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Wife gets carried away in Tahoe

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Wife gets carried away in TahoeI smile an approving grin as you bend over the pool table to take your shot. I had chosen your outfit for the night, and in my opinion, I had chosen very wisely…It was our second night out on this hastily planned weekend getaway. A weekend away in Lake Tahoe sounded like just the thing to escape the blistering hot weather we’d been having. I found a good deal on a nice hotel in south Lake Tahoe and off we went. Last night, weary from driving, we had a nice dinner and a few drinks at the plush hotel bar before calling it a night. The sex was amazing, the sleep was good, and we awoke nice and refreshed, ready for a day at the lake.We spent the day on the shores of Lake Tahoe, swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the relaxation. Throughout the day, it was not hard to see that the bikini you wore was not an unpopular sight on the beach. The black, ‘pixel’ bikini by Wicked Weasel that you wore was by no means designed for the faint of heart. At first, you were unsure about wearing a thong bikini at the lake, but after seeing that there were others wearing thongs at the beach, you relaxed and were able to enjoy yourself. While your bikini was obviously small, from a distance it was not noticeable that the material is actually very see through and leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination!We had settled into a spot on the beach, set up our lounge chairs, opened the cooler and began drinking the ‘Lime-aritas’ I had brought for the day. Spiked with a shot of Patron tequila, it wasn’t long before we were both nice and buzzed and having a great time talking and people watching. It was funny, the look on people’s faces as they would pass by in front of us when they realized your suit was see through. You receive many smiles, winks and nods of appreciation from several beach goers, particularly the male ones. After soaking up enough sun, you are ready for a dip. Standing up, I can’t help but admire your long, toned body. Looking even better with the tan you had been working on all summer. Your long legs, flat belly, and of course your perfect DD breasts, proudly on display in the bikini.We enjoyed a nice long swim in the cool fresh water. Embracing many times, I can’t help but let my hands wander around under the water, finding your freshly waxed pussy. As I slip one, then two fingers inside you, you moan in approval while my fingers caress your inner walls. Your pussy is so smooth and I can feel your lubrication coating my fingers. Your eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of the cool water and the warmth growing inside, you place your hand on mine, stopping me before you get too worked up and make a scene. Smiling, you suggest we head back to the chairs and enjoy some more sunshine before heading in.Once out of the water, your bikini, which did nothing to hide your delicious charms before, is now completely transparent. Your perfect nipples and your soft, smooth slit are on complete display, much to my delight. This fact does not go unnoticed by a couple of guys that had strategically placed their beach chairs within a few feet of ours while in the water. We had seen these two before, walking by your chair earlier in the day to obviously get a look at you, since they seemingly had walked out of their way on the way to the bathrooms. We had actually joked about how obvious they had been, smiling, and their eyes lingering on you for longer than necessary.Cracking open a fresh drink, and adding the shot, I handed it to you, and then with a kiss on the forehead I tell you I have to use the bathroom, and head off.Sipping your drink, and feeling the warm and tingly feeling that tequila provides reach your head, you relax in your lounger and observe all of the activity on the beach. It isn’t long before the two guys next to you spark up a conversation.For the first time, you notice the two men are actually quite good looking and very well built. Both are over 6 feet, have dark hair with neatly trimmed medium length beards and are well muscled. Their well developed tans suggest they spend a lot of time outdoors. They introduce themselves as Robert and Cal.”I mean no offense ma’am, but we just have to tell you that your bikini is absolutely outstanding! And we really admire your ability and confidence to wear it.”Deciding that they seem pretty harmless, you reply to them, saying thank you and that your husband bought it for you.”Well tell your husband that not only is he a lucky man, but he is awesome for letting you show off like this!”You enthusiastically thank them for the nice compliment and engage in small talk with them, learning that they are business partners that grew up together in Montana. They started a construction company that became successful and are here in South Lake Tahoe to close a deal on a new hotel being built on the lakeside. Unmarried, they enjoy the travel opportunities that their work provides and explain that they are avid outdoorsmen, and enjoy an active lifestyle.”It’s obvious that you two are very active,” you say glancing at their muscled upper bodies.”Oh my god!” you say, realizing that you had just been quite obviously admiring their bodies. “That’s the tequila talking” you laugh, “I’m a married woman so don’t get the wrong idea.””Ha ha! No worries ma’am we’re not looking to cause any problems, we just couldn’t leave without at least complimenting you on your incredible body and your, shall we say, very TIT-ilating bikini.”You laugh at the obvious pun and reach down to your breasts to give them a playful squeeze.”Oh these things? My husband says they were money well spent.””Well we couldn’t agree more,” they say.Your hands linger on your breasts as the conversation continues with more small talk. Absentmindedly you are squeezing your breasts, pinching your nipples and massaging your chest while talking to the guys.Before long, they both say that although it is very reluctantly, they both have to get to a work dinner this evening and they have to go.”It was very nice to meet you and good luck with your project,” you say.As they stand up and walk the short distance to shake your hand, you can’t help but notice that they both have quite obvious bulges in the front of their board shorts. They are obviously not wearing anything underneath and you can make out the outline of their cocks. Your eyes widen just slightly at the realization that they are both VERY well hung, at least 8 or 9 inches and quite