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Wonder Woman

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Wonder WomanIt was my first college Halloween party, and I was beyond stoked. The party was being held at a local frat off campus, and although I hadn’t pledged to any frat I was still known in their circles. I never moved out of my parents house, and while it saved me a bunch of money, it definitely put a damper on my social life. I had procrastinated on my costume, so I found myself scrambling at the last minute to come up with something. Out of ideas, I finally settled on the cheap idea of going as Michael Phelps. All I had to do was wear a speedo, hang a towel over my shoulders, and wear a few fake gold medals. I headed downstairs to our kitchen to eat something light before the party, when I bumped into my little sister.”Hey dummy, what’s that?” I asked, pointing to a Spencer’s bag that she was holding. “It’s a costume, dummy,” she replied, parroting me, “I’m going to a party tonight.””What did you get?” I feigned interest. I was done with her basic high school parties, and I felt superior about our slight age difference putting me into college a year ahead of her. “Wonder Woman,” she said simply, without opening the bag to show me.”BORING, I’m gonna be Michael Phelps, gotta show off my swimmers body,” I boasted. “Don’t care,” she chimed back.At the point we were both obviously bored talking to each other, so I made my food and went upstairs to change. My sister and I were never especially close, despite being basically the same age. A few of my friends were into her, but she never gave them the time of day, and we ran in different circles. I had already put our interaction out of my mind by the time I was driving over to the party, I was too excited about getting out for the night. I got there fashionably late, and the party was already going pretty hard. The party was mostly college students, but after hanging out and mingling for an hour I noticed a few high school k**s. I took stock of the women around, and wondered if I might be able to get laid tonight. I wasn’t a particularly thirsty guy, but living at home made it harder to chase tail.I noticed all the usual suspects, and most women were already paired up with boyfriends or frat boys. I saw slutty angels, slutty demons, slutty cats, basically the same tired costumes that get recycled every year. I wasn’t really complaining though, there was definitely a lot of talent at the party, and I appreciated the chance to gawk.As I made my way out to the pool area I was stopped in my tracks by a vision in underwear. She was surrounded by guys, mostly from the frat, and I didn’t recognize her from the back, despite how much time I spent staring. She was wearing very little, only blue boy shorts with white stars printed on them, a tight red tube top, and a gold tiara on top of her long blonde hair. I saw her turn down a beer and politely push away a guy trying to get to close, and I made my way over to get a better look. If I was stunned by her beautiful body earlier, I was absolutely frozen when she turned and I saw her face. My own little sister, dressed slutty at a college party, and the cherry on top was that her body was amazing. My head was filled with confusing feelings. I was simultaneously upset with her being there, and proud of her that she wasn’t just accepting beer and advances from strange dudes. We had been brought up well, and neither of us was interested in drinking or hard partying. I was furious that she would wear something like that in public, but my dick definitely appreciated the view. I had never been overly protective of her, but seeing her like this made me see her differently. It was like a switch flipped in my mind, I now saw her as a woman instead of just my sister.I took a walk to calm myself down. I was in control of myself, but I couldn’t afford getting a hard on in a costume like this. After a few minutes I got over it, and went to hang out with some people I knew. I let the thoughts of her leave my mind, I wanted to enjoy the party and not deal with her for now.A couple hours went by, and gradually the party guests got a little more loose. I saw a few people drinking who probably shouldn’t have been, and I smelled weed coming from one of the bathrooms. The music wasn’t that loud, but the party was pretty packed, and it was getting pretty late.I refocused my efforts on trying to get laid, and made another lap around the frat house. I saw a few slutty nurses, an Elvira, a Lady Gaga, and a girl just wearing a bikini. I made small talk with some girls, but my game wasn’t great so I made little progress. Frustrated, I had wandered close to the front of the house when I first saw the flashing blue and red lights.Instinctively, I darted toward the backyard, but I was too slow. There was a cop knocking on the front door, and at the same time a few other cops had headed down the side yard.While I hadn’t been drinking, I still wanted to escape the situation. A large group of people streamed in from the backyard, and my sister