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Whimsy Vanilla Pink

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Shelly Morgan was sitting on her bed cross-legged and painting her toenails while listening to an ambient music called Buddha-Bar. She was bopping to the tune while admiring her freshly painted nails. Suddenly her bedroom door opened and a man in a bonnet mask walked in.

“Hey don’t you know how to knock?” She said turning to him with a start and lowering the volume of the music. She thought the guy was one of his two brothers playing a prank on her. But he was not and she was suddenly gripped by fear.

“Shhh,” he said putting a finger to his exposed lips and crouched down next to her bed and took a good look at her. Shelly was a knockout beauty, Caucasian of mixed breed clad in a short sleeved pajama top and white panties. Her freshly-showered scent gratified the intruder’s acute sense of smell.

“Take it easy baby, relax. I won’t hurt you. Just do what I say, okay,” he spoke in a hush tone. “And play up that music a little bit I like it.”

“How old are you darling?” he asked his eyes sweeping all over her bare parts.

“Ah…19,” she answered, her eyes alert and wide-eyed.

The masked man removed his gloves and slipped a hand under her open pajama top and groped her teener ‘cupper’ sized-breast. He fondled its firmness and traced the stiffening fat nipple while focusing his eyes on the embroidered monogram on the left side chest of the pajama, which read Shelly.

“What’s the name of the other one?” The masked man asked as his other hand groped the right breast.

Shelly caught the humor and almost cracked a smile. She shook her head and said: “That’s my name, Shelly Morgan.”

“I’m Rob, Rob Steele,” he said. “I’m a thief, been stealing since I had baby teeth. But I think I broke into the wrong house. So will you forgive me for that?” He said still kneading her petite breasts. His voice was soothing and his feeling her breasts felt affection rather than molestation.

“Did you do anything to my parents?”

“Ah-uh. I didn’t see them although I heard them busy having sex, if they’re the ones in the other room.” Rob paused and looked into her face. “I don’t hurt people but only if I have to,” he said.

“You’re beautiful, you know that? And smell good…I could smell your pussy.”

“What?” The word blew out of her mouth.

“Show me your tits, will you? I won’t stay long.”

She showed some hesitancy.

“C’mon, don’t waste my time. I ain’t got all night.” His voice rose with an authority of a big time outlaw.

She shrugged off the cotton pajama freeing her exquisitely shaped perky breasts capped with creamy pink nipples What more could you ask? Stunningly beautiful like the rest of her. Another bolt of tremor ran through her as he leaned in and brushed his nose around each breast, sniffing over each gumdrop nipple causing them to stiffen even more.

“Lovely, lovely, hmmm,” he said giving each one a gentle kiss.

“Ok cover them up now baby and come off with the panties,” he commanded and watched her curvaceous hips shift about. Her pouting female center left nothing to the imagination.

“You must be 5′ 8″ and about a hundred and twenty pounds, you wear panties perfectly well like a lingerie model,” he said knowingly as she started to hook her thumbs into the elastic band. Well Shelly was really thinking of going into modeling as many of her friends were prodding her.

“Promise you won’t hurt me?” She said, a crease disfiguring her lovely face.

“Hey, I’m not here to hurt anybody. Do it now, hurry,” he said and watched her slipped out of her panties and he reached for them.

“Hmmm, cotton absorbs well your pussy scent,” he said as he brought the panties to his nose and inhaled its flavorful musky scent. “This I gotta bring okay?” he said pocketing the panties in his pants.

She cowered in fear and her smooth, gracefully-fingered hands piled on top of each other to cover her most intimate part.

“Get your hands off it, I wanna see it,” His tone suddenly sounded menacing.

“Lie back on your elbows and open your thighs,” he ordered. “Like a baby’s. Come on,” he urged. So she spread them out with bent knees almost flat on the bed.

“Whoa pristine pussy!” He said reaching for her pussy and fluffing the flattened caramel colored pubic hair over the pubic pad. The shaved peach-blushed pulpy lips gaped open and showed a very thick pointy clit. The petals of her inner lips rippled looking like a string purse with a slight mocha tinge over the edges.

“You didn’t shave this right?” He said as his fingers brushed over the smooth labia.

She shook her head. “I whisked the hair off with the hair remover crème?”

He nodded. “Gosh, you got an incredible clit right there, huh?,” he said making some sounds in his mouth. The smooth clit hood twitched beckoning to be tongue-caressed and sucked.

“Has anyone ever sucked that big clit of yours?” he asked.

She shook her head.

“Retract the hood, I want to see the clit.”