thick. Making no effort to hide their erections, they both walk up to you for a hand shake, their impressive members now at eye level to you. As they reach for a handshake, you find yourself resisting the urge to reach out and give their cocks a little squeeze. instead, you stand and hug them both, pressing your breasts into their chests and feeling their hardness press into your thigh. As you let go and they walk off you can’t help but feel a tingling in your pussy and realize that you are actually a little wet down there.As I was returning from the bathroom I saw that the two guys were speaking to you. Knowing full well that they were enjoying the view of your nearly naked body in your transparent bikini, I decided to hang back and watch, amused. I saw you laughing and was laughing myself when you reached down and squeezed your breasts playfully. I knew the tequila must have been getting to you when I noticed your hands linger on your breasts and you absentmindedly, or maybe not, played with your breasts as you continued your conversation with them. Figuring that you were just having some harmless fun I let this continue for awhile until they stood up to leave. Even from a distance I could tell the effect that you had had on them! They were walking away as I approached and greeted you with a kiss and a squeeze of your breasts.”So who were your new friends babe?”You explained how Robert and Cal had started the conversation and that they were two very nice guys here on business.”Well they pretty obviously enjoyed meeting you,” I said. “Your bikini, or lack thereof I should say, had quite the effect on them,” I laughed!We laughed about the situation, making jokes and I was teasing you about it. Especially about the one named Cal.”Oh that’s just perfect, Cal” as in Cal-Drogo” I laughed.You just playfully smack my arm and tell me to stop it.We left the beach and headed up to our room. No sooner than the door closing behind us, you had my shorts around my ankles and attacked my cock with your mouth, almost as if you couldn’t stop yourself. You were hot, and turned on more than you have been in awhile. Now rock hard, I stand you up and bend you over the chair in our room. My cock easily slides inside your very wet pussy. Your juices running down your legs and your pussy engorged, it isn’t long before we are fucking hard, keeping a steady, powerful rhythm. You feel your orgasm building inside you and are meeting my thrusts equally, moaning loudly.”Oh god fuck me, fuck me, fuck my pussy!””I’m going to cum” I say, feeling the orgasm rapidly approaching.”Cum in me baby” you yell.We both reach climax at the same time, your body stiffening and convulsing in your orgasm as my thrusts become harder and faster. My orgasm hits like a freight train and we both yell out in ecstasy before collapsing on the bed, panting and sweating, smiles on our faces.”Damn babe, I never get tired of fucking you” I say.After showering and getting ready, I present the outfit that I have picked out for you. It is a black, deep plunge blouse, cut all the way to your belly button, and down to the small of your back. Definitely the kind that you can’t wear a bra with. After pretending to protest, you slip it on. From the front, your nipples are clearly poking into the fabric, very sexy. The thin, shiny material hangs off of your ample breasts just right, covering you, but still revealing the curve of the inside of your breasts. From the side, the sleeve is cut wide enough that if at the right angle, or if you reach out or up, most of your breast is visible and sometimes your nipples. From the rear, your sexy muscular back is framed just right, your tattoo peeking out seductively, and the roundness of your breasts obvious. All in all, there is no doubt that you are going to turn some heads tonight! For the bottoms, a black, stretchy mini skirt that ends just below your ass. You are covered, but anything more than a slight bend at the waist, and your pretty ass cheeks will be peeping out. A lacy, see through black thong completes the ensemble and I have you stand up and display yourself for my admiration. It’s almost too much and I find myself nearly attacking you for another round of lovin’, but I hold back. Little did I know, there was to be much more than I had ever imagined in the hours to come.The dinner was good. You had chosen sushi and the chef did not disappoint at all. He kindly gave you extra portions of ginger and seemed more than happy to fill your every request. You had curled your hair and done yourself up very nicely tonight. The sushi actually paired nicely with the top shelf margaritas we had with dinner. Complimenting the tequila we had been drinking all day, we were both feeling pretty tipsy and happy when it was time to leave.Walking down the main strip in Tahoe, it was a warm, comfortable evening and the sun was just setting, creating a beautiful sky over the lake. Everything felt great, including you, as I had a hard time keeping my hands from wandering all over you. As we passed by a lively bar you noticed a pool table inside and suggested we go play a few games of pool.Finding a spot near the pool tables, we claim a couple of stools and I went to get us some drinks while you racked up a game of pool. Returning with the margaritas, we settled in and began our game…***Yes, very wisely indeed, did I chose that outfit, I thought to myself.Every time you bent over to take a shot, your skirt rode up just enough for me to get a pretty nice view of your lacy thong and your nice little tanned ass. Not only that, but you also had a hard time containing your breasts that were trying to spill out of your top. At first you would take the time to adjust your shirt, adjust your skirt and make sure everything was tucked in before taking a shot, but after a couple more margaritas and the frustration of it all, you just didn’t care anymore. Seeing this, and being pretty tipsy myself, I became rather amused at it all, not to mention turned on. Finishing our game, it was plain to see that your attire had caught the attention of most everyone in the vicinity. You excuse yourself to the bathroom and I just smile as I watch the jaws drop as you walk by. The looks are not lost on you, and you seem to have an extra little bounce in your step, and wiggle in your walk. Of course with the shirt you have on, this makes your breasts jiggle oh so sexily when you walk!While you spend some time in the bathroom fixing yourself, I’m left alone to gaze around the room. A pretty nice crowd, mostly vacationers that are relaxed and having a good time. As my eyes reach the front door, I see the