Mar 26

XXXbox (alternate title: Call of Booty)

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XXXbox (alternate title: Call of Booty)I’ve always kept an open mind. Having been a fan of internet porn for many years now (thanks xHamster!), I’ve long known that sexual desire can be roused by nearly infinite fetishes and other forms of stimuli, whether we choose to vocalize these desires or not. I identify myself as straight. Sure, may have had a dalliance or two with transgendered (both MTF and FTM) individuals, but I had never considered it possible that I could be sexually attracted to a man, much less physically intimate. As they say; never say never.Josh was a friend of mine. We had been friends since he was a month shy of his eighteenth birthday, and he was now four months out from his twenty-first. Despite the 10-year age gap between us, we had many shared interests; cars, girls, music, UFC, and our primary shared interest, Call Of Duty on Xbox Live. Most nights –and days when I wasn’t working- he and I would get together at my place and play team deathmatch online. It was normal for us to kill four hours a night during the week, or all day on weekends. He’d bring his controllers and his headset, usually some weed, and we’d set up and get to business. Each session was a haze of weed smoke and virtual gunfire, with a break for munchies somewhere in the middle. Despite her initial protests, my girlfriend had grown to enjoy this new hobby of mine, since my old one (partying) kept me away from home, and in her opinion, amidst the company I shouldn’t keep.At the end of one such session, Josh was gearing up to head out for the night. Sitting on the couch, I was watching him pack up his things when my eyes were drawn to the soles of his feet. I’ve long harbored a serious foot fetish –my first discovered fetish in fact- for many years. My girlfriend indulges this fetish at will, her perfect, highly arched feet fitting the bill quite nicely. In my internet travels I’ve seen many mens’ feet with zero arousal, so I was surprised to feel something stir in me as I sat there looking at his. They were nicely shaped, smooth-soled, and high arched, which checked all the boxes in my book. Just then he sat back on knees, geisha-like, and organized his belongings, his soles wrinkling up. I tried to shake the thought, but all it did was open my eyes wider. I noticed his nice calves, his big, round ass (he was a little chubby), and finally my eyes stopped at the hint of the cleft of his ass. I felt myself growing hard.“Damn son, ass like that and you should be in videos!” I was only-half joking, hoping the conversation would alleviate the swelling in my pants.“The fuck outta here!” he laughed, but I wondered; was the blush now spreading across his face and neck one of embarrassment or acknowledgement? “Just need to put a thong on you and you’d have a whale tail going like white chicks used to do.” He didn’t respond, and immediately I regretted saying it. It came out a little forced, like the over-elaboration of a bad liar. At least it had the intended effect of reversing the swelling.“What time you wanna kick off tomorrow?” He asked. “Noonish?”“More like one o’clock”, I replied. “My girl goes in to work at one and she’s been complaining I don’t give her as much time before work as I used to.”“I feel ya” he said. “Tryin’ to give her the ‘D’ before she heads in?”“Ain’t no tryin’ about it” I laughed. I pushed my earlier thought out of my mind, and began chalking the paranoia over what I had said to the weed. He took it as the joke it was intended to be.“Alright, cool. See you tomorrow then”I went into the bedroom and climbed into bed. My mind went back to thinking about how he looked there, kneeling on the floor, and I grew hard again. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost 1:15. As I watched my girlfriend sleep I briefly considered disturbing her slumber with what we jokingly refer türbanlı rize escort to as a “Pearl Harbor”, where I slide into her as she sleeps, but since she had to work the next day I figured it best she got her rest. Not wanting to disturb her by jacking off next to her, I decided to just go to sleep. Later that night, I had a wet dream. The next morning, we woke up and made love. As she got ready for work I went about my weekend morning routine, the events of the night before a distant memory. After she left for work, I fired up the Xbox and waited for Josh to come over. He arrived only a couple minutes after one, which seemed unusual because normally when he and I set a time he shows up anywhere from 1 to 2 hours after the time agreed upon. He also seemed more groomed than usual – or as groomed as his long, black hair allowed him to appear. The day started off as usual, after a couple bowls we logged on. We talked about the same stuff and played the same matches, but there seemed as though something was hanging over us. My mind went back to the evening before, wondering if he had noticed more in my statements than he had let on. “Mind if I change the game?” He asked.“Huh?”