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Wife’s Date Ch. 03

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Wife’s Date Ch. 03Walt was pacing the living room as he looked at his watch wondering when Bruce was coming back with Angie, it was past midnight and she had promised to try to bring him back as soon as she could. Walt started to make another small trip across the front room when he saw car lights shinning in the front room than saw Bruce’s Hummer pull into the driveway.Walt did not want to seem too concerned when they walked though the door and decided to go into the bathroom and pee while they cam into the house.Several minutes passed as Walt walked back out into the front room and met Angie in the hallway. Angie walked up to her husband and kissed him on the lips, Walt could smell a great deal of whiskey on her breath as she kissed him.Angie could barely stand on her own as she leaned against the wall and tugged on Walt’s shirt trying to keep herself from falling down.Walt looked at Angie and said. “I think you drank too much tonight, maybe you should go right to bed. Didn’t Bruce help you to the front door when he dropped you off tonight?”Angie tried to speak as she held onto her husband’s shirt and slowly replied with a slur and said. “Bruce is out there waiting for you. He brought you a surprise with him that he wants you to see.”Walt looked nervous as to what she was talking about as Angie went on to say. “I have to go to the little girl’s room and pee. Go out there and see what Bruce has for you.”Walt helped his wife into the bathroom and made sure she was sitting on the toilet before leaving her alone. Walt turned to look at Angie as he listened to her stream of pee hitting the water inside the toilet.Walt walked out into the front room and saw Bruce standing near the sofa and talking to someone seated with blonde hair. Bruce saw Walt enter the room and said. “Here comes the man I want you to meet.”Walt saw the person getting up, turned around, and saw it was a beautiful petite blonde woman. Bruce motioned for Walt to come closer and said. “I want you to meet a good friend of mine, her name is Julie. Julie, I want you to meet Angie’s brother, Walt.”Walt extended his hand out to the woman and smiled as she to appear to be in the same condition that as Angie.Bruce said. “All right, now that I introduced you to this lovely woman and I hate to run but I’m going to go and catch up to Angie and let you to get acquainted.As Bruce walked toward the bedrooms, he turned and starred back at Julie and said. “Come in when your ready, you don’t have to knock.”The beautiful little blonde woman looked at Walt and said. “You have a wonderful sister; we got to know one another at the club tonight.”Julie giggled as she continued to talk and said. “She and I danced a few songs together with Bruce tonight.”Walt smiled at her while checking out the tiny dress she was wearing; it barely covered her large breasts, which had to be larger than Angie’s tits.Julie said. “Bruce brought us something to drink while we are waiting for them to get started so why don’t we go out into your kitchen and grab some glasses.”Walt smiled at Julie again as he said. “I can get the glasses for us if you want to wait here?”Julie took hold of Walt’s arm and said. “I want to come with you and get acquainted with you.”Walt walked Julie out to the kitchen as he said. “I didn’t understand what Bruce said about just coming in there without knocking when you are ready.”Julie laughed as she said. “Bruce is always that way, like I couldn’t figure that out for myself. He thinks I am a real ditsy girl. What do you think Walt? Do I look like I’m ditsy?”Walt replied. “I don’t really know you but I suppose you’re not ditsy. You are a very beautiful woman I might add.”Julie put her arms around Walt as if they had known each other for a long time and said. “You know you have sexy eyes? My husband has sexy eyes too, just like yours.”Walt had a look of surprise on his face as he replied. “You mean that you’re married?”Julie sort of smiled at Walt as she replied to his question and said. “You might call it a marriage I guess. My stupid ass husband lost a whole bunch of money down at this club and had no way of ever paying it back. So I had to step in to save his ass with my ass.” Julie laughed again as she patted her own ass and continued to talk. “Bruce worked out a deal with him that he wouldn’t owe him any money if he got me to screw him. That was two years ago and one k** later.”Walt starred at Julie with concern in his eyes as he replied. “Do you mean you had a baby with Bruce and you’re still living with your husband?”Julie placed her hand on Walt’s ass as she replied. “Don’t get me wrong here, Bruce is a good father and he takes care of everything his little boy needs.”Walt looked more concerned about her situation as Julie blurted out. “Listen, I didn’t mean to sound so blunt here but everything is working out just fine and my husband doesn’t really care anyway. Now let’s get those glasses and have us a drink.”Everything was going through Walt’s mind now about how he got himself involved with Bruce, got very nervous about the whole