was one of the first among them. We made eye contact, and I could bornova escort see the terror on her face. Our parents were pretty conservative, and if she got brought home by the cops dressed like that there would definitely be hell to pay. Thinking quickly, I scanned the room for options. I noticed a door to a closet that was mostly obscured by Halloween decorations, and I grabbed my sister by the arm before making a beeline toward it. It was mostly full of coats, but there was barely enough room for us to squeeze inside. Before shutting the door, I had the forethought to slide a nearby recliner closer to us, even further obscuring the closet. I jumped in behind my sister, and shut the door quietly. We seemed pretty insulated, but I could definitely still hear the cops in the house rounding up and questioning people. Some neighbor must have called them, and I cursed under my breath at our situation.Pressed tightly against my sister, I felt around quietly to see if there was a way to make more space for us. We both stood silently as I struggled in vain, and I couldn’t help but feel her ass grinding against me as I shifted around.I heard crying outside the door and loud cop voices talking about finding weed, and I knew that we were likely stuck there for a while.”Thanks for hiding me,” my sister whispered, turning her head toward the back of the closet to face me slightly. “No problem, dummy,” I replied, “but I think we might be stuck here for a while.””That’s fine with me, I don’t want to be associated with any of that shit out there,” she said.”Same,” I said back simply, then followed up with “Hey, I saw you out by the pool earlier, I watched you push that skeevy dude away.””Yeah, I was excited to come to this party, but there were definitely some creeps here,” she explained.”I almost can’t blame them,” I slipped out, “look at what you’re wearing.””Fuck off, prude,” she elbowed me lightly as she responded, “I’m Wonder Woman.””Barely,” I said, laughing under my breath, “I wouldn’t have known if you didn’t tell me earlier.””What? It’s obvious, no one asked me who I was,” she said defensively.”They were probably too busy checking you out,” I said, “I didn’t even see the Wonder Woman logo on you.””I’ve got it hanging on my top,” she replied.”Let me see,” I said, then lifted up on my toes to look over her shoulder. The view was incredible, and while I didn’t intend to perv on my sister, I didn’t stop myself either. Sure enough, she was right, but I still took a second to stare at her tits.”It’s too dark, I can’t tell,” I lied, lowering back down behind her. She responded by grabbing my hand and pulling it around us, before setting it down on the cheap plastic logo hanging off her tube top. Apparently she felt VERY comfortable with me, but I was getting increasingly worried about trying to suppress a boner. I felt the logo, and dragged my hand as inconspicuously as I could on the way out, lightly feeling her tit as I did so. “I guess you’re right, my bad,” I replied, paused, then said, “it’s still a pretty slutty costume though.”In return I got a harder elbow into my ribs.”You’re the slut if either of is,” she accused, “look at what you’re wearing.””Psh, this is what he actually wears, Wonder Woman wears way more than you are,” I retorted.”Well, I didn’t hear anyone complaining,” she replied.”You won’t hear me complaining either,” I said back. It felt slightly inappropriate coming out, but she didn’t react to it.We settled in for a moment and listened to the noises outside. More cops had arrived, and they were still rounding up people. I wasn’t sure if my closet gamble would work, but I hadn’t heard any footsteps close to us yet. My sister shifted in front of me, apparently trying to readjust. Her ass backed firmly into my dick and pressed it up against me, and she held there as she found a more comfortable position.”Uh, sis…” I started, trying to imply what I meant without having to say it out loud.”I know, I don’t like being stuck in here with you either, but we don’t have much choice, do we?” she asked rhetorically.I don’t know if she was being coy or if she was really unaware of our position, but I didn’t press it. I focused all my energy on trying to suppress a boner.Baseball, grandma, hangnail. I floated unsexual thoughts through my head, but the sight and feel of my sister in front of me was starting to get to me. I started to chub up, my cock stuck upright between her ass cheeks. SCOLIOSIS, HITLER, GIRAFFE. I tried to force my mind in another direction, but our physical proximity overruled my brain. Within a few seconds I was full on rock hard, and there was no way she couldn’t feel it as she shifted slightly on her feet. I grabbed a handful of coat and squeezed hard, trying to focus my mind on any sensation other than that of the hot piece of ass on my dick.”Um, is that…” she breathed out softly.I was mortified, but I knew that there was no denying or hiding it. Despite my embarrassment, my dick didn’t get any less hard.”Sorry,” I escort bornova barely managed to form the words, “I can’t help it. It’s not just