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Worth the Wait Ch. 02

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As it turned out, I didn’t get drafted into the Army. Around May of the same year, while at a party with some friends, I was presented with a unique opportunity. The hostess was a good friend, a married lady some years my senior, whose name was Jane. She always insisted that I call her Janie. During the party she approached me with an interesting offer. She asked me if I had ever heard of the island of Nantucket. I had not. She explained that it was a small Massachusetts island about 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod. She had an uncle, whom I had previously met, who lived in Virginia, but who also had a 200-year-old house on Nantucket Island. He was looking for someone to re-glaze and paint the house’s old windows during the following summer. Janie usually spent her summers there running the household for her uncle, who would always spend the entire month of August on the island. I said I was interested and asked Janie to get me more information.

A few days later she called me with a summer job offer from her Uncle Charlie. I would get room and board, and a certain monetary stipend. I would also become the chief pilot of the uncle’s small inboard/outboard powerboat, which was used for water skiing and for ferrying guests around to some of the more remote island beaches. The entire prospect sounded great to me, and I quickly accepted.

I gave my notice at the men’s clothing store where I was working; but I was able to keep working right up to the week we were leaving for Nantucket. In early June, Janie and I packed up her car and headed out on the long drive to the Nantucket Island ferry. Little did I know what the future held in store for me.

From upstate New York the whole trip took five hours of driving to Woods Hole, MA, and then another two and a half hours on the ferry. It was a long but uneventful trip, during which Janie began sharing about how her marriage was coming apart. In fact, she shared details about her husband’s current affair with a high school girl. Suddenly my mind began to reel, wondering what exactly I had gotten myself into.

The ferry docked and we cued up to disembark. I was awestruck by my first impressions of Nantucket. I had never seen anything quite like it, so I couldn’t have imagined its beauty and charm. Uncle Charlie’s house was on a side street right in the main village, only about five minutes from the ferry dock. We pulled into the driveway late in the afternoon. The first order of business was unpacking the car, so we got right to work. The house was large and quite charming. Janie’s husband, a successful businessman, would be joining us for a couple of weeks in July. Plus we had all of June and July before Uncle Charlie and his wife would arrive for the month of August.

The house had six bedrooms, each with a fireplace. I was given a small room adjacent to Janie’s room. Much in the tradition of old houses, the two rooms had an interconnecting doorway. There was an owner’s suite on the first floor, and the second floor offered five bedrooms that collectively shared two classic 1930s-era bathrooms. There was also a laundry room and shower on the first floor right off the kitchen. As for my room, Janie explained that come August the house would fill up with her Uncle’s guests and I would probably have to move around a bit.

The first week was all about getting the house cleaned and set up, picking up the boat at the marina and getting it moored in the harbor; and for me, scoping out my work plan for the seventeen 12 over 12 windows that I would be disassembling, restoring, and reinstalling over the course of the summer. Meanwhile I started exploring the island on a bicycle, and sticking my head into the various shops, museums, and other island attractions. And of course, we spent every sunny afternoon at the beach, of which there were over eighty miles.

It didn’t take long before we fell into a rather casual routine. Janie did all the cooking, and I helped on the charcoal grill and loaded the dishwasher. There was no TV, so after dinner, unless we went out for a drink and some live entertainment, Janie and I relaxed in the living room or den—listening to music and reading books. By the end of the first week we were very comfortable lounging around in our bedclothes, which for me was just an old pair of short, thin cotton gym shorts, worn commando. We shared the bathroom closest to our bedrooms, which had a deep old claw-footed tub and no shower. Both bathrooms were at the far end of the hall past my bedroom. I tended to use the first floor shower for my daily ablutions, while Janie preferred long baths in the tub. Oh yes, the baths… At first she would leave the bathroom door open just a crack during her baths, but as the days passed, the door seemed to be open wider with every bath. I was intrigued by this, and certainly not offended. Instead I considered it rather risqué. It was, however, a degree of familiarity with which I was unaccustomed.