situation, and wanted to walk into the bedroom and pull his wife away at bahis siteleri that very moment.Julie was holding his shirt and waiting for him to get those glasses as he opened the cabinet door and started to pull out two small glasses and close the door when Julie suddenly reached for the cabinet door and stopped Walt from closing it with her hand.Julie was aiming for Angie’s packet of birth control pills, picked them up, flicked them in front of Walt’s face, and said. “These things will kill your sister if she’s not careful. I use the rhythm method myself and it works better and safer than taking these nasty things.”Walt quickly responded to Julie and said. “Didn’t you just tell me you got yourself pregnant from screwing Bruce? How do you explain your rhythm method when you allowed that to happen?”Julie was holding the packet in her hand as she replied. “I guess I wanted that to happen the way it did, my husband couldn’t have k**s anyway and I wanted to have at least one before I get too old.”Walt asked. “You mean you wanted to have someone else’s baby and your husband didn’t mind?”Julie looked somewhat irritated as she replied. “Listen, I told you my husband didn’t care about us anyway. Besides, Bruce wants to have another baby soon but I don’t know if he wants me to be its mother.”Julie began to cry as she starred at the floor and held onto Angie’s birth control packet with one hand and held onto Walt with her other hand.Walt patted her on the back as he tried to comfort Julie and said. “I’m sure if Bruce wants to have more c***dren and your all ready the mother of his son than he’ll want you to have another baby with him.”Julie continued to cry as she replied. “I’m sorry for feeling this way, are you going to get us those drinks now. I think I could really use another one right now.”Walt got the bottle of whiskey that Bruce had brought and poured some into each glass, walked toward the refrigerator, took out a bottle of soda, and saw that Julie had turned on the garbage disposal.Julie was punching out all the little pills and running them down the drain as Walt placed the bottle on the counter and ran over to try to stop her but it was too late.Julie shut the disposal off, turned, and gave Walt the empty packet as Walt said. “What did you go and do that for, my wife, I mean my sister is going to need those pills.”Julie turned and faced Walt as she replied. “Angie isn’t your wife. Bruce told me you were too protective with your sister. I bet you’re even going to tell her I washed her birth control pills down the sink.”Walt asked Julie again. “Why did you put all of her pills down the drain? She’s going to need those and now I’ll have to go and buy her a new packet.”Julie tried to brush it off as she poured the drinks herself, gave a glass to Walt, and said. “Why don’t you just relax and have a drink with me before we go in their and join them.”Walt took a long swig of the drink and poured himself another as Julie said. “Now you’re getting with the program. You need to relax and enjoy yourself and stop worrying about what your sister is doing. She’s a big girl like me and she can handle it as well as I can.”Julie drank her drink than stopped for a moment to say. “Besides, I told Angie at the club tonight that we were like sisters. If Bruce knocks her up than we’ll really be sisters, won’t we?”Walt stood in disbelief as he listened to this drunken woman speak and replied. “I don’t think Julie wants to have any c***dren right now so you don’t have anything to worry about because I’m replacing those pills tomorrow for her and you can have another baby yourself with him if you so desire.”Julie sat her glass down on the counter, walked next to Walt, placed her small hand on his crotch, and began to squeeze his cock and balls through his pants.Julie tried to lean up to kiss his face but Walt just stood there starring at the woman for a few seconds before finally giving in to a small kiss on the lips. Julie than put her arms over the top of Walt’s shoulders and said. “Come on big boy, you can kiss me better than that one.”Walt had to reach behind himself and put the glass on the counter and starred at Julie for a couple seconds before giving her a small peck on the cheek.Julie put her hand on the back of Walt’s head, pulled him down, gave him a long kiss on the lips, pushed her tongue inside his mouth until he began to respond, and kissed her back.They continued to kiss as Walt began to move his hands to her ass and gave her cheeks a slight squeeze as Julie rubbed her large tits against his chest.Walt could not believe he was kissing this woman and had his hands all over her in less than twenty minutes. He could remember dating a few girls that would not even let him kiss them until the second date.Julie was much different that those women, she was fast, street wise and been around the block many times. Lucky she was still married after having another man’s baby.Julie began to unbutton Walt’s shirt and slipped it off his shoulders than his pants buckle came next and pulled his pants down to the floor as Walt stepped out of them.Julie kissed Walt again as she slipped canlı bahis his under pants down his