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With a Neighbour Like Me…..

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With a Neighbour Like Me…..You know those dark thoughts that you have that you never think you’ll do. Sometimes I surprise myself and I engage them. So far things have worked out for the best. Hopefully it will never catch up with me. One recent episode involved you, Emma, my neighbour. I don’t know much about you except that I walk by your house on the way home daily. You always smile at me when we run into each other in the neighbourhood.I have begun to notice you’re around the house alone every night. I could see your through the bay window that opens up to their kitchen and living area. Pretty much every night I saw you about the same time, making dinner. I usually slowed my pace so I could catch a glimpse. You seemed to be the woman next door type – long blonde hair, full round breasts, a plump ass and some killer legs.This past Tuesday I was stuck at the office late. When I walked past your bay window you weren’t there. Disappointed I started to head home. As I passed what I thought was the den, I caught what I think was a bare leg through a gap in the curtains in a flickering light. I stepped up to take a closer look. What I saw amazed me. The flickering was from the computer screen that provided the only light in the room. What was on the screen shocked me. It was some sort of hardcore porn. I mean REAL hardcore. It was obviously a website. I couldn’t make out much except for the word “forced” in the logo on the screen.Even more shocking, you were laying back in a chair, stark naked with your legs d****d over the side of the chair. In your right hand was an ebony dildo. I only saw the base, but they are pretty distinctive. Your hand was moving back and forth. Your left hand appeared to be pulling on your left nipple. Well, this was a sight that was too much to tear away from. I am chuffed that you are facing away from me, though I would have liked to have a view of your pussy. I watched your left hand pull and tweak your left nipple, moving occasionally across your chest to take care of the right. My dick strained in my pants. I looked around. Nobody seemed to be out and it was quite dark at this corner of the house. It has a little protection from the bushes. It was a risky thing, but I opened my fly, pulled out my dick and started stroking it right there. I watched as you paused a second to adjust dildo – my guess turning up a vibration setting. This was confirmed with the “oh” squeal I heard when you put it back between your legs. Even from my view I could see your facial expressions get more intense. I don’t think you were even watching the screen anymore. Your head was back, your eyes were closed as you now had both hands holding the dildo on your clit. You erupted in orgasm, which also caused me to blow my load. I stood there quietly for a minute, watching you come down from your high before sneaking away.For the next few days I couldn’t get the image out of my head. With a little help from Google, I found the website you were looking at. This was a pay site and what you were watching was not part of the free preview. This means you were definitely into forced sex scenes enough to purchase them. Then I got an idea, a bahis siteleri devilish idea. I began to work on my plan. I began gathering supplies and studied your routine. I got fortunate that you have a garage door with a numeric keypad and was able to watch you through binoculars when you used it one day.The day finally arrives to put my plan into action. I get home from work early. I sneak into your house through the garage. Hiding in the coat closet, I prepare. It is warm enough that you hadn’t need one. I knew would not go in there. It also gives me a full view of the kitchen. I close the curtains on the bay window and wait.You come home, undergoing through your normal routine. Entering into the bedroom, you changed into an old casual shirt and pants. I hear the toilet flush. Then I observe you moving around in the kitchen. Putting on my mask, I wait until I hear you chopping up dinner. I peek out and watch for a minute. Suddenly you stop, put the knife down and stare at the curtains, puzzled. That’s when I make my move. I dart out from the closet behind you. Grabbing both wrists, I yank them behind your back. You attempt to kick with your strong legs, but I am ready for it. Using my body weight to shove your face onto the counter, I retrieve out the handcuffs I had brought. With these I cuff your hands in place. I drag you off the counter by the back of your shirt and clutch a knife. “If you know what’s good for you, you will listen and obey everything I tell you to do,” I growl in a deep voice.I gaze into your eyes. They reveal your fear. You nod understandingly. Pinning you against the counter with my body in case you try anything, I blindfold you. With the blindfold in place, I remove my mask. Next I cut off your shirt with the knife.”What the fuck are you doing?” You finally speak.”Something you’ve always wanted,” I respond.”What the fuck? No, no. I don’t want this, you fucking bastard””Shut up!” I place the knife against you as a reminder. I move behind you and state quietly in your ear. “Do not speak unless I tell you to. I’d hate to have to gag that pretty mouth of yours.””Ok,” you whimper, crying now. “Just don’t hurt me.”I slowly cut away your pants, dragging the knife gently against your leg in case you want to try something. I also believe it would heighten the danger of the situation, turning you on more. My suspicion is confirmed as I slice away at your panties. Just as I thought. They are damp. I run my hand across the lips of your pussy to make sure.”Please mister! Don’t – ” Your begging is interrupted when I slap your ass with the knife broad-sided. The point scratches the skin a little.”I said DON’T SPEAK unless I tell you to.” I lower down the knife, grabbing your arms and kicking your legs out from under you. You drop to your knees. “We’ll have to give that mouth something to do,” I command. I drop my pants. I retrieve up the knife with my left hand and hold it against your temple. All the while I guide your head with my right hand toward my crotch. “Let’s see how good you are at giving head.”Before I finish my sentence you have your tongue out. It is probes to find my dick. You lick the shaft first, curling canlı bahis your tongue around