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Winter Wonderland Ch.1

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Winter Wonderland Chapter 1 Hi my name is James, and this is a story of my sister and myself and how our relationship changed. It all started about 4 years ago I was 17 and my sister Sam was 15. I was just waking up on our last day of school before winter break. Like every morning I woke with a huge boner, so like most guys I took care of it, got up did a stretch and got ready to take a shower. The bathroom that I use is a joining bathroom that my sister and I share. From what I can saw she was already in the shower, I could tell this because I could smell her shampoo and I saw the steam. How is that possible you ask? Well it’s because she never closed my side of the bathroom door, she just leaved it all open for the whole world to see her naughty bits. No-matter what I say she never closes it, so I just ignored it and as a “fuck you” to her I just walked in there to use the toilet and brush my teeth. Im almost done brushing escort my teeth and I notice she hasn’t said anything yet. Maybe she just hasn’t noticed me yet, so as I’m brushing my teeth I take advantage of the clear glass shower doors and sneak a peak. She wasn’t looking at me at all, but I could see everything, and she’s fucking gorgeous. I mean I knew she was always attractive but DAMN. She has long black hair, pretty face with even prettier eyes, a nice healthy looking physic, nice perky B+ size breasts, a great medium sized round ass, and from what I can tell she completely shaven but I couldn’t really tell. Then I saw her glance at me, I spit in the sink and basically ran out of there closing the door behind me. I was expecting to hear her yelling and screaming, but again nothing. After about 5 mins or so I started to calm down, thats when the images started going through my mind. Her wet black hair, her sexy bayan escort curves, silky wet skin. Then there was a knock at my bedroom door. “Yeah” I said trying to get the images out of my head. “It’s me” said Sam as she opened the door and took a step in. I was just wearing my boxers nothing she hasn’t seen before. “I just wanted to let you know that Mom had to leave early to go to the cabin to do some stuff, so I’m gunna need a ride, ok. So hurry up big boy.” after that she just closed the door. “Big boy”? She’s never called me that. With that thought in my head I started to take off my boxers and thats when I Noticed it. My dick rock hard and sticking out of the whole in my boxers. I didn’t know if it was it was like that the whole time she was talking to me. I didn’t know why she was looking at me like that, or if that was why she called me “Big Boy”? Lets just say that I drug out every minute I could escort bayan before I had to go to school with Sam in the same car, but it was inevitable. I grab my jacket, head out to the living room, and yell to Sam that ill be in the car. After about a minute or two of waiting she comes out of the front door. As usual she was wearing her skirt too short again. As she walked down the front path to the car she dropped something and turn to pick it up, and then I see the skimpiest underwear I have ever seen. They didn’t even cover her pussy, I could see everything. She turns back around and heads to the car, and we head off to school. During the quiet ride to school I start thinking and Sam in the shower and her bending over, all the while I’m getting hot and horney. “Um James, what ya thinking about?” said Sam “OH uh nothing, why?” I said trying to get focused “Well it must be nice, whatever it is.” She said with a smirk on her face. “Why do you say that?” I said confused “cuz of that.” she said pointing to my crotch I looked at her then I look down and I have a huge bulge, then I notice the slight pain as my cock is trying desperately to break through my jeans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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