Oca 13

WoW 20 : The Country Hotel, Day 4

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Cock Ring

We wake the next morning, having shared a bottle of wine over a delicious dinner in the hotel restaurant. Though we shared some sexy chat too, the main task was to agree and plan the “Team Building” event planned at this hotel. I am amazed that Glenda in HR can find the budget to fund two or three days for all of us at this hotel, but why would we say no to an expenses-paid visit?You tell me that they will fund three rooms for the five of us, thinking, perhaps that you will share with June, and Kira and Mia will also share, while I take a single room. You say that you’re sure June can be persuaded to take the single room, so that I can then share with you. “You may have to offer her some favours to agree, Simon, but it will be worth it if it gives us a double room together. June has been pressing me for her introductory session with you anyway, so if we agree to that, I can ‘supervise’ and record you at my apartment, as her incentive to co-operate on this trip.””That’s what Teamwork is all about,” I smile.So that is agreed between us. You will discuss with HR what exercises we should all take part in during our time at the hotel, and then talk with me about how we can interpret their suggestions, ankara travesti to suit us all. I say, “I’m sure we can find ways to satisfy everyone,” and you laugh.”Us, yes, but I’m not so sure about HR, Simon. Perhaps we can find ways to report back to them in a convincing way, though. I’m sure that the girls will all help to present our group well; it’s in all our interests, after all, and will really be another proof of teamwork.”On the way to your room, we stop at Reception to talk about what rooms could be made available for us all. Apparently, they only offer double rooms, like the one you are in (and no singles), but we will still have to persuade June to occupy one alone. The Receptionist thinks that they would be able to provide three rooms very close together, all with balconies and views, in about a month’s time. We agree that that will allow us time to plan and discuss with HR and with the girls, and you make provisional reservations.By the time we get to bed, we are exhausted from our earlier exertions on the balcony, and the evening’s food and drink. We fall asleep very quickly, twined together in one of the large double beds, and now wake refreshed in the morning light. travesti ankara We get up and put on our robes again, to sit in the comfortable chairs around the coffee table. “This is our last morning here, for now,” you say, “How do you think we can make the best use of it?”At that moment, the Maid knocks at the door and asks to clean the room again. We agree, if she doesn’t mind us staying there, and her eyes sparkle as she says, “Of course. It’s your room, you can do as you please here,” and we remember that she may have caught sight of us on the balcony yesterday. We don’t really know how much she might have seen, and I can’t think of a subtle way to ask, so it has to remain an unknown.She remakes our bed, smoothing her hands over the sheets and covers in a very sensual way, I think, and she catches my eye a few times. They are bright and smiling eyes. While we sit and talk, she completes her cleaning routine, by going out onto the balcony. I whisper to you, “Did we clean up out there?” and you shake your head.After a few moments, the Maid returns to the room, saying, “It seems like you had an …. accident… out there? Something was spilled all down the balustrade, but I’ve ankara travestiler cleaned it off now,” she smiles. “Hope to see you here again, sometime,” she says, “It’s always nice to see a happy couple enjoy the hotel,” and she leaves the room. We are alone again.”Well, what now?” I say, laughing, “Do you want to mess up the bed again, before we leave?”You stand silently and walk over to the bed. You open your robe wide, to show your naked body in full. You sit facing me on the edge of the bed, then lie back flat upon it, with your arms stretched above your head. You spread your legs a little, and simply say, “Come and get it, Simon, however you want me.”Your neatly-trimmed pussy is beckoning to me, and I cross the room to kneel on the floor between your open legs. I place my hands on your knees and gently part your thighs even wider, and I lower my head to your inviting pussy. I want to torture you a little- or a lot- before we complete the job with another hard fuck.I lick slowly from the inside of each knee, up the inside of each of your thighs, and repeat this several times, without touching your pussy at all. You start to wriggle down the bed towards me, but I say, “No, you have to stay perfectly still- or as still as you can- while I do whatever I want to you!” You groan, but obey, and I blow gentle breaths over your pussy, which tries to open for me. It is wonderful to see its subtle movements in response to your rising expectation of my touch.

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