legs, kneeled on the floor, and began to kiss around his cock. Julie put it inside her mouth and began to lick him almost instantly as Walt stood there looking down at this tiny blonde woman with the large tits sucking his cock.Walt’s cock was hard as Julie licked her way around its thickness and underneath toward his balls and poked her tongue out and began to flicker the tip of it at his balls making Walt moan as he said. “Oh God are you talented with your tongue.”Julie gave him a few more licks with her tongue and quickly stood up and slipped her dress off over her head and tossed the dress onto the floor and wrapped her arms around Walt and gave him a long passionate kiss.Walt’s cock was poking into her belly as she reached down and gave it a few strokes than said. “Let’s go and see what Bruce is up to with your sister. I bet he’s cock that big black cock in her right now and fucking the shit out of her tight pussy.”Julie took hold of Walt’s hand and walked him toward the bedroom where they could hear Angie moaning and screaming.Julie opened the door as they walked inside the bedroom and Bruce was on top of Angie with her legs stuck straight into the air as Bruce banged the shit out of her.Angie had her arms wrapped around Bruce’s neck as he hammered into her with as much force as a locomotive. Walt and Julie walked right next to the bed and Walt could see his wife’s ass shake from the force of Bruce’s body each time he plowed into her.Julie put her hand around Walt and said. “Take a good looks at that little slut how she’s pushing her pussy into that big black cock. I know how she’s feeling right now because I’ve been there many times.”Julie squeezed her hand on Walt’s waist, pulled him down toward the end of the bed, and said. “Take a look at your sister now; she’s so full of black cock it’ll be coming out of her ears. Look at the way Bruce is fucking her and the way her pussy is trying to squeeze every bit of life out of that cock.”Walt just stood there watching his wife as Bruce was banging her, his cock was rock hard as Julie reached down and began to stroke it again as she shook her head as she starred at the couple screwing on the bed and said. “Bruce is going to ruin that girl; she’s not going to be satisfied with just any cock from now on. She’s going to want that big black cock in her from now on.”Julie turned and looked at Walt and said. “You never saw your sister getting banged by anyone before have you?”Walt shook his head that he had not; he did not want to mention the time out in the front room watching Angie with Bruce.Walt listened and watched as his wife acted like a total slut for this black man above her and saw how she was responding to every single move he made. Walt did not think that Angie even knew they were in the room at that moment as they watched them screw.Walt watched Julie place her hand on Bruce’s ass and said. “That’s it baby give that white bitch a good screwing. Give her that black meat and make her beg for more.”Bruce was banging Angie so violently that she could not hold the palm of her hand on his ass more than a split second at a time. Sweet was pouting down his back and Angie gasped for air each time Bruce lunged into her as if she could not catch her breath.Walt never saw his wife so passionately and physically responding to sex like how she was doing as he was watching at that very moment. Bruce’s large thighs made a loud slap each time he banged into Angie’s upturned ass cheeks.Angie began to scream now and yelled. “Oh God, Fuck me. God…Yeah….”Angie’s legs were kicking out in the air as Julie climbed on top of the bed and watched the couple screw as she began encouraging them with her nasty words. “That’s right, give him that pussy and tell him it’s his pussy. Go on. Tell Bruce whose pussy that belongs to.”Angie was still gasping for air and moaning loud as Bruce kept driving his huge thick black cock into her pussy as Julie repeated some of her words and said. “Tell him who owns that white pussy.” Angie finally gasped and said. “Oh shit, fuck my white pussy hard.”Julie kept asking Angie to answer her question and said. “Tell him who owns that pussy, bitch.”Angie responded as she gasped for air and said. “Oh God, my pussy belongs to you. Bruce, fuck my white pussy, it’s your pussy.”Seconds later, Angie yelled again as she reached her orgasm and kicked her feet out almost hitting Julie in the face. Angie continued to thrash herself around under Bruce’s large body as he gave several final thrusts into Angie’s pussy almost knocking her head into the mattress and groaned aloud as he shoot his seed deep inside Angie’s pussy.Bruce was trying to catch his breath as he held himself deep inside Angie’s pussy for almost two minutes than Julie put her hand on his ass and said. “Move up there on the pillows and get some air while I lick this bitch.”Bruce laid himself down next to Angie while Julie held Angie’s legs up, turned toward Walt, and said. “Come over here and fuck my pussy while I eat this little snack.”Walt was horny bahis firmaları as hell as he climbed onto the bed and took hold of his cock and aimed it between Julie’s ass cheeks and slid right next to her pussy slit