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Yet another California impregnation story …

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Yet another California impregnation story …I was 25, and was renting an apartment in California.Was studying at that time at University. My neighbor was a lovely woman in her mid 30s and had a k** but was separated from her husband. She was about 5ft6, attractive oval face, and short brunette hair and really lovely legs and a round butt.We never really spoke much till one day we happened to be doing the laundry together. I was looking at her panties and was feeling really horny (this kind of happens to a 25 year old guy).I don’t know how, but I feel women are more attracted to a guy when he is horny. Maybe it rubs off. Well, this was one such incident and she knew what I was looking at and was smiling at me. She came over and started some chit chat.We talked a while and she digitalbahis yeni giriş called me over to her place for some tea. Her k** was asleep in bed, and we were all very hush hush. Her whispers and soft voice made me feel even hornier. I really wanted to jerk off and was having a nice big erection.. She was telling me about how lonely she was, and all the time I kept think about those panties in the laundry and how her smooth round butt would fit in it.We kept speaking and drinking some warm tea, and soon she was really close to me. I dont know what came over me, I instinctively held her waist and pulled her over me. It seemed that she loved it and was waiting for something like this. She came over closer and sat on my lap, and immediately digitalbahis giriş found my hard erection knocking on her. She gave quiet laugh and looked at me with a crazed horny look. She pulled up her skirt, and asked me to take her.I didnt wait, this was my first time, and that too with an experienced pussy. I pulled out my cock, it was big, hard and smooth, and I think she was impressed. I pulled off her wet panty and she guided me to her opening. I was being very careful as it was my first time. She wrapped her smooth creamy thighs around me, and I went in slowly but surely. I think there was a bit of pain, but then it became very smooth and wet and warm.With slow, sure and deep thrusts I fucked her. She was wet and smooth, and I held her round digitalbahis güvenilirmi creamy butt. It was HOT. What made it even hotter was that we did this very quietly as we didnt want the c***d to wake up. She squealed in the pillow and dug her nails into my back. With sudden jerks and moans she orgasmed.Her face went pale and this made me wild, as I thrust it deep into her – slowly increasing my pace. I made her sit on my cock, and lifted her by the waist and dropped her. Soon, I burst – hot and huge squirts of my hot seed – all shot deep into her lovely cunt. We cuddled for a while before doing it many more times.After that we had sex on a regular basis at my place, till she had to relocate a couple of months later. The strange part was she never wanted me to use a condom, as she wanted to feeI my smooth hard cock.Some moths later she sent me an email saying that she was pregnant and was missing me. I miss her too and my cock gets erect every time I think of that moment when my cock sat at the opening of her vagina waiting to seed her.Maybe I should marry her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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