two guys, Robert and Cal from the beach walk through the door. I laugh to myself, thinking that they will free spin be pretty happy to see you again. I watch as they make their way towards the pool tables and find a table across from ours. They look like they want to play pool but our quarters are still on the table and I had begun racking up a new game for us. I walk over and greet them.”Hey weren’t you guys at the lake today?” I asked.”Yeah, we sure were! It was a great day to be there wasn’t it?” They replied.”Absolutely!” I said. “I think you guys met my wife Victoria, you were just leaving when I came back from the bathroom. She mentioned that you guys were nice and told me she enjoyed meeting you.””Oh wow! She’s your wife? You sir are one lucky man!””Oh believe me I know!” I said. “Hey we were just about to play another game, do you guys want to play doubles?””That would be great! Thanks man.”You walk out of the bathroom and head our direction, the eyes again following your every bounce. As you reach our table I give you a squeeze and tell you about our new pool companions, who are relocating to a table just next to ours. When the look of recognition hits your face, you blush, remembering that these two had seen you pretty much naked this afternoon, and also remembering the effect it had had on them. Any embarrassment though quickly vanished and you hugged them both, happy to have them join us.”Rack em up!” You say, and the game is on.Robert breaks and misses, and now it is my turn.”I’ll go get us some drinks, what are you having?” Robert says.”We’re drinking margaritas,” you say, and he heads to the bar.I make one shot, but miss the next. Cal makes three shots in a row, and by the time he misses, Robert is back with our drinks.”I took the liberty of getting some shots” he says, and lays 4 shots of Patron on the table.”Oh god, it looks like it’s going to be one of those nights!” you say.”CHEERS!” We all say, and down the hatch they go.”Well it’s your turn babe,” I say.You grab your pool cue and head to the table to line up a shot. Knowing what is about to happen, I sit back and watch, smiling. You decide on a shot that requires you to lean way over the table, stretching as far as you can to reach the ball with your stick. Having passed up much closer and easier shots, I knew that you were now showing off, and feeling quite playful.You bend over, not bothering to adjust your skirt, or your blouse. Up slides your skirt about halfway up your ass, exposing your backside to Robert, Cal and I. All of our eyes drop to your lacy, see through thong and we can see a nice, rear view shot of your pussy, d****d in black lace.”Woooo Hoooo!!” They yell.Knowing damn well what they are yelling about, you shake your ass playfully. Bending over as far as you are, your breasts are squished down on the table and literally spilling out the sides of your shirt also. The whole picture looks like a fantasy come true and you are commanding the attention of every guy in the place. You finish your shot and come back towards us, a big smile on your face as you can clearly see the effect you are having on all three of us. I am very aware that I have a rock hard cock and can see you looking down at my bulge. From your reaction after also looking down at Roberts and Cal’s pants, I know that they also have had a similar reaction as I have.What happened next, would set the tone for the rest of the night.Still with a big grin on your face, you walk straight up to Robert, on your left and Cal on your right, you say, “looks like everyone liked what they saw huh?” You then reach down and give both of their cocks a quick, playful squeeze through their jeans. A look of shock immediately crossed their faces. You look over at me and wink, grinning from ear to ear. After a moment that seemed to freeze time, I busted out in laughter, which quickly turned into all of us laughing together. You come over and give me a big kiss and say “alright, who’s up?”The rest of the games were just as fun, with playful banter back and forth, more amazing views as you took your shots, and the four of us becoming quite liberal with our hands on each other. Robert and Cal took the liberty of trying to distract you from your shots by slapping your ass, grabbing a handful of boob or trying to nibble your ears or neck while you were trying to concentrate. You would in turn lean over directly in front of them while they were shooting, showing most of your boobs and a few times even flashing them by pulling your blouse to the side. The margaritas kept coming, a few more shots of Patron and we were all having quite the time and enjoying each other’s company.It was now around 10pm and a band had just finished setting up in a corner. There was a small dance floor just in front of the stage. The band was a rock/blues band and were quite good! You quickly decide that you’d rather dance than play pool and we head to the dance floor. On the floor, we dance close and you are grinding all over me. Seeing you shake your ass and move around with the music is quite a beautiful sight with the outfit you are wearing. There are several guys jockeying for position, trying to get close enough to you to hopefully see your boobs fall out of your top, or your ass while you are dancing. You hold me close and tell me that you are having a really fun time, and that you are so horny! “I need to get fucked tonight baby” you say.”Oh believe me, I’m going to ravage you later tonight,” I say.”You better!” You yell in my ear. “Are you ok with how I’ve been acting with Robert and Cal?””Yeah babe, we are just having fun, and they seem like good dudes. There’s no harm in being flirty, especially when I’m here and ok with it,” I say.”Ok good, because I’m having a really good time.””I’m glad you are babe”.”Do you mind if I dance with them?” You ask.”Of course not! Dance away, I have to go to the bathroom anyways.”I head off to the bathroom and you make your way back to our table. “Alright, who wants to dance first!?” Robert jumped up,”ME!””Ok let’s go!”You lead Robert to the dance floor and begin dancing. Grinding and gyrating, you are surprised that he is actually a really good dancer and you two are dancing really well together. Facing away from him and grinding your barely covered ass on him, you can feel his bulge begin to grow. Thinking of how it looked in his board shorts just inches from your face at the beach, you become flushed and can’t help but push into him harder with your ass. You can feel him get harder and unbelievably it feels even bigger than it looked at the beach!Unable to control yourself, you reach back and