She put her two fingers there and pushed back gently the delicate foreskin until the pearly pink clit shaped like izmit escort bayan a miniature penis head popped into view.

The masked intruder made a slurping sound in his mouth. “I want to put that in my martini. I bet you’re still a virgin.”

“How’d you know?” She whispered.

He lurched his face to her pussy and sniffed all over it wetting his nose tip as it grazed the petals of her slick pussy. The fear that he might cut off her clit drifted threateningly in her mind.

“Yes you are. I know damn pussies so well like I crack safe,”

“You smell like half baby and half vixen. I love it. What do you clean your pussy with?”

“Just soap and water,” she hissed and felt she was moistening the bed sheet with her trickling wetness.

“Right. It smells divine. Now remove your hands,” he said and the clit went back to its hiding. Rob petted her clit hood for awhile with his index finger until it became taut and she moaned openly. Then he placed his thumbs across each pussy lip and stretched them open exposing the juicy pink glossy interior. He smelled her once more like a butterfly fluttering over a fragrant flower. Her clit threatened to come out of its own in the open as his breath hovered over it. When she felt his lips brushed gently back and forth across the tip of her clit hood she almost cried out to him not to stop.

Finally he let go of the pussy lips and they slapped back to its place and he pushed his face away from her causing her face to exude an anguish look.

“Whimsy Pink Vanilla,” he called her pussy. “An extraordinary classic. My kind of pussy.”

To be appreciated is fine but Shelly’s feeling at that very moment became something different. She wanted fucked hard like she’d always fantasized.

“Got a boyfriend?”

She shook her head. “I’m dating a basketball player this weekend.”

“Oh yeah? Are you gonna fuck him?”

“No,” she replied but sounding a bit unsure. “He’s 6′ 8.”

“A fucking Goliath, huh? Well, sorry to bother you, darling. Wear another panty and have a good night sleep, ha?”

“The day after tomorrow I’ll be so friggin’ rich.”

Shelly couldn’t understand how he struck fear in her heart and at the same ignite a dizzying lust from her to desire a sexual encounter. She decided to tell him to stay and gratify her sudden desperate craving for human touch and loving romance.

However, time didn’t permit her to gather enough strength to do it as he stood abruptly and started towards the window. For a moment, he turned back to her and said. “How come you’re still a virgin?”

“My two brothers guard and watch over me like a criminal on parole,” Shelly said picking up her pajama top to shield her from the blast of cool air that entered the window.

“O yeah, I wouldn’t mind guarding that body of yours. See me anytime at Pier 69. I’ll buy me a new boat and call it Shelly. Go look for it ha? Drop by and name what you want and I’ll buy it, okay?”

Somehow the intruder’s character allayed the fear in her eyes and she nodded with interest. “Bye-bye” she called after him with moist eyes as he moved towards the window. “Take care,” she added and he turned back to her.

“Thanks, see you honey child,” he said and shimmied his body out of the window.

When she scampered to the window he was already out of sight like a black cat which leapt into the darkness of the night. When she was younger, she fantasized Superman entering through her bedroom window and telling her the color of her panties. She never dreamt that in real life a thief in the night would take off with her panties and called her what? Honey child…a kid? For crissakes, her pussy is ripe and ready to be broken in. How come he didn’t? She thought to herself.

Shelly smiled to herself and mumbled under her breath as to why she felt strongly attracted to him, crossing her hands over her bosom.

He sounded like Keifer Sutherland. He sniffed me. What a bold thing to do. Wow! She sighed and dropped her ass on the bed. Then she lay down on her side lying on a fetal position and pinning a big pillow between her thighs.

He’s got chewing gum breath. If he had only kissed me I wouldn’t give my ten cents like I would treat the guys who chase after me. I’ll give him 100 per cent of my fucking body and soul.

Sleep wasn’t easy to come to her that night. Images of him constantly crowded her mind. Her nipples throbbed and her pussy tingled at the result of that sniffing spree he made. How she obeyed him and how she almost got off! She could have peed out of sheer excitement and fear. Suddenly she felt a deep craving that demanded immediate release. So she lay over her stomach and started masturbating until she came into a fantastic climax. Afterwards she looked at the fingers and they were like dipped in a tub of oil.

“Omigod, I really gushed!” she exclaimed

Later she knocked at the master’s bedroom. “Dad, mom,” she called through the door and then it opened.

“What’s the matter honey?” her mother asked.

“Nothing, just checking. Thought I heard noises. Are you alright?”

