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Wife Watches My Video

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I made my video of me fucking my ass with a vibrator, jacking my cock in panties and eating my cum but after watching it, I felt it was a little over the top for my wife to watch. So I put it in a drawer where I thought my wife wouldn’t find it but I guess I didn’t hide it well enough.

I came home from work to find the house empty so I walked into bedroom to change into shorts and a t-shirt. When I entered the bathroom I see a couple of pair of panties along with a tape sitting by my sink. I immediately get a nervous but excited feeling as I approach them and I see the note:

“Shower, put on the pink panties and watch this.” Vanessa.

That was the fastest shower of my life and I’m literally shaking while I slip those pink panties over my half hard cock. The g string feels so good between my cheeks as I admire how sexy I look in the mirror. I grab the tape and the black thong and walk into the bedroom where I see the camera is already hooked up to the tv so all I have to do is pop the tape in and turn on the tv. When I hit play the image of me eating my cum out of my panties comes on the screen and it is a shock to see myself doing such a nasty act on the tv. As my session ends I see my wife walk in front of the screen wearing a black corset and the black thong that I’m holding in my hand. That is when I noticed they are still moist and I can smell her sweet pussy.

“Well. Well. Well. Dirty boy! What a video you made for me. I can’t keep my hands off my clit since I found it so I thought I would return the favor. I have already came twice in those panties and you are about to see the third. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.”

She removed each arm from the straps from her corset to reveal her beautiful 32C tits and her erect nipples. She closes her eyes as she caresses her tits while spending extra time on her nipples. As she is playing escort kocaeli with one tit with one hand she puts the other in her mouth so she can wet her fingers and rub her nipples between her fingers.

“Fuck I love when you hold my tits in your hands so you can suck and bite my hard nipples. I would love to have you on one tit with him on the other. I want y’all to put my tits together so I could watch your tongues flick against each other with my nipples between you. My pussy is so wet thinking about my big strong cocks making out like a couple cum sluts.”

She backs away from camera and gets up on the bed with her SEXY ass in front of the camera while she sways and shakes it for me. She knows how much I love her ass and it looks fantastic with that black string up her crack. She moans as she smacks each cheek so that she turns a little red. She spread her ass cheeks so I could see her little asshole behind the string.

“Damn baby. You like this ass? I know I haven’t let you fuck my ass but you sure made it look like fun. I do love when you kiss my cheeks and you know I love your rim jobs. You looked so SEXY fucking yourself that I had to finger my ass while I watched the 2nd time.”

She laid her back so she is sitting up with her legs spread and zooms in the camera. I see the wet spot in her panties as she runs her hand over her panty covered cunt. I notice her collection of toys are all around her.

“Look at how wet I am. Y’all go back to sucking my tits while I get a cock in each hand. You reach down to my pussy only to find that your fuck buddy already has 2 fingers in my pussy so reach around to play with my ass. Damn it feels good have 2 men sucking my tits and fingering me but I want to watch y’all suck cock. I tell you that I want to watch y’all 69.”

She raises her ass off the bed and then raises her legs in the kocaeli anal yapan escort air as she removes her panties. She knows I love to watch her take her panties off this way and a little precum comes out of my cock as she removes her legs. Her pussy looks amazing so pink and wet. She moans as she slowly runs her fingers up and down her juicy pussy. Circling her clit when she goes up and runs her fingers in when she down. She knows I love to watch her taste herself and as she removes her fingers from her mouth she says:

“I love the taste of my horny pussy and I know you do to. You look so sexy sucking that cock and licking his balls like the cock slut you are. You left some of your bi porn on the computer a few months ago and I have been getting off to it also. I know you would love to fuck that man while I played with my pussy like this and watched you. I also know you want to watch me fuck and suck a big cock. You are both surprised when you notice him stroking his huge dick and when I tell y’all to go suck it. It is so fucking big that y’all each take a side so you can lick his cock and balls. All 3 of your cocks are about to burst from this man action so I tell y’all that cock is for me as I call him over. As y’all are stroking each others dicks I show you how to suck a big cock licking around his head while stroking the base and licking up and down.”

She grabs her biggest vibrator so she can suck and lick it like she just described. This is the sexiest and dirtiest thing I have ever seen her do so I can’t even touch my cock or I will shoot. She looks sexier than any of the porn stars we have watched.

“You ready for me to fuck this big cock?”

She moans as she runs that big vibe up and down that pussy. It is so big she has to wiggle it around to get it in her pussy and it takes her izmit yabancı escort a little bit to get used to the size

“I want us both to get fucked at the same time. I want you on your back next to me so we watch each other. You look so sexy with your legs spread wide as he inserts his cock in your ass. I feel so full as his cock slowly enters my pussy. It is beautiful as each of our cocks go slow so we can get used to it before they fuck our brains out. It is so hot to watch you French kiss him with his cock all way up your ass and I tell big boy to fuck me hard.”

She is fucking that big fucking vibrator in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit with the other and I can tell she is about to cum soon.

“I’m getting fucked so hard I forgot you were next to me getting your cock and I opened my eyes just in time to see you blow your first load. It was so strong it hit you in the chin the neck. You look so sexy shooting your cum on yourself with your eyes closed and moaning like a whore. Your cum made him cum so he pulls out and strokes while he cums on you and another load hits your chin and neck. I can’t stand any longer and I rub my clit with like a sex starved slut as I have the hardest cum I’ve ever experienced. my convulsions around his cock make cum so he pulls out and shoots his cum all over my tits and stomach.”

She then cums hard while rubbing her clit and fucking that vibe as deep as she can. Her chest heaves (nipples hard as rocks) and raises her ass off the bed to get that vibe as deep as she can. I shoot my cum all over myself as she moans the sexiest moans I’ve ever heard.

She slowly removes that vibe out of her cunt and licks her cum from it.

“After he cums you can’t resist so you suck my pussy cum from the head of his dick while your fuck buddy does the same to you. Then you lick some of his cum his cum off my stomach making your way up my tits. Once you have enough cum in your mouth you cum kiss me so we both can share that cum. I hope you enjoyed.”

I was so transfixed on her video that I didn’t notice that she entered the room.

“It looks like you a mess to clean up”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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