grab his cock through his jeans and begin massaging it while still dancing to the rhythm. Taking that as a green light, Robert reaches around your waist and pulls you into his muscular chest, slipping his hands under your top and grabbing and squeezing your breasts.”Mmmmm that feels so good,” you say.His right hand leaves your breast and travels down to your waist. He then inches his hand down over your ass and finds the hem of your skirt. Reaching under your skirt, you feel his fingers start rubbing your pussy from behind, sending tingles up your body. Grinding like this for a time, you are definitely hot and bothered now. You feel his fingers slip underneath your panties and just like that, Robert has two fingers buried deep inside of you. He curls his fingers and massages your pussy with his hand. Soon your hips are bucking and you feel the beginning of an orgasm building deep in your belly. In just moments, your screams of pleasure are drowned out by the loud music from the band.I return from the bathroom to find Cal sitting at the table, intently watching the dance floor. As I join him, I also look out at the dance floor to try and spot you. Amid the crowd I can catch short glimpses of you and Robert on the floor. You are turned away from him, grinding, gyrating. Then you are lost from view as the crowd closes again. A short time later I see another brief shot of you, this time Robert has one hand on your left breast, squeezing and the other has disappeared behind you. What catches my eye though is the look on your face. I know that look! Your neck and chest are flushed. Your eyes are closed and a look of ecstasy is on your face.”I’ll be damned” I say to Cal.”What?” He says.”It looks like they’re having a little too much fun without us out there” I say. “I think we should join them.”Cal and I head to the dance floor and nudge our way to where you are. You are still flushed and smiling, now dancing again after the waves of pleasure finished washing over you. We both dance up to you and Robert and soon we are all dancing together, taking turns grinding on you. At one point, you pull me close and in my ear and say, “I need to tell you something.”I reply, “I saw you guys, and I know what happened.””I’m sorry babe, things got carried away and I got lost in the moment.””It’s ok babe, the fact that you are attracted to these guys isn’t lost on me, but I’m not worried about you running off with them or anything. Let’s just have a good time and see where it takes us.””Babe I’m feeling naughty tonight” you say.”Yeah? How naughty?””VERY!” you say.I give you a long kiss, while my hands slip under the back of your skirt, squeezing your ass. Then I excuse myself to the bathroom again, leaving you to dance with both of the guys.On the dance floor, you are now the center of attention of Robert and Cal. You are sandwiched between them as they are both moving to the music. The three of you find a rhythm and hands begin to wander again. You reach both in front of you and behind you and quickly find the impressive bulges that had caused a stir in you at the beach today. Behind you is Cal, and you are amazed that he feels even bigger than Robert, probably a full 10 inches! You back up into him and grind your ass on his rock hard monster, sending tingles through your body. Cal reaches down and lifts your skirt up over your ass, exposing you in your lacy black thong. Not too many people notice though, you are pretty well hidden being sandwiched in between the two big guys, both of them at least 6 foot 5 inches tall. From behind, Cal reaches under and rubs your pussy through your thong. Your head rolls back and you instinctively begin rubbing and squeezing your boobs. Robert sees this and his hand joins Cal’s at your pussy, rubbing and massaging. You feel your thong being pulled to the side and in one motion you feel both Cal’s and Roberts fingers slip inside of you and begin pumping in and out. They soon find a rhythm along with the beat of the music and you feel that familiar feeling of your second orgasm of the night quickly approaching.The wave hits you from deep within and your body stiffens in between the two men. A powerful, full body orgasm that seems to last forever. They remove their hands and replace your skirt. Your hands lower from your breasts and you compose yourself for the second time tonight.Returning from the bathroom, I see you leading both of them by the hand back to our table. A big smile on your face and a look in your eyes that I know. You have a mischievous look on your face. You spot me and we all meet at the table.”Babe I’ve invited the guys up to our hotel room for a couple more drinks.”Seeing the look in your eye I know exactly where your mind is going, and I realize that tonight is going to be like no other night.Our hotel room was nice, with a big king sized bed on one side, and an area with a table and 4 comfortable plush chairs on the other. The bathroom was large and had a big walk in shower.Once we were all inside the room and the door locked, I poured us all some of the Lime-aritas with added Patron that we had been drinking on the lake. You excuse yourself to the bathroom as we settle in around the table.”Look guys, we’ve had a lot of fun tonight, and it’s obvious that Victoria didn’t invite you up here just to chat. I just want you to know that whatever happens, she is to be treated like a queen. We’re all adults, looking to have some adult fun so there will be no cameras or phones involved alright?””Oh absolutely not a problem” they both say.”Now, that being said, I want to let you know that she has a fantasy of being used and dominated by several big men. If you guys follow my lead then we just might be able to fulfill a big fantasy of both of ours tonight!”The bathroom door opens and you step into the room. The sight in front of us once again makes all three of our jaws drop to the floor.”I changed into something more comfortable,” You say with a sly grin on your face.You had changed into some lingerie. It was the black, open cup bra and panty set that I love. Your amazing breasts, framed in black lace were on proud display, your perfect nipples hard and standing at attention. The black lace panties were just see through enough to tease a look at your delicious pussy. Some garter straps hung down each leg. The thong back plunged down between your tan cheeks and was lost to imagination. Topping off the outfit was some black stripper heels.Pushing one hip to the side and with your hands above your head you strike a pose and spin around slowly, letting us take bonus veren siteler in every inch of you. Now you press a