For escort izmit most evenings I would hang out in my bedroom reading while Janie bathed, often conversing through the open doors. One night at dinner she had gotten pretty heavily into the Chardonnay and I into the Dewar’s scotch. Around 9:00 we headed upstairs. As usual, Janie headed to her room and then the tub; and I lounged on my bed wearing my shorts. Soon I was called by nature to relieve myself. I headed for the unused bathroom at the far end of the hallway. As I passed the closer open bathroom door Janie asked “Where are you going?”

Stopping at the door and peeking in I replied “Heading to the other bathroom…gotta pee.”

“Why there?” she asked, “there’s a toilet right here.”

A bit taken aback, I sheepishly replied “Um…really?”

To which she replied, somewhat seductively, “Do you think I’ve never watched a guy pee before?”

“Well to be honest, I’ve never given it any thought. And…other than guys at urinals, I’ve never had company in a bathroom before, and for sure never an audience.”

“Oh for god’s sake, Aaron, come on in…and don’t be such a prude.”

Now let me stop here. At this point in my life I’m 21 years old, no longer a virgin, but still quite a novice with women. Janie is probably 15 years my senior, about 6′ 9″ with short brown hair, hazel eyes, extremely fit, and sporting amazing legs, tits and ass. It’s not like I hadn’t noticed. I’m slightly dizzy from the Scotch, horny as fuck, and I’d been jerking off every night thinking about being in this big old house—alone—with an amazingly attractive woman. Alright…so what would you do?


“I’m too shy,” I replied, “I’m heading down the hall.” And I did. Truth be told, I was getting a boner just thinking about the circumstances, and there’s almost no way a guy can pee with a stiffy.

On my way back she stopped me again at the door: “Aaron, for god’s sake, come in here.”

Well, summoned in such an imperious manor, I stepped into the bathroom.

“Don’t just hang there in the doorway, come closer.”

Gulp. I stepped up to the side of the tub. I could see that her eyes were riveted to the front of my tight cotton shorts, which for sure were noticeably tented. My focus, of course, was elsewhere. Truth be told, I wanted to reach out like that scene in the “Graduate” where Dustin Hoffman grabs Ann Bancroft’s breast. Something told me the outcome for me would be a little better than it was for him in the movie. But instead I just stood there scanning every inch of the bare flesh that was before me. I’m sure my eyes were saucers.

Suddenly Janie scooped up two handfuls of bath water and doused the front of my shorts. I looked down to see the thin cotton fabric now tightly adhered to my skin, and my now very hard dick visible in high relief. This result was clearly her intention.

After a timeless pause, Janie then declared “Aaron, you can’t leave those wet shorts on…take them off.”

So, quite simply, I did. I slipped out of my wet shorts, tossing them toward the door.

I just stood there speechless, red-faced and completely naked, sprouting a dick that was standing tall in all its glory. She then opened the space between her knees and ordered “Get in the bath with me.” With my dick slapping against the taught skin of my tummy, and my balls dangling, I found sufficient room between her legs to slip into the hot bath water. Things were now happening too fast for me to even think about what was occurring. One thing was certain, however, I was offering neither protest nor resistance. Janie and my cock were now doing all of my thinking for me.

Once I was seated, the first thing she did was grab my left foot and place it firmly against her pussy, which I could see through the ripples in the bathwater. As if my dick weren’t hard enough already, by now it was really straining. Using my foot, I started gently massaging the lips of her pussy, running my big toe up and down its length, pausing briefly with each stroke to stimulate her clit. For her part, Janie bent forward far enough to grab my submerged cock in both hands. I thought I was going to cum right there and then.

I’m sure I was grinning like a bastard, but I have no recollection, consumed as I was by lust and passion. With a firm grasp on my swollen member, she looked me straight in the eye and said “I wondered what this looked like. Damn this cock is gorgeous!”

Unsure how to respond I mumbled a quick “Thanks.”

Tightening her grip on my cock with her right hand, she reached up with her left hand behind my head and pulled my face forward. Inches away she looked straight into my eyes and said “Kiss me.” Instantly our lips met and almost immediately her tongue was in my mouth. We kissed passionately. As her tongue withdrew, I extended my own, which she began to suck vigorously, simultaneously pumping izmit escort my cock with her right hand. With my heart pounding like a jackhammer and my breaths coming through my nose in deep, rapid succession, I was totally hers…lost in this rare and exotic sexual interplay.