“Do you mind if I change the game. Kinda wanna switch it up”“Sure.”I didn’t say anything –probably because I had been distracted by my thoughts- but we had been playing Black Ops 2 since it had been released a couple months prior. We played Modern Warfare 3 for nearly six months exclusively, forsaking all other games. As I mulled this over in my head, he assumed nearly the exact position on the floor from the night before. Again, my eyes began at the soles of his feet, moving on to his calves, and stopping at the waistband of his shorts, where my gaze froze. I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but there it was, very prominently displayed. He was wearing a thong. My heart gave one very large pump, then began racing. My cock went from semi to rock-hard in an instant. He moved onto all fours and began to eject the game from the machine. As he leaned forward to remove the disk, his right foot came off the ground, wrinkling his sole and pointing his toes directly at me. The toenails were clean and perfectly pedicured. A maelstrom of emotions and urges swirled around in me as I tried to grasp everything that was happening. As his foot came back down, my eyes were drawn to his full, round ass and I knew I couldn’t hesitate a second more, lest he or I lose our nerve…In one fluid motion, I slid off the couch onto my hands and knees behind him, grabbing his shorts and at his hips and yanking them down to his knees. The thong was Tiffany Blue with white lace and apparently too small, tightly squeezing his testicles, his balls spilling out on both sides. With a hooked thumb yanking the thong to the side, I drove my tongue into the same spot I had on so many women before (and my girlfriend just this morning), but where the flesh normally would part for my tongue to enter there was simply soft flesh. He stiffened, and a whimpering moan escaped his lips as my tongue ran up from his balls all the way to his ass, tracing circles with my tongue around his smooth, pink asshole, and gently kissing his perineum. My saliva ran thick -as it usually does when I’m going down- and ran from his ass, coming off his balls in thin, glistening strands that slowly dripped onto the carpet. His arms shook, and finally he dropped his head to the carpet, ass up in the air. I grabbed the thong to snatch them out of my way as well, but they snapped as I pulled, the torn remains dangling around his left thigh. He seemed to neither notice nor care, and I dove back in. My hands vigorously groped at his ass, his thighs, his calves. I pulled the shorts the rest of the way off, and as I did so he turned türbanlı rize escort bayan and grabbed the back of my head, pulling it to his and mashing his lips against mine. His tongue worked its way around my mouth – he was an amazing kisser! As we broke, I gently held his lip ring in my lips for a moment, thinking at that moment of how stupid I had told him he looked with it when he first got it. “How far are we going to go?” He asked. He was never a loud speaker, but his voice was especially soft now.“No further than you’re comfortable with” I replied.He stood up and slid the now-ruined thong down from around his leg.“Whose are those, anyway?”“My moms’. I stole them out the laundry last night.”“Clean laundry, I hope.” I said, laughing“Not sure, to be honest. Doesn’t matter anymore anyway, she’ll never wear them again.” He laughed back.On my knees looking up at him, he reminded me of a chubby teen girl. He had puffy pink nipples and a smooth chubby little belly. His cock was small, only about five or six inches maybe, but it was very well shaped, cut with a slight upward curve to it. I took it all in my mouth easily, and was impressed by how hard he was. My left hand worked in unison with my mouth on his incredibly stiff cock, gripping the base and rubbing my spit around on his balls, as my right hand firmly kneaded his left buttock. Running my lips up and down the side of his shaft, I could feel his excitement manifest in the twitches of his cock. I felt his knees buckle, and decided it was time to take it over to the couch. He climbed onto the couch facing the wall, and I then realized he intended to go all the way. I got down on my knees behind him, putting my face right at ass-height. I probed his asshole with my tongue, letting the spit run freely from my mouth. His ass sufficiently lubricated, I stood up and unfastened my jeans. Pulling down my boxer briefs, my cock sprang out, as if wondering what had taken me so long. I gripped the base tightly and pushed it up against his ass. There was slight resistance, but then the head slid inside. I paused, as I knew that was the point where my girlfriend would often tense up, and he did as well.