button on your phone and music begins playing from the Bluetooth speaker we had brought. The song is ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails. As the song begins you walk over to the table, using a chair as a step and climb right up on the table, much to our delight. You begin dancing seductively, swaying your hips and ass in our faces, caressing your boobs and rubbing them in our faces. About halfway through the song you hook both of your thumbs in the waist of your panties and begin slowly, inch by inch removing them. The anticipation growing with every inch, you are driving us crazy! Finally, as you reach your pussy you pause, bend at the waist and push your panties all the way down to your ankles in one motion, exposing your naked pussy and your cute little asshole to both Robert and Cal behind you. Standing up, you step one leg out of your panties and with the other leg, kick them across the room and onto the bed. Now fully exposed, the remainder of the song is spent dancing from guy to guy, rubbing and playing with your pussy in front of their faces. As I look up at you, I can tell that you are enjoying this immensely. A look of pure lust on your face says it all. “I told you I was feeling naughty tonight” you say to me.The song ends and another begins. You step off of the table and take a long drink from your cup. You turn around and look at the three of us sitting around the table and say “how come I’m the only one naked here? This isn’t fair!”Wasting no time, we all three remove our shirts and pants. You place all three of our chairs next to each other and tell us to sit down. Robert is on the left, Cal in the middle, and I’m on the right. Still swaying to the music, you walk up to Robert and begin dancing on him, giving a lap dance to die for. Climbing on his lap and sitting down you feel the bulge of his hard on through his boxers rubbing on your bare pussy. Working your hips back and forth on his hard cock sends tingles up your spine. His hands are all over you, squeezing your tits, grabbing your ass and pulling you down into him. Not wanting to neglect Cal and I, you reluctantly dismount Roberts lap and begin giving Cal the same treatment. This time though, sitting in Cal’s lap you can now feel that he is indeed bigger than Robert, and much thicker! You begin to wonder if you will even be able to take his whole cock in your mouth and pussy. After Cal’s turn, and you obviously looking hot and bothered grinding on his huge shaft, you crawl over to me and sit on my lap, grinding away and leaning in close to me.You whisper in my ear, “are you ok baby? Is this alright?”I whisper back “Yes baby, I want you to have as much fun as you like tonight ok?”You kiss me deeply and remove yourself from my lap. Giving me a wink, you step back over to Robert. Sitting in his boxers, Roberts obvious bulge straining at the front of them, he looks up at you with expectant eyes, wondering what you will do next.You drop down to your knees in front of him and begin kissing around his huge cock through his boxers. Slowly sliding them down, you can see that he has dark but closely trimmed pubic hair. Sliding further, the flesh of his large member begins to appear. You lean down and kiss the shaft, feeling the warmth of it on your lips. Sliding down further, his cock seemingly trapped by the material and wanting to break free, you finally release him and it springs up to full attention in an instant. Your right hand immediately wraps around the big shaft and begins pumping up and down, as you slide his boxers off the rest of the way. Staring at the impressive cock in front of you, you see that it is a nicely shaped and very straight cock with a large purple head on it. At 8 ½ inches, it reminds you of the dildo you have at home and you wonder if it will feel the same as well.Looking up at Robert with your sultry, lustful eyes, you slowly move your head closer to his cock, licking your lips. Hovering just above the big purple head, you pause and look my way. You see that both Cal and I have taken the liberty of removing our boxers and both have our big cocks in our hands, rubbing them. I wink at you and you smile, then you return your attention to Roberts waiting cock.I watch as you lean in, mouth open and tongue out. I see the head of Roberts big cock disappear in your mouth. His eyes widen and his head rolls back into the chair. As you start sucking him up and down you are able to take more and more of it into your mouth, and soon you are taking the whole thing down your throat.You are lost in lust, moaning around his big cock and giving him your best effort. I slip off of my chair and crawl up behind you. I reach for your pussy and find it soaking wet, letting my two fingers slide right in. You moan loudly around Roberts cock as I begin pumping my fingers in you. Your pace quickens on his big shaft and it’s evident that soon he’ll be unable to stop his growing orgasm. Sensing this, you increase your efforts and are now completely engulfing his cock, up and down, up and down. Robert grabs your head, well beyond the point of no return. He feverishly pumps his 8 ½ inches down your throat.”Oh god I’m going to come!””Mmm hmmm!!””Mmmm hmmm!!” Your muffled approval can be heard over Roberts cries of pleasure. You feel the first jet of hot cum hit the back of your throat and swallow it immediately. You continue your oral onslaught of his cock and begin pumping his shaft with your hand. You catch the next spurt half in your mouth and half on your face and chin.”Oh fuck yeah, give it to me!” You yell. You milk every last drop of cum from the big cock. You then grab a nearby towel, wipe your face, and look over at us with a big evil smile on your face.”Baby you and Cal get over here, right now!”We both walk up to you, still kneeling on the ground and we stand side by side, just inches in front of your face. For the first time, you are able to get a close up view of Cal’s monster. It’s easily 10 inches long and fully hard. Slightly curved up at the tip, Cal’s cock also has a large head on it and has a drop of precum on the tip. You reach out and grab this huge thing and are amazed that you can only get about half of your hand around it!”My god, I don’t know about this,” you say. “I can probably barely fit this in my mouth!”With your right hand you reach out and wrap your hand around my cock and begin slowly jerking me. You lean in towards Cal’s cock and lick the precum off of the tip. Opening your mouth wide you take the head of his cock into your mouth. I’m amazed to see your mouth stretched around this massive member and am immediately harder. Seeing