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Where is my wife’s car now???

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Where is my wife’s car now???That afternoon I had to go to my Boss’ house to pick up some documents. The way took me just by my own house.It was early when I passed in front of our driveway; but I was a bit surprised, since my sweet wife’s car was not parked there.I had talked with Ana just an hour ago and she said she had nothing to do, so she would wait for me at home…A while later, after a brief meeting with my Boss I was getting my way back to the office. When I passed close to the nearer church, I noticed Anita’s car was there in the parking lot…I turned around, since I thought she had probably broken down.As I got to her car, I found it was locked. I used my spare key to unlock and tried the engine; it started right up normally.I then locked the car back up and went on about my own business. As I arrived to my office, I called Ana to make sure she was fine.Her cell phone rang a long time but she finally answered.I asked if everything was right and she just said she would tell me later at home. She sounded in a hurry to go… She hung up.I went back to work and figured I could leave early, since I could finish all my paperwork for the day. So about five o’clock, I picked up my stuff and said goodbye to my office mates.Anita’s car was parked outside when I arrived at home.I felt the hood was hot yet; so she had arrived few minutes before.I walked inside and called out to my sensual wife…Ana was in the main bedroom, picking up some clothes. She kissed me, saying she was about to get a warm shower. It sounded again something strange to me; since my wife never kaçak iddaa used to take a bath early evening… I followed her into the bathroom and sat on the toilet as she started to undress.Ana was wearing a white cotton thong and I could see it had a wet stain at the crotch. I then knew where she had been earlier.She looked at me and smiled with an evil grim in her eyes. She then just pulled down the thong and I could see her shaven mound was clearly glistening. Ana entered the shower and she turned the warm water on.I then asked her who had been the lucky bastard.Anita laughed, saying I would not want to know who was…I insisted; I wanted to know who had fucked my sensual babe while I was at work…She finally said that she had gone for some groceries, when she saw Ulysses’ truck parked close to the church. So she pulled into the parking lot and went to talk with him.I knew that Ulysses had fucked my sexy wife in some occasions and she had admitted to me that she loved the huge black cock of that man. He worked as gardener, so it was very easy for him to make some visits to lonely white wives in the neighborhood…Ana said that Ulysses was not alone. Other two younger black guys who worked with him were there in the truck too.My wife told me she was going to get a shower earlier, when she recalled she needed the groceries, so she just put on a summer dress and went to her car.Ulysses told her that he had knocked off early because the afternoon was too hot to work; so they had bought some beers and were planning to go by the lake…He invited Ana to join kaçak bahis them and my horny wife of course agreed…She sat on Aaron’s lap, since it was no room for her in the truck.Ana described that the black guy had a very huge cock; she could sense it through the thin material of her summer dress.During the way, this cock really got hard and it pushed against my sexy wife’s pussy lips. She admitted that she got totally aroused every time the truck bumped in the street…When they got to the lake, they found nobody else was there…Both younger guys jumped into the water and called out Ana to join them. But my wife made me laugh; when she told them that she had not brought any bikini…The cotton thong was see through when wet, so she told me she would be a bit embarrassed…I did not believe a word and begged her to keep telling me the whole truth. Ana then laughed also and said she was getting hot and aroused, after watching the three black guys in their shorts, playing amongst them into the water.She finally pulled up her summer dress and ran into the water wearing just the tiny cotton thong.A while later she was riding Ulysses’ hard black cock, while she sucked on both younger dicks.Both guys had huge dicks; but Ana knew she could handle it…As she rode onto Ulysses’ dick, she begged Aaron to stick up his in her tight asshole. He did not waste time at all. He just used some of Ana’s pussy juices to lube his cockhead and then he easily slipped inside on my sexy wife’s asshole.Aaron came very quickly, after less than ten hard strokes. He pulled out and went back illegal bahis into the lake.The third guy that she had kept blowing, asked her if he could try…Anita just smiled at him and soon she had a second huge black cock buried up her asshole. She said it hurt a little, since it was thicker than Aaron’s cock.Both men had her locked up on their hard cocks; so she could not even move her hips. But they could move and they both double teamed my sensual babe for more than twenty minutes.Ana came twice, before the guy behind filled her stretched anus with some warm cum. He pulled out and soon Ulysses grunted and he unloaded another warm amount on semen into Ana’s cunt.It took her a few minutes before she could stand up by herself. Anita then went into the lake to cool off. Aaron was hard again and he wanted to fuck Ana’s cunt this time; so my sexy wife wrapped her long legs around his waist and he made her fall down onto his hard on.They fucked as the other guys watched, until he came in her womb.Anita laughed when she told me that she was impaled on those huge dicks when I called her. The guys stood quiet as she answered; but she was so horny and she could not wait any longer.After refreshing into the water, Ana said it was time for her to go back home. So Ulysses drove her back to her car, while she sucked on his both young assistants for a last time…When she finished her story, I was hard as a rock.She came out from the shower and I begged her to try her nicely stretched pussy. But Ana laughed, saying she was sore on both ends; so, I should jerk by myself for some relief…She dropped the towel and I watched her naked firm buttocks swaying as she walked down to the main bedroom.Jerking was not necessary; my cock was now spurting cum by itself all over the bathroom floor…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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