“Relax.” I told himHe exhaled deeply, and I began sliding in with less and less force required. When his buttocks came to rest against my pelvis, I paused once more. I could feel the compression on the base of cock as his sphincter twitched. I slowly began to rub him all over his ass and lower back, and slowly drew back, completing the first stroke. The second stroke was easier, as was each successive stroke. I began a steady rhythm, and as he relaxed, began increasing the intensity. His moans were driving me wild, especially considering my girlfriend is a quieter, more reserved lover. Before long I was pounding away, my pelvis beginning to make a clap-clap-clap noise against his ass.His moans grew louder, and he bit into the couch to muffle himself. Most days, my neighbor downstairs would be cause for concern, but I off-handedly recalled her mentioning to my girlfriend that she would be at her daughter’s for the weekend. With discretion not being a concern (plus how turned-on I was by his vocalization) I grabbed a fist full of his long black hair and yanked his head back. Simultaneously I drove into him harder than any thrust until that point, and the sound that he made nearly made me cum right there. Realizing the climax was approaching, I slowed my tempo, reaching around to grab his still-straining member. The pre-cum was dripping –running would probably be more apt- from his cock, painting thin lines and circular drops on the couch cushions. I paused at full penetration, slowly stroking his shaft as I savored the warmth of his body underneath me. I knew how I wanted to finish, so türbanlı escort rize I pulled out and turned him over. He began to lay back on the couch and put his legs in the air. As I knelt down in front of him, he leaned forward and kissed me deeply. For the first time, he took my cock into his hands – so soft, his hands – and laid back down. As he guided me into him, I grabbed his ankles and admired those soft sexy feet of his. I began sucking the toes of his right foot as I slowly restarted thrusting and pulling, thrusting and pulling. Letting go of his legs, I began to increase the speed. His cock was still hard as ever, now pointing straight toward his belly button. The stream of pre-cum was still flowing steadily, and combined with the spit in my palm to give a silky glide to my hand as I jerked him off. His head rolled back and he closed his eyes, and I saw a flush beginning to appear, starting with his cheeks and spreading to his neck and then his chest. I leaned forward and took his pink, puffy nipple in my mouth and held it between my teeth, flicking my tongue back and forth as the nipple grew hard. His breathing intensified, I knew he was close to coming. Of course this only brought me closer to my own orgasm, and I began to push harder and harder. I grabbed his legs around his thighs to maximize my penetrations, while he began furiously whipping his cock. I had planned on pulling out and coming all over his balls, because it just seemed like the thing to do. The tightening below my balls signaled the mother of all orgasms was coming, and soon. At that moment, I felt him getting progressively tighter, his moans rising in volume. A first a dribble, then a giant spurt created what looked like an exaggerated exclamation mark across the front of his black t-shirt nearly to the neckline. His semen was thin and fluid. The second spurt then made the exclamation point into a narrow ‘V’. His legs drew in, and he tightened even further. A final spurt ran across his thumb and filled his belly button. I couldn’t hold it any longer. Despite my earlier intentions for my climax, I grabbed his thighs and pulled toward me, while pushing my hips into him as deeply as I could. There I released, every spasm of his asshole amplifying every pulsation from my cock. It was the kind of orgasm that usually leaves me sore afterwards. I collapsed onto him, his chest and belly rising and falling, and lingered there until the blood drained, sliding out of him. He gave his sphincter a final clench, squeezing me the rest of the way out. I rolled back onto the carpet, watching the cum drip out of his ass and down the front of the couch cushion. We sat there in silence for a minute or two, then I got up and went to the bathroom. As I urinated (nothing beats that post-sex pee), a smile crept to my lips. What an interesting turn of events! When I returned to the living room, Josh had put his shorts back on, but had removed his shirt.“You happen to have another shirt for me?” he asked. The semen had soaked into the fabric, the wet ‘V’ still visible. We both knew it would be quite obvious as to what it is once it dries.“Sure, you need some boxers too?” the tatters of those Tiffany blue panties lay on the floor in front of the couch.“Nah, I think I’ll just let it hang.” We both laughed.“So now what?” I asked. My girlfriend and I had an open relationship as far as sex was concerned -she and I had our first threesome with a TS woman- but I was pretty sure she’d be less open minded about this.“So now, we get back to this game! This was something I had wanted to do for a long time, but it doesn’t mean it’s something I want to do all the time.” He laughed. “It seems like everything aligned perfectly for this to happen, like it was meant. Perhaps we’ll do this when things align again.”“Cool.” I replied, and fired up the Xbox again. We played for a couple hours, during which he sucked me off twice while I played Zombie mode. Both times, he swallowed. He and I only fucked once more after that, and I’ve since moved to the completely opposite coast. I’ve never had any desires to be with a man before or since, but I definitely keep a more open mind towards it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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