it. Once I am nice and hard you move down to my balls sucking each one, one at a time, gently into your mouth. Then you move back up to my shaft, putting your plump lips around the head for a second before licking the underside to the base and working your way back. Continuing to work the shaft until you adjust yourself, you put your lips back on the head and push your face all the way in. You deepthroat my dick. Moving your head up and down, you pick up the pace. The cuffs and position limit your movement. I need to have it faster. I grip you by the hair and start thrusting my pelvis. I am now fucking your face. Slowly at first, I soon am moving with rapid, deep strokes before I erupt in your mouth. Cum dribbles out the side of your mouth because you’re unable to swallow all I had.I pull my meat out of your mouth and stand, admiring my work. Still holding your hair, I reflect on how satisfying your blow job was. All this considering that you’re blindfolded with two hands cuffed behind your back. It’s seconds before I get hard again. I want to put you someplace safe. I yank you up to your feet and begin pushing you toward the closet that I had just vacated. You are shoved in there.I strip the remainder of my clothes off, get out a couple of supplies and organize things a bid. I grab a quick snack. I feel I am going to need it. I allow you to rest for a few minutes. You are in the dark, waiting for my cue.”Mister?” You are frighteningly puzzled that you have been left alone because I am quiet. “I’m still in here.””Not for long,” I ponder to myself.”Hey. I’m in here!” You rudely start speaking louder.It is almost time.You scream, “Hey! Fucking asshole! Let me the fuck out of here! You’d better get me the fuck out of here right now, you mother fucker.” There it is – the rant I needed.I yank open the door, startling you while I calmly state, “I give the orders around here. It looks like we’ll have to teach you how to listen.”I produce the handkerchief I brought and gag you. I pull you to your feet, then turn you around. “My, my, look at those pretty titties. They are all alone though and need some accessorizing.” I take out a pair of nipple clamps and secure them on your erect nipples. You whimper a bit as I do it.”Now for your punishment,” I declare.I force you over to a chair, sit down and place you across my lap. Your ass is high in the air. Smack! I swing a small paddle across your ass. I repeat this ten times across your ass and the tops of your thighs until they are good and red. I put the paddle down and rub your ass. I slide my hand between your thighs across your damp pussy lips a couple of times to confirm your arousal. I hit your ass with another five swats. This time I hit harder, followed again by massaging your ass. I slip my other hand underneath to give more attention to your clit. You shudder as soon as I touch it. Another five whacks across your ass and thighs have you on the edge so that only the briefest rub of your clit sends you into orgasm. Ready to switch things up, I pat your ass and then spread your cheeks. You feel güvenilir bahis the tip of my dick at the entrance of your anus. You attempt to brace yourself, but you’re too overwhelmed.”Are you ready? As if I give a damn.” I threaten. Pushing my dick against your ass, I marvel at just easily the head pops in. Yelping, you grit your teeth. Snickering, I forcefully ram the rest of my length in. You scream loud and long as I begin furiously pumping in and out. Your entire body shake as I roughly invade your ass.Occasionally I slap your plump ass as I push in and out, causing you to wail. You beg and plead with me once again, but your cries fall on deaf ears. There is only one way to make me stop.Suddenly I increase my momentum and you break. You aren’t take the pain any longer. Through your cries you find the strength to yell, “NEBRASKA………..NO MORE DADDY! PLEASE STOP, DADDY. I’M BEGGING YOU!……NEBRASKA”. The gag doesn’t deter your screaming.I roar in triumph. “TELL ME WHO YOUR DADDY IS WHORE!”Shuddering and sobbing, your voice hoarse from screaming, you submit, “You are, Sir. You are my Daddy.”Repeatedly I continue shoving my engorged length into you, thrusting with a different rhythm. You moan, afraid this is going to continue hurting, in fact it does to some extent. However, there is a point when it starts to feel different. We feel your pussy tighten. Oh fuck, I am going to make you come. You panic. You don’t want me to make you come like this…. right? It is hard to tell now. The sensations are too much.Your breath arrives in gasps now and I can’t stop yourself from moaning. With all the pain you thought you had gone through, the pleasure is a relief…..at least physically speaking. Your mind still screams at you not to allow yourself to come at the hands of this stranger…again.Without warning you feel me pinch your clit sharply. You cry out and try bucking my hand away. I lean down to your ear and whisper, “You pleasure belongs to me, whore. Only I decide when you come and you’ve been very bad. I’m denying you this orgasm.”By now, your rectum has gotten dry. Despite ALL i’ve said, I am looking for one final climax. Pulling out, I bend you over the table. I grab the bottle of lube and reapply some on my prick. You turn your head in concern as I apply more lube to your sore asshole, but you are either too weak or in too much bliss to object. I slip my shaft into your tight ass slowly, allowing it to adjust. I slowly move back and forth and as your ass begins to accommodate me comfortably. At this moment, I put more force into my thrusting. You groan in a mix of pain and pleasure, your ass still on fire from the spankings. Your G-spot is getting pinned between the table and my dick on each thrust. I intensify the pace, soon fucking your ass hard again as I near my own climax. Each slap of my pelvis against your ass blurs the line between pleasure and pain. Faster and faster I move until I unload my warm thick load in your ass. You bellow out a scream even came through the gag as your whole body tenses in an unapproved orgasm.Once I recover from the moment, I pick you up. You are limp, passed out. I place you into your bed, unbind you, pick up my stuff and leave.A couple days later I surprisingly find something in my mailbox, a note wrapped in a handkerchief I had dropped, with the words “Thank you, Sir” in red lipstick. That Emma is a clever woman.

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