Ryan opened his mouth to accept the first cock to ever pass his lips. He took it in his mouth and was sucking it like a pro in no time. Lucas had other ideas for what he wanted to do before Ryan came. He withdrew his mouth from Ryan’s cock and stood up. “Hey babe,” roll over on your back and let Ryan suck you that way,” Lucas said. Austin complied, and Ryan turned over to suck Austin’s cock, exposing his large ass to Lucas. Ryan’s ass was definitely a bubble butt. He had a lot of junk in his trunk, and Lucas liked what he saw. Lucas rubbed his hands all over Ryan’s meaty butt, squeezing his cheeks. He finally made his way to Ryan’s crack and used his fingers to spread the older boy’s big ass open. He was greeted with the site of a hairy crack. Dark hairs, much like those around his cock, lined Ryan’s ass. Lucas could smell the musky scent from Ryan’s ass, which invited him to move his face toward the boy’s hairy orifice. Before he knew it, his face was buried in Ryan’s ass. Ryan was moaning as he was sucking Austin’s cock. Lucas reached around and jerked Ryan’s cock while he licked his ass. After a few minutes, Lucas pulled his face from between the hairy crack and placed the pad of his pointer finger against the pinkish brown pucker of Ryan’s ass. When Ryan didn’t object, he started to insert his finger. The hole was extremely tight, but he managed to get his finger inside it. It was remarkable to Lucas how tight and warm the inside of Ryan’s asshole was. After a few seconds of slowly inserting his finger, he found Ryan’s prostate and began rubbing it. “Shit that feels good!” Ryan said, coming up from Austin’s cock. “You like that, huh?” Lucas asked. “Hell yes I do! Damn, dude. You might as well go ahead and fuck me!” Ryan said. “Are you sure you can take it?” Lucas asked. “No, but I want to try,” Ryan said. “Let me go grab some lube from my room,” Lucas said. Not bothering to put his underwear back on, Lucas ran to his room, grabbed the lube from his bag, and ran back to Ryan’s room. “Okay, Ryan, flip over and lay on your back. I need to get you to loosen up first,” Lucas said. Ryan did as he was told and was soon on his back, holding his legs back by the back of his knees. Lucas added a generous amount of lube to his finger and worked it back into Ryan’s hole. Ryan grimaced a little, but he was a trooper. As Lucas added a second finger, he winced in pain, but said to keep going. After working both fingers in for a few minutes, Lucas ran his hard cock up the length of Ryan’s crack. He did that several times before stopping and applying slight pressure to Ryan’s hole. He added more lube to Ryan’s hole and his cock, then lined his cock up with Ryan’s still virgin hole. “This is going to hurt a little bit,” Lucas said. “It always does your first time.” “The best thing you can do is when he starts to push in, push out like you’re taking a shit,” Austin said. “It seems like you’d be pushing him out, but you’re really not. It’ll pop right in.” Lucas started pushing in slowly. “Push out,” Austin said. Ryan did, and the head popped in. “Fuuuuck!” Ryan said. “That hurts like hell!” “I’m going to just let it sit here a minute,” Lucas said. “It’ll ease up in a minute.” After at least a minute, Lucas once again started sliding his cock into Ryan’s ass. Ryan winced, so Lucas stopped again to let him adjust to it. Finally, after several minutes of slowly inserting his dick, Lucas was all the way inside Ryan. “You got it all, man. How does it feel?” Lucas asked. “Pretty good, but full,” Ryan said. “Try fucking me now.” Lucas pulled out slowly, then pushed back in slowly as well. Finally, after several minutes of slowly fucking Ryan, Lucas could feel his hole relaxing, allowing him to build up a faster rhythm. After several minutes, Lucas felt himself getting close to cumming. “I’m going to cum man. Want me to pull out?” Lucas asked. “No, just do it in me,” Ryan said. “I know you’re good.” In a few seconds, Lucas was moaning as he filled Ryan’s ass with his cum. Ryan was enjoying the first time his ass got filled with cum. He could feel Lucas’s cock spasming inside him. “Damn, that was good!” Lucas said. “It sure was,” Ryan said. “I never thought it could be that good. Thank you both!” “We’re not done yet. You still didn’t cum,” Austin said. “It’s alright,” Ryan said. “I can jerk myself off.” “No, you won’t. I haven’t cum either, and I’d like to,” Austin said. The boys had a lot more fun that night. Ryan decided he wanted to taste Austin’s ass. After being unsure about it, he found that he really enjoyed it once he got started. He remarked later that it didn’t smell or taste anything like he thought it would. Just for good measure, he ate Lucas’s ass as well. He said that both of them had distinct flavors, but they were both great! After having his ass eaten out, Austin wanted to get fucked. Ryan got to try out being on top as he stuck his fat cock up Austin’s butt. Austin enjoyed getting fucked by Ryan but said that it stretched him more than he had ever been stretched before! Lucas sucked Austin’s cock while Ryan fucked him, causing Austin to start his orgasm, putting Ryan over the edge. Ryan flooded Austin’s cock with his huge load of cum. The boys collapsed on the bed, exhausted after their fun. Lucas and Austin both gave Ryan a quick kiss on the lips before returning to their own room for the night. Ryan was now more sure than ever that he was gay, and he couldn’t wait to meet someone that he could have this much fun with all the time! The next chapter in this series will be published soon! Your feedback is always appreciated! Send it ail. Let me know if you want to be added to my mailing list to be informed when new chapters are published.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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