“Ohh,!” izmit eve gelen escort Her mother sighed blissfully and pressed her fingers over her mouth. “Your father and I were just… making love,” she giggled demurely.

“Oh, ah…um…sorry…hope I didn’t interrupt …”she stammered.

“No, nothing to it. We’re done. Maybe I got so carried away considering it’s been along while. It’s me that have to say sorry for disturbing you little honey. Nothing’s the matter here, we’re just having some loving fun and making up for lost time,” she assured her.

“I understand mom and I’m glad dad is back and you’re together again,” Shelly said softly head bowed a little bit but eyes glancing up on her, amused.

“Yes, honey, I’m happy we’re whole again,” her mother said and hugged Shelly, tapping her hand over her back.

“Ok, mom, think I better go back to my room. As she walked the hall she thought of her two brothers, who were her protectors and they had a boys night out that would surely last till the break of dawn.

Should I see the damn thief or not? So many questions were racing in Shelly’s mind. But one thing for sure she developed an instant major crush on him.

The next night Shelly wore her sexiest underwear. If ever Rob Steel visited her again she would love him to sniff her again and eat her out till she scream. But he never came back. And so to see him at the pier was imperative.

Shelly waited for the weekend to check him out. It was a Friday that she was supposed to see him but she had classes. She was taking up interior designing in an art school in San Francisco.

Saturday came and she looked into her closet to look for what she’d be going to wear to see him. She studied one of her sexiest dresses and tried it on. But it was too sexy that her father might wonder what she’s up to and won’t allow her to wear it especially if she’s going to the pier. So she settled on wearing casual clothes: a pair of low slung jeans, a silky light pink top and a brush denim blazer all by Polo Jeans Co.

“Whoa, whoa, where you going Miss Universe?” her dad asked teasing her as always as he was proud that she took his best features while the loveliness and beauty were from her mom, a five foot ten Swede.

“To do research on boats,” she said rolling her eyes upward.

“For what?”

“School work. We shall make designs for the boat’s interior.” She lied partially because they would also do that eventually. She was an interior designer student.

“You mean yachts?”

“Yes, yachts, ocean liners or whatever you call them.”

“And who’s going with you?”

“I’ll be seeing some classmates there.”

“You want me to drive you there?”

“For heaven’s sakes Dad, don’t spoil me, I’m a big girl now. But thanks anyway. I haven’t driven much the Beetle you gave me. I want to drive dad, give me a break,” she said giving him a peck on the forehead.

“Alright drive carefully, okay,” he said and went back to his reading the newspaper.

“Where’s mom?”

“Right here Shelly,” her mom called out as she emerged from the kitchen carrying a plateful of pancakes and bacon.

“Eat before you go Shelly, you’ve not been eating breakfast anymore.”

“Cause I’m getting fat,” she replied.

“Who told you?”

“No one, I thought I just wanna be slimmer.”

“Slimmer than that and you’ll already look way thin.”

“Okay mom, I’ll eat breakfast. Besides I suddenly feel hungry.”

Later, Shelly drove off in her apple green Beetle. Reaching the wharf, she found a spot to park and began to wander around looking for the boat named Shelly. Twenty minutes had passed and she had not seen the boat.

Suddenly a hand grabbed her shoulder. She was startled. It was from a guy’s hand, handsome and with intense eyes mesmerizing her. She almost lost her balance because her knees weakened at the sight of this handsome brute.

“Lookin’ for something here, darling?” The familiar voice sent shivers along her spine.

“Yeah, a boat with the name Shelly on?”


“It’s owned by someone with the name Rob Steele.”

“That’s me. Now what do you want from me?”

Her knees buckled.

She scanned him from head to toe. He had dark curly hair, handsome with intense eyes. He wore an ivory ribbed body hugging shirt with bicep-baring sleeves over white cotton pants that displayed a tight firm bottom and athletic legs. His clothes contrasted his deep tanned skin.

“You…um…you told me to see you. You invited me. Didn’t you?”


“Three nights ago.” Her face looked a bit puzzled.


“In…in my bedroom.”

“What was I doing in your bedroom?”

“Hey, you know what you did in my bedroom.”

“Look, I have a short memory. Why don’t you tell me why I was there in your bedroom.”

“Why don’t you tell me first why you grabbed me like that as if you knew me?”

“‘Cos you looked suspiciously wandering around and snooping strangely on something.”

“Does the name Shelly mean anything izmit otele gelen escort to you?”

“Yeah, the name which I christened my new boat.” He scratched his dimpled chin.

“To jog your memory, you broke into my bedroom three nights ago, introduced yourself as Rob Steele, a thief by profession and you wore a mask that really scared the hell out of me like I almost had a heart attack.”