you, there were a bunch of hot chicks here.” “Just?” she quietly questioned.While I meant the comment to explain away my hardon, somehow the word “just” had slipped in there, and I knew I had blown it. I didn’t say anything, and we stood pressed together in silence for several minutes, both slightly shifting occasionally. I was in agony every time we moved, and I knew something had to change.”Well, this is our situation for now, what can we do to make it easier?” she broke the silence.”Uh, um, there’s not many directions I can point if, and I can’t really back up. The only other place I could shift it is down between us,” I offered. It wasn’t completely true, I could definitely think of somewhere else I’d rather put it.”Ok,” she said quickly, surprising me, “move it down.” I didn’t say anything, I just reached down and squeezed my hand between her ass and my dick. I tried to shift it, but wearing tight swimwear made that impossible. Thinking on my feet, I pulled down the speedo a few inches and my cock sprung free, tapping her on her lower back.”Sorry about this,” I whispered, “I’m really sorry.” I slid it down her ass crack, leaving a trail of precum, until it found a new resting place between her thighs. “Did you take it out?” she asked quieter than ever, and I had nothing to say in response. “Try not to think about it,” she said kindly, “just pretend you’re at the dentist or something.””I have been,” I admitted, “nothing is working, my dick has a mind of its own.”We quieted back down, both of us listening for noises outside. It was a little quieter, but I could still hear the cops in the next room over. My feet were getting numb, and I could tell that she was also growing more uncomfortable. Our shifting continued as we tried to find a better position, but I found myself more stimulated that ever. Every slight movement was jerking me off between her thighs, and my precum was dripping off the tip of my dick. The warmth of her thighs was nice, and I didn’t notice as I stopped attempting to drive the sexual thoughts from my mind.I don’t know if I zoned out or just got lost in pleasure, but before I knew it I found myself moving slightly back and forth, essentially fucking her thighs. The need to cum started to win the battle with my rational brain, but I was still able to hold back from forcing myself on her.Before I knew it, I started to feel a different sensation. Her costume underwear hadn’t shifted, but I felt a distinct wetness seeping down onto my cock. Next, the unmistakable smell of woman hit my nose, and my dick got harder than I knew was possible.I knew what was happening to us, but I was unsure of how far we could really take it. I searched my mind for a course of action, for some way to probe her and test the waters.”Do you like…” I paused, “dressing like that?”It was weak, but it was the best I came up with.”Do you like dressing like a slut?” I continued, “Do you get off on teasing guys?”She said nothing right away, but she subtly pressed her ass back into me. I felt a tremor in her thighs, and at that point I was convinced that it was my game to lose.My thrusts became way less subtle, and I felt the head of my cock drag across her wet gash with each stroke. “I’m n-not a tease…” she meekly replied. I cued off her tone and leaned in, pressing my lips against her ear.”Prove it,” I whispered as forcefully as I could.Her hands shot down to her underwear and yanked them down, and my cock snapped back up against her as they rubber banded. The slap of it against her pussy was the loundest sound we had made so far, but neither of us seemed to care. The green light was flashing in my mind, and I knew that no more words were needed. I backed up as much as I could manage, and lined my dick up as she arched her back obscenely. The tip slid in easily, and I bent my knees slightly to make sure I could get all the way in. “Ffffffffuck me,” she dragged out, but I didn’t need to be told. I sunk myself balls deep in her, moved my hands to her hips, and took in the moment. Here we were, brother and sister, trapped in a closet, with my dick buried in her pussy. “Holy fucking shit,” I breathed out as I started to fuck her, moving relatively slowly in order to keep the noise down. Her pussy was like a velvet vice grip, every inch of her felt divine on my cock. I slid in and out easily despite how tight she was, her wetness begging me to fuck her harder. “I wanted to get laid at this party, but I had no idea it would be with you,” I said. “Oh fuck, this is so fucking hot,” she responded quietly. She started to pick up the pace, fucking herself back into me as hard as she dared. We still weren’t really going at it, due to the fear of being discovered in the back of our minds. This didn’t make it any less great, but it definitely gave me the stamina to last longer than usual. Our breathing grew hot and labored, bornova escort bayan and I noticed a few beads of sweat trail down her back. I moved my hands up from her hips to her tube top, pulling it down in one motion. It fell down to rest on her hips, and I didn’t miss a stroke as