Suddenly and without warning my cock passed its tipping point. I started cumming before I could even offer a warning. Grabbing the sides of the tub I arched my back. Not for a moment did her grasp on my cock loosen. In fact, with her left hand she firmly grabbed my balls. In the fog of sexual fulfillment, my head thrown back, my brain consumed by a powerful orgasm, I just mumbled “Fuck…fuck…fuck” while my cock spewed forth its treasure. And what a load it was. As my orgasm subsided and I lowered my ass back to the tub bottom, I looked at Janie and saw strings of my cum dripping from her face into the bath water below. Looking down I saw a large pool of cum marbling the water’s surface. It was an almost existential moment. It was certainly unique in my short life’s experience.

In the next few moments, having caught my breath, I just looked at Janie and said “Oh my fucking god, that was awesome.”

With intensity in her face that I had never seen before, and her eyes burning into mine, she simply replied “Sweetheart that was just the beginning.”

She rinsed her face; and we lounged for a few minutes in the tub. I announced that I was going to dry off and head to bed. As I stepped out of the bath she simply said “If you get lonely or cold in the night, you know how to find me.”

“Yes Janie, I sure do.”

After a quick rubdown with a towel I picked up my wet shorts, draped them over a drying rack in my room, and crawled into bed naked. It was a night to go down in my personal annals. I wasn’t sure it was quite over, but I was fairly exhausted from a long afternoon bike ride. I ended up dropping right off to sleep. It’s so classically male…falling into a deep sleep right after cumming. I didn’t even hear Janie leave the bathroom or pass my door.

I woke up to the first signs of dawn. It was probably 5:00 AM. There was some light in the sky and, with the windows wide open, I could see the lacy curtains rippling in the breeze, and hear the birds making their typical morning racket…happy as hell for another day. I had my usual morning wood, so I headed to the bathroom to take care of a typical morning’s first order of business, relieving my bladder. I headed back to my room, but was thinking hard about Janie’s invitation of the previous night.

I quietly opened the door between our rooms and peeked in. I could see her on her right side facing away from me. I quickly decided: in for a penny, in for a pound. Still naked, I slipped into her room and cautiously into her bed. As I lifted the sheets, there was just enough light to see that she was also totally naked. I paused to get a good look at her reclining body. I could hear her gentle breathing.

I spooned up right behind her and gently lay my arm across her waist. This was enough to rouse her from sleep. She gave out a gentle moan and pushed back against my body. My already hard cock ended up cradled between her gorgeous ass cheeks. My hand found her ample breasts and I quickly stimulated her nipples to hard points. I simultaneously began rubbing my cock along the cleft of her ass, further stimulating that shameless little monster.

Janie lifted her left leg just enough to reach through and grab my cock, pulling it between her thighs and clamping down hard with her legs. Instantly I began to fuck her thighs while her hand held my hard shaft against the lips of her pussy. I overcame its awkwardness with my unbounded enthusiasm.

Suddenly she disengaged my swollen cock and rolled toward me. Wrapping her arms around me and drawing me closer, she kissed me passionately on the lips. Breaking from the kiss she whispered “Aaron, I’ve watched you for years. I know you have no idea about the feelings that I have for you. How could you know? I want you to become my lover. I want you to fuck me…anytime, anywhere. I want your body, and I especially want to own that young, endowed, gorgeous cock of yours. I want it in me…anywhere you can make it fit.”

And my well-conceived response to her bewitching revelation, her confession to me of her most libidinous desires, offered through my own fog of abandoned passion, was a very profound and concise: “I’m in.”

We immediately rolled over with me on top. I was burning with lust. For a brief moment I wondered exactly how many places I could stick my enquiring cock. We kissed again, my tongue penetrating her lips as my cock rubbed forcefully against her pussy and pubic mound. She grabbed my glutes and pulled me even tighter against her pubis. I could feel the sharp points of her nipples against my breast. We both began to softly moan, encouraging each other onward. She began izmit kendi evi olan escort to utter a whispered chant, almost an incantation: “Fuck me Aaron, fuck me Aaron, fuck me Aaron…” I mean really, what was a boy to do?