you become a sexy, sultry temptress handling 3 well endowed men has got me all kinds of turned on right now!You begin working your mouth down Cal’s massive cock little by little, jerking me with your other hand. You look up at me and wink, then move over and take me into your mouth, pumping Cal’s cock with your left hand now. You take my thick, 7 inch cock in all the way and I can feel the warmth and softness of your mouth and throat. As you work me in and out of your mouth I can feel that I am not going to last long at all. Watching you pump Cal’s big cock at the same time pushes me over the edge and I grab your head and start cumming into your mouth, buckling at the knees and moaning in pleasure. You swallow it all, looking pleased at your handiwork and milking me dry.You turn your attention back to Cal and stuff as much into your mouth as possible before coming back up for air. Each time you go down, you are able to go a little farther. You seem to be enjoying the challenge and now have tears streaming down your face from gagging on the huge thing. Each time you come up for air you smile, wipe the drool off your face and go back for more. Now bobbing up and down, your tits are bouncing around and you are fully engaged in the task of making this huge dick cum.Now you are taking about three quarters of his dick with each thrust of your head and Cal begins moaning, “Oh god you’re going to make me cum!””Fuck yeah, cum all over me with this huge cock!” you cry. That was enough to push him over the edge, and he began to orgasm.”Oh fuck!”Cum splashes into your mouth, down your throat, all over your face, dripping down onto your tits. It just keeps coming and coming.Finally finished, Cal collapses back in his chair with a very satisfied look on his face. You grab your towel and clean up, looking over at Robert and I and seeing that we are fully recovered and have raging hard on’s again.”Damn baby, that was a hell of a show!” I said. “I think it’s your turn now, isn’t it?”I tell Robert to take you to the bed, while I use the bathroom. Robert takes your hand and leads you to the bed, laying you on your back at the edge of the bed and spreading your legs. He kneels down and presses his face and tongue into your wetness, burying his tongue as far as it will go inside of you. Your eyes close as the wave of pleasure rolls over you.”Oh god that feels so good” you whisper.Robert begins tongue fucking you, then licking around your clit and labia, down to your ass and back inside you. He continues this for several minutes, only stopping to tell you how good you taste and how good you look. It seems he can’t get enough of you and he eats your pussy like he hasn’t had a meal in weeks!I return from the bathroom to find you in the middle of getting the oral attention from Robert. I climb on the bed and kiss you softly. You grab the back of my head and pull me into you, kissing me deeply and moaning in pleasure. I begin massaging your breasts and continue to kiss you, now very passionately. You feel the orgasm building and start thrusting your hips into Roberts face, grinding your pussy onto his tongue. Sensing your impending pleasure, we both intensify our efforts and are rewarded with your screams of an intense orgasm!You are now panting, laying on the bed with your legs apart. Your head still swimming with the intoxication of tequila and orgasms.”Get on your knees” I said.You look at me with pure lust in your eyes and dutifully crawl up to your knees on the bed.”We’re going to start fucking you now, and we’re not going to stop until we’re all satisfied, and have used all of your holes in any way we want to, ok?”Your eyes widen just a little, until the realization of what I said hit you. You keep your eyes on mine and I can see the change as it happens in your face. You are going to be our sl*t tonight. You are going to get fucked in every hole, in every way. It’s no use resisting, it’s going to happen.”Oh god, somebody just fuck me already!”Your face says it all, you are ours to do with as we please, and you have accepted that.I get behind you and push my hard dick inside of you, sliding all the way in. I start fucking you, rocking you back and forth as Robert gets up and stands in front of you. His large, tight balls right in front of your face you take them into your mouth and begin sucking on his balls while I fuck you from behind. I pick up the pace just a little and I can hear the muffled moans and cries you make. You release his balls and grab for his cock, putting it in your mouth. With each thrust I make, I watch as Roberts cock is swallowed further and further down your throat, until your nose is pressed against his tight stomach.”That’s it, take that cock while I fuck you!””suck it good while I fuck this pussy!”I am so turned on at the sight of you having a large cock in your mouth while I am fucking you!You seem to be completely lost in the moment, being stuffed by two big cocks at both ends. You feel like a total sl*t, and you are. At least for tonight you are. Tonight you will do anything for these cocks. Tonight you have a free pass to be as sl*tty as you want to be, and you are going to take full advantage of it.”Trade me places Robert” I say.Robert extracts his eight and a half inches from your eager mouth, a loud “pop” as it leaves your still sucking lips. He positions himself behind you and I take his place in front of you. You look up at me with hungry eyes and start devouring my cock, tasting yourself on me. You have my cock inside your mouth when your eyes widen and you let out a gasp. Robert has pushed the head of his cock inside of you and you are amazed at how good it feels. Your mouth doesn’t move on my cock as he slides in slowly, all the way in with one slow stroke.”Ugghhhh!!” You moan loudly around my cock in your mouth.”Oh fuck that feels so good!!” He begins a slow rhythmic motion, rocking you back and forth, making you take my dick all the way in your mouth with each thrust. Faster now, and more powerful his thrusts have become. He is grabbing your hips and pulling you into him. You can feel him hitting your cervix and you start to feel that familiar feeling. I look down at you, being taken from behind while sucking on my cock and you look amazing! Your tits swaying back and forth, your back is arched and you are meeting Roberts thrusts with equal force of your own.Your breathing quickens, your face twists into a deneme bonusu veren siteler look of ecstasy.”Fuck I’m cumming!!””FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!”The orgasm hits you deep inside. Halfway through I shove my cock back into your mouth