“A thief?” He squinted his eyes.

“Aha,” she nodded.

“I’m a rich guy for life, why would I steal anything from anybody?”

“Then why did you tell me you’re a thief?” She challenged the way he looked at her while deep inside her she was exhilarated because he stood taller than her.

“You told me that you’re gonna be friggin’ rich after you’ve pulled off that caper and you’re gonna buy yourself a boat and name it after me.”

“Oh yeah? Then come with me and let’s celebrate in the boat. Your name is being painted on it,” he said and led her by the wrist.

“Is that the boat?” She asked as they neared the big sophisticated-looking racer yacht.

He slung his arm around her like she was his current squeeze and she didn’t resist as she was engulfed by his persuasive manly scent.

“Yeah, that’s it.”

“Yo, Julio, how’s it shaping up, huh?” Rob called the man lettering the boat.

“Fine Mr. Steele.”

“Shelly meet Julio Caresso. Julio this is Shelly, whom I’m dedicating my new boat.”

“Oh pleasure indeed Miss Shel…”

“Shelly Morgan,” she said and, “Hi! Nice job your doing there.” She noticed her name was being lettered in a funkadelic style. Julio let out an infectious chuckle.

“Shelly, welcome to my boat.?” he said as they climbed aboard.

“Ever rode a boat like this before?”

“Well not this big, long and beautiful though.” She mused.

“The fastest and most accommodating boat in the planet if I may say so myself,” he said standing on the upper deck outstretching his hands to indicate its magnitude.”

“Looks like you,” Shelly said toying the steering wheel in the helm area. “I mean it’s really beautiful.”

“As beautiful as you.”

“Thank you,” she said then turned back to him. “You haven’t answered my question.”


” Why did you tell me that you’re a thief?”

“I’m no thief. That’s make-believe. I have an affliction …ah…somnambulism and soliloquy.”

“What’s that?”

“I sleepwalk and sleep talk. The last time I had this episode was when I was just a child. Now it happened again. I have a sleep specialist checking on me now. I thought it would never occur again. But it did.”

“That’s weird.”

“I couldn’t really recall the events of what really happened in my dream. The only thing that I could remember in the dream was the erotic scent I smelled and I’d like to find the source of that again.”

“Did you recall you sniffed me when you saw me in my bedroom?”

“Sniff you? Really? I couldn’t actually remember that part. Now would you tell me why I sniffed you that night?”

“How was I to know?. I was terrified because I thought you’d kill me if I don’t cooperate with you.”

“Funny. Did I do something else?,” he smiled a charming smile.

“Took away my panties. Where is it now?”

“I don’t know. I woke up naked beside my mother and she was shocked when she found me.”

“Oh my god. So embarrassing I suppose. What did your mother do?”

“Called the doctor.”

“Jesus…,” she said staring up the sky.

“Can I get you anything…coffee, a soft drink?

“Coffee would be fine,” she said.

“How about a slice of baked peach pudding or apple schalet?”

“Sounds yummy but no thanks I’ve just eaten, I’m still full.” She smiled, beginning to feel relax.

The two sat at the bar in the sun lounge area used for onboard entertaining.

“What causes sleepwalking?” she said sipping on the brewed coffee.

“I really don’t know. It is stress-related according to my doctor. Also some chemical imbalance. See, I’m a writer and I’m into the middle of my third book. It could be overactive imagination. However, this one that I am working on is really strange. When I opened my word processor I was surprised that there was a beginning sentence already on the chapter that I have not started on. It says there: I’m a thief. Sniff, sniff, ahh smells so good. It’s like I’m in heaven.”

Shelly blushed at his words.

“I wondered why I had this line which I didn’t write. That must have triggered my sleepwalking.”

“I thought you’re going to rape me or worst of all butchered me.”

“What part of you did I sniff?”

“You started overhere,” she said hovering her palm over her breasts, “and downwards.”

“Oh, that explains,” he sighed.

“Explains what?”

“Instant erection whenever I look at that chapter with that one line written on it,” he sighed again and reached over his pants crotch.

“Oh,” she exclaimed and noticed his hand rubbing the proof of his excitement. Rob noticed the long lashes that fringed her glancing eyes. Glimpsing on the way he rubbed his palm over his erection stirred her loins.

“Yeah. Hey, I’m glad you came around. Maybe you could help me. Come let me show you my play pen in this boat,” he said finishing his drink and stood up, holding her by the wrist and led her to the sliding cabin door that opens to the rooms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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