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WOW WHAT I DISCOVERED TODAY- PT1While I have been recovering from foot surgery over the last 4 weeks I discovered the twink family across the road have exciting happenings.Hi I am from the Philippines’, my family emigrated to New Zealand 10 years ago. My parents wanted a better life for my older sister, younger brother & myself. My older sister got married to a guy over the Christmas break between High School & me starting University. Several of his mates tried to hit on me over this time and I wouldn’t have any of it. My younger brother’s friends started hitting on me and I would tell them to go away, I wasn’t interested in boys, I wanted a man.There has always been boys around especially sniffing around in my last year of High School. I have long dark hair, slender thin curvy body, slightly darker than olive complexion similar to the nice looking Indian girls. A lot say I am a gorgeous looker. Like most young people in High School I went out with a guy who turned out to be a sleaze ball.My younger brother is at Uni now with many of his friends. Several of them have purchased boy racer cars Nissan 350Z’s, Nissan GT R, Nissan Silvia’s and all of them purr down the street. In my 1st year at Uni I met thru the Pilipino community a handsome looking young man he talked his family into buying him a black Nissan 350Z. Man do I love his car, leather seats which my butt loves to slide on when he goes around corners the exhilaration when we do 140-160km on the motorway would make anyone have wet pants.Depending on what papers you take is how the lectures are timetabled. This semester classes on Monday started 10am till 12pm. Then 2pm bursa escort to 4.30pm. Tuesdays where full days. Wednesdays 12-4pm. Thursday all day & Friday morning finished by 12pm. My boyfriend takes the same papers as me plus another elective paper which means he has 3 full days. Fridays he has a break between 12 and 2pm.While mum & dad are at work we will play.My boyfriend comes around a couple of hours before classes and we make out if no one is home and have quick sex, he shoots really quick he gets dressed & I take a shower then we go off to class. On the half days he comes around and we make out, fuck till he cum’s several times then we shower & go off to class. These were the days I like; he doesn’t last long so it’s always great to get his 1st load done then focus on us. We go into the 69 position with him cleaning me out. He luvs the mix of his juice & my pussy juice mixed together, while he is cleaning me out he starts massaging my lips & clit until I can’t stand the pressure. While he is cleaning me out I am cleaning his cock & balls and getting him ready for our next fuck session. We scoot around and take it slowly till we both explode together. 20 minutes later we are in the shower & off to class. This has been great in my 1st year and the start of my 2nd year at uni. My brother & his friends all start uni some to Auckland & others at Massey where I go.Things were about to changeOne day I was home when my brother’s friends with the Silvia turned up on the pretense they wanted my brother. These 2 guys are handsome young white bucks with scaly, louty looking hair. I could see the mischief in their eyes. One came bursa escort bayan up behind me and started massaging my hair & my back while the other one stood in front of me caressing my face with his hands & slowly working their way down my body. They were both mumbling about how they have fantasized about me for years. I tried to get away but they were bringing out feelings & sensations I had never had before. I could feel their cocks through our clothes against my body. They were working me over real good, I was lost in my own world when I felt one then the other take their tops of. The one in front then dropped to his knees and started rubbing his face around my crutch then someone undid the button & zip on my skirt and it fell to the ground, the one in front then started rubbing me through my panties oh man I was getting wetter & wetter then they both grabbed the elastic waste band of my knickers with their teeth and proceeded to take them down till my knickers where on the floor, I stepped out of them and flicked them out of the way. The guy behind me stood up and proceeded to lift my top up over my head while his mate was licking and sucking on my clit & fanny getting me even wetter, during this I had several shakes which I found out later were mini orgasms. Man was my body enjoying this new feeling of sex. The guy behind started playing with my tits while he dropped down lower & used the juice from my fanny so he could finger my arse hole, man I was starting to go wild & broke away to my queen bed & lay down. The guys came over with one straddling my head & put his cock in my mouth I had never done anything like escort bursa this before but man he tasted so so yummy. His cock was huge, at first I couldn’t fit it all the way in but eventually with a pillow under my head he managed to get that yummy lollypop all the way down my throat till his hairy bush & balls were touching my lips. While he was doing this his mate was between my legs licking, nibbling & sucking up & down each leg stopping at my fanny. His fingers were causing all sorts of sensations playing with my fanny & clit with 1 finger, then 2 fingers, then 3 fingers going into my pussy. These guys knew what they were doing. I had heard rumors any girl they had been with, always wanted more. They certainly knew how to make things last, wow. They suddenly changed positions with the one in my mouth moving down my body sucking & nibbling my neck, then my tits then to my fanny I didn’t think I could last much longer and then he pushed his cock into my pussy man was I ready for this. The sensations of a huge cock in my pussy doing things my boyfriend’s Filipino cock just didn’t do and this guy’s mouth nibbling on my tits. He suddenly went upright with his body & put his hands either side of my hips while his huge cock was still sliding in & out of me. His mate who got me ready was ready himself to put his huge cock in my mouth then he did something totally weird. He turned around laying on me and started to suc & lick my clit & his mates cock well I couldn’t last anymore I orgazimed with my fanny lips going so so tight around the huge cock he came & came for what seemed like half an hour probably 3-5 mins. While this was happening his mates cock was spewing yummy cum down my throat. I didn’t want these 2 cocks to leave my mouth or pussy, they eventually deflated & fell out we were spent. We slept for a while.If you want part 2 let me know

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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