and you suck it for all you’re worth.When you are finished, you collapse again on the bed, laughing hysterically.”Oh..My…God that felt so amazing!””We’re just getting started!”It was Cal, now fully recovered from the throat fucking you had given him. His full 10 inches now fully erect and standing at attention. You stare at it with hunger in your eyes.”I’m going to lay down on the bed, and I want you to impale yourself on my cock” Cal says.Never taking your eyes off of it, you watch as he lays next to you, holding his cock straight up in the air for you. You get up and straddle him, facing away. You lower yourself down, guiding your pussy right over the massive dick below you. Robert and I are now watching intently, waiting to see you take it.Lowering further, his cock reaches your entrance and begins pushing into you. First the head, stretching your pussy apart as it passes your lips. Your clit is visible and engorged. You work your way down, slowly sliding up and down, working more and more inside of you. You begin to moan loudly, and your eyes appear to be looking at some far off object. Further and further down you go. Stretching your pussy and feeling it hit places inside of you you didn’t know you had. We are watching closely as this giant cock seemingly splits you apart.Getting easier and easier, you are feeling more comfortable with this huge thing inside of you. You finally fully sit down on it, taking Cal’s impressive mass all inside of you. The look on your face is both pleasure and surprise.You start fucking Cal’s cock. Slowly at first, taking the whole length up and down each time. Your pace gets faster and faster and soon your body takes over, wanting this cock to be inside of you, needing this cock to be inside of you. You are screaming now, unable to control your emotions, just a purely primal scream and you can’t stop.Cal is now meeting your thrusts with his own and the scene is so primal. You have lost all control and are a slave to this giant cock! Your ass is slapping on his hips as you thrust down as hard as you can, his cock hitting something so deep inside of you that causes an orgasm like you have never felt. It goes on… and on… and on… Your body raked with convulsions and wave upon wave of orgasm that you can feel from head to toe.You finally will yourself off of him, your body shaking like a leaf. Your face and neck flushed and juices flowing from your pussy. You’re up on your knees now and wrap your arms around me, kissing me deeply and becoming excited again.”Are you ready for more?” I ask.”YES!””Don’t stop now, I need to be fucked like the sl*t I am!!”Wasting no time, you push Robert onto his back and begin riding him, cowgirl style. I retrieve some lube from our suitcase and come behind you. When you feel me lubing up your ass hole you moan loudly, knowing that you are about to have 2 cocks inside of you.”Ok my sl*t wife, I’m going to stick my cock in your ass and you are going to like it.””Oh yes! Oh please! Fuck my ass with your big cock!” Robert stops for a minute while I position myself at the entrance to your ass. I work the head of my cock in and let you relax for a minute, before pushing in further.”FUUUUCK!” you cry.Robert begins fucking you again and I start to match his rhythm. Now fully inserted into your ass, we have found a rhythm and are fucking you good!Cal comes over and stands in front of you, his big cock still erect and ready. He slaps you in the face with it and tells you to beg for it.”Do you want this cock in your mouth?!””yes””Do you want this cock in your mouth? I didn’t hear you!!””Yes!! Yes!! OH Fuck please stuff that cock in my mouth!! I need to be filled up in all my holes…PLEASE!!”Cal grabs your head and starts face fucking you with his giant dick. Now you have all three of us inside of you. You are being fucked with three very large cocks at the same time. I grab your arms and pin them behind your back, letting Cal control your face for his pleasure.”Smack her tits Cal” I say.He reaches down and slaps your right tit, hard. Then your left, hard. Red welts begin to appear in the shape of a hand on both of your tits.Smack!, smack!, smack!, smack! He slaps your tits over and over, while still fucking your face. Your cries of ecstasy almost drowned out by the sounds of fucking and slapping.Then, a guttural moan is heard from the depths of your chest. Over and over the moan gets louder and louder. There is nothing you can do. Your arms are pinned. You have an eight inch, thick cock impaling your pussy. My big cock is stuffed in your ass. Your mouth and throat is being fucked by a monster 10 inch thick one and you aren’t escaping anywhere. You are being thoroughly fucked in all your holes and you have no thoughts of escaping anyways. Cal stops slapping your tits with his big hands when you let out the first moan.”She’s going to cum!”Feeling the start of the orgasm, it felt like nothing you had ever felt before. It came from a place so deep that you were unaware of its existence. The sound that escaped your body when you first moaned was not something that you consciously did. It was primal, instinctive. You had no control over your body now.Building and building, the moans became faster and louder. Still being rhythmically fucked in all holes, you begin to push into us, meeting our thrusts with wildly thrusting hips. You are lost, in some far away place, maybe not even on this earth.Cal reaches down, wraps his hands around your throat.Then he squeezes.Feeling the pressure around your neck, your eyes pop open. You see his massive cock sliding in and out of your mouth. You look up at him, look into his eyes. Cal looks down at you, squeezing his hands ever so tighter around your neck.”Is this what you wanted, sl*t?”All you can do is nod your head and scream.His hands tighten even further, and you feel your vision become slightly narrowed. At the same time, your orgasm has built up to the breaking point.Reaching back, I bring my hand down with a hard SLAP! Right on your ass. Again, SLAP! Again, SLAP!Over and over I spank your ass hard.The breaking point has tipped.Just as you are about to black out, your orgasm hits you.Your pussy, on fire begins to spasm, causing Robert to begin to lose control.Your ass tightens around my cock, pushing me towards the point of no return as well.Your body shakes uncontrollably as Cal releases his grip on your neck, the rush of blood to your head intensifying everything at once.You scream, popping Cal’s cock out of your mouth.You scream, and scream, and scream, as the orgasm keeps ripping through you. Your ass, your chest, your pussy, your stomach. Everywhere