I slowly slipped my body downward and buried my face between the firm mounds of her breasts, all the while rubbing my taught midsection against her hot and moist pussy. For her part, her legs had come up on either side of my body and were holding me in their vise-like grasp. Lifting my head only slightly, I began sucking her nipples, first one than the other, switching back and forth between them. She held the sides of my head with her hands, physically encouraging me onward. I continued my downward migration, quickly passing her navel to her pubis and beyond. Although I really wasn’t paying close attention at the time, her pubic triangle was neatly trimmed and she was shaved smooth from that point downward.

My hungry lips reached her labia, which I proceeded to stimulate with my tongue, paying particular attention to her clitoris. I was following a noticeable trail of my own precum, since my swollen and oozing cock had preceded my lips just moments before. I buried my face in her pussy for a time, probing deeply into her vagina with my tongue. Here I encountered the tangy, almost coppery taste that I would later learn to love. For the moment, however, my cock was insisting on doing much more than my tongue ever could.

I retreated from this exotic act of cunnilingus and reverted to the more practical missionary position. My pulsing dick had no trouble finding its way home. As I began to enter Janie’s hot and swollen vagina, her incantation became louder and more insistent. “Fuck Me Aaron…FUCK ME AARON!” And my brain was silently responding “Oh, you better believe I will!”

With my arms holding my upper body aloft, I looked down toward our interlocking groins. Janie’s hand was on my cock directing it into her vagina, which I entered slowly and purposefully. There is no proper metaphor for that moment. Nothing describes a guy’s first entry more succinctly than the word glorious. It embodies everything a boy’s cock exists for. The sensation of my mushroom head slowly sliding along that tight and lubricated passage was exquisite. As our bodies came together we became one. With my cock fully hilted, unmoving, momentarily wrapped in Janie’s hot and radiant vagina, I lowered my upper body and made full contact with hers. Janie’s hard and erect nipples were crushed into my nearly hairless chest. Her arms were around my shoulders as our bodies became locked together in a perfect embrace.

I ran my hands down her sides and tightly grabbed the firm flesh of her glutes. I slowly raised my midsection and allowed my cock to slowly, incrementally withdraw most of its length. I then began to repeatedly insert and withdraw my cock from her marvelously hot and tight pussy. I continued this action over and over, gradually increasing both the cadence and intensity of my thrusts, until finally reaching a fevered pitch. My awareness of my surroundings gradually diminished to the point where my consciousness, in fact my entire being, was reduced to these few square centimeters of fully engaged and highly-stimulated flesh. Yes…my cock was doing all of my thinking.

For her part, Janie’s moans increased in both intensity and volume to the point where she was loudly squealing with each of my rapid and forceful thrusts. We were hot…we were sweaty…we were completely consumed by this erotic and abandoned fucking. Our age difference wasn’t lost on me. In fact, it seemed to make this moment even more exotic.

The intensity of my thrusts had built to an incredible fury. I could feel my orgasm coming on. Not that I recognized it at the time, but it was that most incredible paradox where a guy wants to cum in the most insistent and intense way, but he also wants to prolong fucking…well…seemingly forever. And then, without warning, in a final burst of her own ungoverned fury, Janie delivered the most powerful orgasm I could ever imagine. Her lithe hips began thrusting against me as they lifted us both off the sheets. This, of course, sent my cock over the top. It demanded an even deeper penetration of this hot flesh, while it delivered another and yet another volley of burning semen into Janie’s hungry and demanding pussy.

Finally, breathlessly, after some incomprehensible period of time, our mutual orgasms subsided. Our spent bodies collapsed against each other. With my cock fully hilted, I came to rest atop Janie while our breathing and bodies began to relax, allowing our hearts to slowly regain their more natural rhythms.

Still interlocked as we were, we were both lost in our own post coital bliss. My cock slowly deflated and eventually fell away. No longer physically connected, I gently rolled off and lay on my back, allowing my body to cool and emerge from its sexual overload. For a long while neither of us made a sound. The only noise was that of another morning getting underway in the streets below.

Truth be told, I really only had one thought: “This was going to be one hell of a summer.”

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