and moved the head of his cock around getting it nice and wet.”Julie held Angie’s legs back against her belly as she waited for Walt to mount her doggie style and turned and said. “Come on; fuck me like a real man.”Walt did not need to hear anymore as he pushed forward and into Julie’s pussy and began to fuck her as he held onto her ass. Walt felt her wet pussy trying to milk his cock; she was talented with her pussy muscles but not very tight for such a petite woman.Walt figured it must have been from fucking Bruce so often because Julie’s pussy felt stretched but still very talented as he fucked her hard.Walt fucked Julie as he wondered if Angie’s pussy would stretch from the fucking Bruce gave her tonight. He watched as Julie lapped at Angie’s pussy sucking out as much of Bruce’s seed from her pussy as she could get.Walt kept screwing Julie as he watched his wife place her hands on the back of Julie’s head keeping her locked against her pussy.Walt continued fucking Julie as she pushed her ass back into his crotch a few more times than stopped eating Angie’s pussy. Julie than moved herself forward on top of Angie until their tits were touching together and Walt saw Julie give Angie a long passionate open mouth kiss.Julie said. “Do you taste your black lover’s seed in my mouth? Julie kissed Angie again as their tongues locked together and Julie caught her breath long enough and said. “Taste his cum and swallow it. Did you swallow his cum in your little white belly?”Angie was still gasping for air as she replied. “Yes.”Julie kissed Angie again only this time she began to squeeze Angie’s tits, moved herself down, and started to suck and bit them making them stand up nice and hard. Julie than moved back up until her large tits dangled down in front of Angie’s mouth until Angie put her hands on them and started to suck Julie’s nipples.Julie was shifting her body so Angie could suck her tits making them swing as she moved and said. “You see how nice and full my tits are from having a baby? Go ahead, suck on them, and let me feed you. Go ahead, suck on them.”Angie began to suck on the large tits until she finally got milk, gasped for air for a moment, and said. “I can taste your milk.”Angie went back sucking on the woman’s tits as Julie moaned and said. “That’s it, suck on them. Maybe if you’re a lucky girl, Bruce will knock you up too and you’ll have your own milk to give.”Angie did not reply but just kept sucking the huge tits in front of her as Walt continued fucking Julie from behind. Bruce motioned for Walt to move Julie out of the way so he could climb back on top of Angie again. Walt moved toward the other side of the bed as Bruce walked around and got back in between Angie’s legs as Walt flipped Julie over onto her back and mounted her from the top.Julie had locked her legs around Walt as he steadily fucked her as Bruce mounted his wife right along side him and Julie. Angie’s ass was touching Walt and Walt could feel her body shake with each thrust that Bruce made into his wife’s pussy.Angie was yelling again as Bruce banged the shit out of her pussy again and Julie humped her pussy up to meet Walt’s strokes into her as the bed bounced and made sounds from all the activity.Walt leaned down onto his chest were touching Julie’s tits and looked along side himself and saw his wife’s face. She was very involved with Bruce as he fucked her hard and fast.Walt was fucking Julie with a fair amount of speed as Bruce and their strokes seemed to be matching as they pounded the womenJulie began to scream as she had an orgasm and within seconds, Angie screamed out that she was about to cum as well.Bruce yelled out first and said. “Oh shit, here it comes. Can you feel it? It’s going inside you.”Walt shoot off his load of hot seed when he listened to Bruce asking his wife if she felt his cum inside her and kept himself deep inside her pussy and felt Julie’s pussy clamp tight around his cock. She felt so much tighter than she had when they first began to screw. Both couples lay exhausted next to each other trying to catch there breathe as Julie reached over and began to play with Angie’s tits again.Bruce was the first person to get out of bed and he taped Walt on the shoulder and motioned for him to come out of the bed as well.Walt got out of bed, walked over, and sat in a chair while Bruce leaned against the dress as Julie climbed on top of Angie and began doing a sixty-nine with her.Both men seemed to be enjoying the show the women were giving them as they ate each other’s pussies.Bruce walked over to Walt and said. “I don’t even think your sister realizes she is eating her brother’s cum out of Julie’s pussy right now. I don’t think we should tell her anything tomorrow either, do you?”Walt sat catching his breath and shook his head in agreement, as he watched the women eat each other.Both men waited for a few minutes until Bruce decided to leave them alone and said to Walt. “Let’s go and leave them alone for awhile. There just getting to know each other.”Walt followed Bruce out of the bedroom as he looked back and saw his wife digging her tongue deep inside Julie’s pussy.

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