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You and me

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You and meHere we are…you and I in an embrace. Your hands grabbing my ass and squeezing it lightly. Our eyes gazed over with hot sex that we have lost our hold. You kiss me slightly on the lips to see what my reaction would be. Our bodies rubbing together it would seem I would have given in to your temptation. In fact I did and you seen my eyes close anticipating the kiss from you. So you kissed me again and I held not. Your lips so soft and your touch as well pretty much broke my defenses down…when your hand grabbed my crotch and I didn’t pull away a sign said kiss him again was in light and bright for all to see. When you kissed me the third time you grabbed my neck and push my face into you more. I was in your hands as we kissed tongues and mouths so hard that my knees began to buckle. I could of tongue kissed you forever.Then as your hand unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and slipped your hand inside to find my cock a moan came from my lips. I moaned louder as your hands found my almost hard cock and began playing with it. Your mouth was now latched balçova escort onto my neck as your hands began pumping my cock hard. You looked to me as to say I want it. So you kissed me again and took my shirt off. You slid your tongue down my chest, kissing in spots. You knew what I liked.Your lips and tongue caressed my nipples and moved down to my stomach. I tried to hold steady for you but my legs were wobbly. Then as you pulled my pants half way down to my knees and my underwear as well you took my hard cock into your mouth and began sucking it. I watched your lips slide up and down my shaft and your tongue tease my head of my cock. We both moaned as my head fell back and my chest arched, my hands grabbed your head. The feeling of you sucking my cock was making me so hot and horny. Then as you took my balls in your mouth and sucked them hard I moaned,” no, no don’t make me cum right now! You looked up at me as my balls fell out of your mouth as to say I can make you cum anytime I want.So you got up and kissed me…you escort balçova backed up and took your shirt off and then unbuttoned your pants and slid them down as well as your underwear. Your cock flopped out to amazement as you looked at me and said,” Come on…you know you want to!” So I dropped to your cock and played with it for a bit with my hands. It was hot to feel it swell and get hard in my hands. I quickly took your cock in my mouth and sucked it deep. My lips slid up and down your shaft making your hands grab my head and force it deeper in me…your moans was making my cock precum hard! I took your balls in my mouth and nursed them. You looked down at me and said,” get up here and spread your ass for me!”So I got up and leaned against the table. My ass was right there for you to see…spread out and ready. You couldn’t control yourself as you buried your face in me. Your tongue found my hole and ate it out. You kissed and licked my ass cheeks as you slid a lube finger in it. Then as you finger fucked me with one balçova escort bayan hand the other was smacking and squeezing my cheeks.My moans were excited as you got up and lubed your hard cock and began rubbing, smacking my ass with it. Then you got behind me and slowly inserted your cock into my ass. I grabbed my hard cock and began stroking it hard as I felt you push your cock deeper in me. Finally your cock was all in me. You begin slowly to fuck me…your hips smacking my ass cheeks as your cock was sliding in and out. My moans expressed how this was feeling to me as you began to pound me with your cock. Minutes later moans and smacking noises filled the room as your hips were pounding me. You sensed that my cock was about to cum and began fucking me hard. Your hand reached around to my cock and replaced mine. Spasms and twitches began to take over our bodies…your cock began to slow in me and my cock began to cum. Your hands grabbed my shoulders and your hips held tightly to my ass your cock came inside me as my cock spurted cum onto the floor. That feeling of your cock twitching and coming inside me was a unbelievable feeling I will never forget. Then as your cock slid out of my hole and you pounded it on my hole some of your cum dripped out.We held each other and kissed and I whispered to your ear.” now you bend over!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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