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Wife Tales – The Matinee Part 2

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It’s been several weeks since my sexual experience with the stranger in the theater and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I imagined his huge cock thrusting deep inside of me all the time. I wondered what it would feel like to have it pulsing between my lips. I thought about his hot load of cum slamming against the back of my throat and running over my tongue. It became a daily ritual for me to imagine this and fantasize about all kinds of sexual adventures with this man and his giant cock.Finally after weeks of wetting my panties with cum thinking about this man, I decided to do something about my fantasies. I slipped away from work one afternoon and drove to the restaurant where I had first seen him. I ordered coffee and some pie as I sat and waited to see if he would show up. I knew the chances of him being there were very slim. But I had to take a chance in hopes of fulfilling some of my fantasies with him. No luck. I would have to keep trying.I wanted to tell my husband about my fantasies involving the man with the huge cock, but I never found the right moment. I knew he had enjoyed watching him fuck me in the theater. We even talked about how big he was many times. He would tease me every time we saw a horse, saying I wonder if he’s related to your horse cock friend. Still I didn’t know how he would react to my fascination with this man and his huge cock.I slipped away from the office in the afternoon for the next few weeks until finally I saw him. I was sipping my coffee and about şişli escort to give up on him when he walked thru the door of the cafe. “Now what?” I had not thought of how I would approach him or what I would say. Turns out I didn’t need a plan.He noticed me sitting at the table as he entered. He smiled at me and ordered a coffee. I caught myself staring at him as he paid for his coffee and headed my way. I smiled at him but could not say anything. Oh my God, I was feeling like I was back in High School and being afraid to talk to the cool guy.“Hello,” he said with a smile.I had never heard his voice before and it was as sexy as his huge cock he had so expertly pleasured me with. “Hi,” I replied.’Come on Susan,’ I thought to myself. ‘After all those fantasies and hoping to meet him here all you can come up with is hi?’Luckily he spoke again.“You’ve changed your hair, I like it,” he said in his low sexy voice.I couldn’t believe her remembered what my hair looked like and that I had it cut differently.“Thanks, most people don’t notice.”“I haven’t seen you in here for quite a while, do you live in the area?” he asked.Okay, now what to say? Should I tell him I was there looking for him or should I make up some excuse for being there? There’s not enough time to come up with something believable. I’ll just tell him the truth.“No, I don’t’ live in the area. I actually came here looking for you,” I replied with a little hesitation in my voice.“Really, you came to look for me?” he questioned mecidiyeköy escort with a smile.I could feel my face becoming flushed. Oh well, what the hell, I might as well confess why I was there.“Yes, I have been thinking a lot about you since that day in the theater. Actually I can’t get you out of my mind,” I confessed to him.“Wow, I’m flattered. To be honest, I have been thinking about you also,” he replied.Oh my God, he had been thinking about me. I could feel my skin tingle and I felt a warm flow in my pussy.“Really, what were you thinking about me?” I asked, hoping he had thought of me sucking his massive cock.“Well, I thought about how incredible it felt as I penetrated you and how warm and moist your pussy felt wrapped around my cock.”Right to the point I thought, maybe that’s how I should be too.“I was also thinking how incredible that day was. I was a little afraid of having you inside of me at first, but you were so gentle with me. It was the most aroused I have ever been while having sex. I have thought about you all the time since that day, wanting to experience that feeling again. I’ve had fantasies of having sex with you again, imagining how it would feel to have your cock between my lips and to feel your cum pour into my mouth,” I said with a hopeful voice.’Did I just say all that to him?’ I can’t believe those words just flowed out of my mouth. I hope he doesn’t think I’m so kind of slut for thinking all of these things.“I too have imagined being with you again. I don’t think I have ever cum as much as I did with you. I wanted to have that feeling again and more with you. I never dreamed I would ever see you again,” he confessed to me.I extended my hand to him.“My name is Susan by the way,” I said with my sexiest smile.“My pleasure to me you Susan, my name is Christopher,” he replied with his sexy voice.’Okay, now what?’ I thought to myself. He was still holding my hand and I could feel the warmth of his skin on mine. I know he felt me tremble at his touch. I looked at him and could see in his eyes and his facial expression that he was thinking the same thing as me. Let’s get out of here and get on with it.“Would you like to go for a walk?” he asked.“Yes, yes I would like that very much,” I replied eagerly.We exited the café and began walking down the street. As we passed the theater he grabbed my hand and held on to it tightly. I was becoming aroused by his touch and also remembering what had happened a few weeks ago in the theater. We continued walking for a few blocks, passing several more buildings and a beautiful park.“I live just around the corner if you would like to come in for a while?” he asked.I could feel my skin becoming warm and my pussy was feeling moist as I prepared to respond. “I’d love to come in for a while Christopher,” I replied softly, not wanting to appear over eager.He opened the door to his apartment and I was pleasantly surprised. I had tried to imagine what it would look like as we walked to it, but I was not even close. He had beautiful leather furniture and a lovely area rug. On the wall were beautiful paintings of outdoor scenery. It had a warm and inviting feeling to it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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