Kas 05

who was she

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who was shetook a flight for week away alone to cuba last week . l booked first class as l find it gives me more room and less crowded . the window seat is empty and l think perfect lots of room. after getting comfy the attendant offers me s drink l say yes please she smiles very hot lady around 36 l ask for a double she says hard day l say just need to into the trip. then to my surprise l feel a leg rug against my arm l turn and look at a perfect mini skirt being hoisted by her lifting her carry on above me wow l could feel myself so l stood and helped her she was around 5 feet tall blond and smelt so good . once she was in her seat she was so happy to be going away her first time alone just left her bf her whole istanbul escort life story before we took off lol but l was going to listen cause she was sweet.as the plane went down the runway she asked if she could hold my hand she was scared l said sure her hands were so tiny in mine all l could think about how big my cock would feel in her hands.after the take off we had a couple of drinks and she seamed to get drunk quite quick the attendant kept giving me a sly smile and think she knew l had a hard on.we ate and then the lights went down and the movie started she was asleep in a min so l had avcılar escort another drink and went to the washroom when l came back my friend had a blanket on so l started to watch the movie again and l notice that her blanket was moving at first l thought l was stoned but she touching herself in her sleep l was breathless my lips went dry. fuck me l thought my cock was going to rip through my shorts l looked up the the attendant looking at me asking if l wanted another l didnt know what to say trying to cover my cock she asked if l wanted a blanket as she smiled looking at my cock l said yes with a stupid look on my face for sure.my heart was pounding as she passed me the blanket şirinevler escort she said have fun and winked which l thought was odd sitting again watch the movie l feel my lil friend beside my cudddle into me then with a min l feel her hand under my blanket fuck l freeze as she strokes my hard cock she whispers lets play her hands have my cock out in a second and she sure knows how to tease a cock as l turn the tv off she grabs my hand and pulls it under her blanket her pussy is bare and soaked she then inserts my finger into her pussy and she whisper l want u to get me off .my cock is throbbing then in an instant she has her mouth on my cock as l look up the attendant is standing in her area watching us her eyes in a gaze watching us sandy her name she said later gave me the best head she bite and sucked me dry will l fingered her 3 fingers and one in her butt she came hard we finished and we kissed she said she loves to fly and hope to see u on the way back .she wasnt there on the way home but the attendant was ans we did talk alot and still plan a date next time she is in toronro

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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