is on fire and causing your body to be seemingly possessed.Robert lets out a yell, “oh fuck! I’m cumming!”I can feel him sliding in and out of you, his cock pulsating now as he fills your pussy with hot cum.”I’m cumming too!” I yell.I stiffen and begin pumping wildly into your ass, filling your ass up with my cum.You come down like a ton of bricks. Collapsing on top of Robert. Cum dripping from your ass and pussy.”Wait a minute”, says Cal. I need to cum too. “This sl*t doesn’t think she’s done yet does she?”He moves behind you now and slips his cock into your pussy. You look up and grin, feeling like the luckiest sl*t on earth at the moment.Cal starts fucking your pussy with vigor, holding you down and fucking the shit out of you. He is big and has no problem throwing your weight around to control you. Your tits are bouncing back and forth wildly and your eyes are rolled back in your head.With as much fucking as you have done tonight, you are surprised that Cal’s cock still feels this good.You are still laying on top of Robert. You turn your head and whisper something in his ear. He gets a big smile on his face and nods his head.”Turn me over Cal, I want you to fuck me on my back” you say.Cal flips you onto your back, still on top of Robert and resumes fucking your pussy for all he’s worth.Robert, now fully erect again thinking of the prospect of what you told him, positions himself at your asshole. Pressing up, his big cock finds your well used hole and presses in.”OHHHHHH FUCK” you cry.”OHHHHHH FUCK””OHHHHHH FUCK””OHHH MYYY GODDDDDD!!”Cal’s 10 incher is fucking you madly.Roberts 8 inches are now buried balls deep in your ass.Robert reaches up and hooks his arms through yours at the elbow, pulling you back into him. Cal grabs your legs at the knees and pushes them down and apart, against your chest. You are now completely immobile and at the mercy of two VERY big cocks.They begin fucking you together, bypassing the warm up and going straight for hard and fast. You can feel their balls slapping together on your ass.Again your eyes roll back in your head, the feeling of being so full of cock that is touching places deep within you washes over you again.I come over to your head and begin kissing you, deeply, biting your lips and tongue. Pinching your nipples and smacking your tits again.The orgasm comes quicker this time.I grab your head and look into your eyes.”Are you a sl*t baby?””YES!”Slap, slap, slap, their cocks pound into your pussy and ass”Are you my sl*t baby?””Oh YES!!”Slap, slap, slap”What kind of sl*t are you?””I’M A COCK sl*t!””What kind?””I’M A BIG COCK sl*t!!””Are you sure?””I’M A BIG COCK sl*t!! FUCK ALL OF MY HOLES GOD DAMNIT!! OH MY GOD!! FUCK ME WITH THOSE HUGE COCKS OF YOURS!! FUCK ME UNTIL I CAN’T WALK!! OH SHIT, FUCK MY ASS!! FUCKING FUCK MY PUSSY!! FUCK MY sl*tTY LITTLE MOUTH!! FUUUUUCKKK!!”As your orgasm peaks, I shove my again hard cock in your mouth, stifling your cries.Cal grunts, and announces he is about to cum.”Where do you want it sl*t?””Come all over me!!”After several final hard and deep thrusts, Cal pulls his huge cock out of your pussy and begins pumping it with his fist, aiming at your body. His back arches, his muscles tense and then he begins spraying your body with cum. First your face, then your tits, the third on your belly until his cock lay on your pussy, oozing cum and becoming soft.You lick the cum that had landed on your lips off. You rub his cum into your tits, and swipe up some on your belly with your finger, eagerly licking it off.Everyone has collapsed on the bed now, regaining composure and faculties.I look at the time, it is 2:00 am.I roll back over and kiss your lips, not caring about the cum that had just been on them. You look at me and just smile, laying there in complete satisfaction.”I think we at least owe it to her to get her all cleaned up don’t you guys?” I say.”Oh absolutely” they say in unison.I get up and lead you to the shower, Robert and Cal following us. I turn the shower on and we all step in. Robert and Cal take turns washing your beautiful body tenderly, being careful not to irritate your swollen pussy.We all step back and take a look.Your face is glowing, a large red blotch where Cal’s big cock had slapped you across the face is on your left cheek.Your chest is still flushed. Your tits are red with hand marks and starting to show signs of a little bruising.Your pussy is swollen and red. Your ass is in a similar condition as your tits are.You look down at yourself.”I don’t know about you guys, but it looks like somebody had a good time tonight!” You laugh.”We had an amazing night Victoria, one we will never forget, nor would we want to. You are a special woman, and your husband is so incredibly lucky to have you.” Cal says.”I couldn’t agree more” I say.”Well, we don’t do this kind of thing, ever! In fact this was our first time. I hope you don’t think this is how I am all the time. That being said, if you guys are ever back in this part of the country and the circumstances are right, I would enjoy spending another fun filled weekend with you guys.”They smile big, and reply “we would like that very much!”All cleaned up, you put a robe on and the guys get dressed. You give each of them a big kiss as they are leaving, and reach down to give Cal’s giant member a friendly squeeze goodbye.”I hope to see you again sometime big guy” you say, speaking down to his crotch.”Count on it!” He says.We exchange numbers and they make their way out of the hotel and off to theirs.Turning around, you look at me with lust in your eyes.”Oh my god baby that was amazing!” You say. “Thank you so much for indulging me like that! I guess I owe you now don’t I?””Owe me? You don’t owe me anything! YOU are my fantasy, and tonight you made my wildest fantasy come true. You are amazing babe.”We kiss and head to the bed, pulling the covers back and sliding in, you are fast asleep, surely having some interesting dreams. I watch you sleep for awhile, before nodding off myself. My last thought as I look at you before falling asleep, is that I am the luckiest man alive.In the morning we arose at about 10:30. Breakfast at the hotel was good. You have quite the twinkle in your eye and bounce in your step today. Any thoughts of regret are quickly wiped out when you give me a wink and pull your shirt to the side, showing me a bruise on the side of your breast.”At least I’ll have some battle wounds to remember it by for awhile!” You say.We laugh and laugh. The nearby restaurant patrons looking over and wondering what could be so funny.If they only knew… 😉

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