Mar 10

White on Black ABS rim

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White on Black ABS rimI was getting so turned-on watching a gay locker room video on XHAMSTER that I had to turn it off in order to try for some action on my own. So I headed out to the local ABS to see what might happen.When I arrived I discovered a line-up at the counter. It seemed that the clerk had forgotten his password and couldn’t log into the cash register. As a number of us squirmed around playing pocket pool, the clerk decided to say if we were there for the arcade we could just go on in. That saved me $8—a good start.I wandered around the booths a bit and noticed some promising possibilities. My usual come-on trick is to go into one of the larger booths while leaving the door open. I make sure it the video screen is tuned to a got gay flick and then stand near the door. I picked a booth with a couple of chair in it and changed the movie.Having done this, a good looking black guy came to the door and stopped. Then he turned around with his back facing me. I didn’t quite know what was up, until I noticed that he was pushing the back of his pants down; something that only I could see. That made me come up really close behind him and push my hand into the back of his pants. I groped his nice smooth bubble ass and ran my finger down his crack while he reached back and felt up my cock in my pants. That got my 8-inches really hard. Come on in, I whispered to him, and we slipped into the booth.He pulled his pants all the way down and turned the other way in order to show off his spectacular ass erotik film izle to me. I rubbed it and kissed it until he bent over and spread his cheeks. That was the signal for me to dive in and start smothering his asshole with my wet tongue. He gasped in pleasure as I licked up and down his smooth hole. I also began to stroke his now hard dick between his legs; running my tongue up and down its length.I turned him around to face me in order to take that hot, 7 inch piece of black meat down my throat. I licked and sucked for all I was worth as he gently began to fuck my mouth. He didn’t show any interest in returning the favor to my cock, so I just stroked that long and hard piece of meat. I reached between his cheeks to insert a finger into his asshole which was still very sloppy wet from my determined tongue action. That made him gasp. He ass was so tight that even my finger sliding up into it gave him pause. But it only made his cock swell in my mouth. But then he pulled his dick out of my mouth and turned around. He pushed himself against my big 8 inch cock, letting me gently hump him from behind but without entering his slippery hole. I was close to getting in when he shouted out that he was cumming. I turned him back around so that I could see his hot white semen shoot out of his black cock going almost all the way across the booth. It was enough to get me to cum from my own dick that I had been steadily pumping as I watched him. I rubbed and kissed that smooth black ass one more time as I pulled up my pants and left the room. Wow, a good finish to the ABS visit, too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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