I reached up and around to grope her tits. I squeezed them and pulled on her nipples, getting myself acquainted with her body in ways I had never dreamed possible. The tremor in her thighs returned, and I sensed that she was close to cumming. I buried myself in her again and ground myself into her, resisting the urge to start pounding her instead. I moved my right hand down to her clit, and my left hand back to wrap it in her hair, yanking down hard enough to startle her. As I predicted, this set her off, and I kept myself buried all the way in as she started to cum on my cock. Her whole body shook as I lightly rubbed her clit. Her neck and back arched, and she breathed heavy and hard. I let her ride it out, savoring the way her pussy squeezed down hard on my dick. After a moment, she came back to her senses and started grinding back against me. Her bubble butt felt amazing, and I was disappointed that we didn’t have room for me to truly appreciate it. “Did you cum?” she asked as she turned her head, making eye contact. Despite the dim light I could see her cheeks were flushed. “Not yet,” I responded as I started to slowly fuck her again. She held eye contact with me, and I watched her bite her lip sexily.”I want you to…” she whispered to me.”Can you turn around?” I asked as I buried myself balls deep again, expecting her to say no. Instead she pulled off my dick and raised up into her toes. She lifted her hands above her head as she tried to spin, barely managing to squeeze herself around to face me. I backed up as much as I could to get the best view of her basically naked body. I didn’t even try to mask my expression as I gawked at her.”Do you have any idea how sexy you are? My sister is the hottest piece of ass in this whole town!” I said, leaning closer to her.She stood a few inches shorter than me, and my dick poked into her stomach as I pulled her close. I desperately wanted to kiss her, but I hesitated. Somehow I felt nervous despite the fact that I just made her cum, but I sacked up and just dove in.She melted in my arms as our lips met, and we kissed like long lost lovers. I had never felt like I was a good kisser, but everything felt right in the universe as we shoved our tongues in each other’s mouths.Without breaking the kiss, I grabbed her ass and lifted her up a foot. She knew what to do, and reached between us as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I pressed her body against the wall of the closet, and I finally had some more room to really give her longer strokes. I shifted gears, pounding her pussy hard. I savored the feeling of her ass in my hands, and didn’t waste the opportunity to grope the shit out of it. My sister apparently appreciated my passion, she started to moan into my mouth. The noises of our sex grew louder, yet neither of us cared as a siren still blared outside. “What did you want me to do?” I teased, pulling back from her hungry mouth.She hugged me close, and I felt her tits bouncing into my chest as I continued to pound her.”Cummm…” she whispered back with her lips brushing my ear. “You want me to cum?” I pressed her further, not relenting.”Yes, yes, yes,” she chanted back.”You dirty slut, you want your brother to cum in your pussy?” I responded, enjoying my control over her. “P-please, please cum in my pussy,” she stuttered out. I wasn’t expecting her to get off again, but I felt her tense up as her grip around me tightened.This really lit my fire, and I let her have it as hard as I could. I knew I was close, but I held back as long as I could.The wet slapping of our sex filled the closet, and no doubt anyone in the room outside would have heard us. Miraculously, no footsteps approached, we were left alone to get away with our crime.As I neared the edge, a sudden pressing thought entered my mind.”Are.. are you…” I panted out as I kept on fucking.”Cum, just cum,” she reassured me immediately.”Safe? Are you on the pill?” I managed to get out through gritted teeth, barely holding back the floodgates. Her pussy felt divine, and I knew in a few seconds that I would have no choice.”Oh fuck, cum, please cum in me, cum for your sister,” she begged, ignoring my question.I felt the tip of my dick press against her womb, and her pussy juice drip down my balls. I knew I was done for, and I gave in to my desire. “Oh FUCK,” I said way too loud, and I slammed in deep as I started to cum. I shot rope after rope as deep as I could, moaning out loud as her pussy squeezed and milked me. My sister squeezed her legs around my waist, preventing me from pulling out, as she brought her mouth back up to my ear. “No,” she whispered, answering my earlier question. In that moment it was the sexiest word I had ever heard. I felt like my orgasm lasted years, I emptied myself fully into my little sister’s hot body as I took a picture of the moment in my mind. We rocked against each other as I came back down to earth. Our sweat glued us to each other as we resumed making out, and I felt like we were two puzzle pieces who just slid into place.

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