Haz 05

You Never Know Pt. 01

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Disclaimer — All consensual sex occurs in the story.

This story, like my others, tends to throw out realism and pepper the narrative with fantastical situations/actions. I am exploring the “over the top” erotica aspect, just to let you, the reader know. So if you want more realistic situations between characters, maybe my stories are not for you.

For those who love “over the top” stories well your comments and support are so important, thank you. I hope you enjoy this!


Axel Gets a Lesson in Life


Trick or treat? Ghosts, ghouls, jack o lanterns, carved pumpkins, and the barriers between the dark spirit world and our world break down! Scary and not so scary. Scary for kids but us adults, it’s time to party.

What I really think of with Halloween is the wickedly sexy outfits at the Halloween party. The annual Halloween party has always been crazy. Crazy and hot. Take my two best friends, Jon, and Hunt, always attracting the hottest girls this side of the Rockies, which adds to the spice!

Oh, wait.

Hey, I’m Axel, 21, and still living at home. I’m around 5’11” 117 pounds, mostly hard muscle, which I get from my job as an apprentice carpenter. At fifteen, I started working with my stepdad, Felix, on sites after I got my safety card. I was a laborer, but I got an opportunity when I turned 18 to go into carpentry, so I did. I’m not a College boy; I like working with my hands.

I don’t have a girlfriend.

I’m into Gaming, Gym, Running, Hiking and Mountain Biking. I even compete in Mountain Biking Trails. My last girlfriend was Monica for about a year and a bit ago. We broke up about three months ago because she moved up to Seattle to be with her Dad because living with her Mom just got too complicated. We broke up several times because of the pressure and control her Mom put on her.

We still are friends and Skype all the time.

I just am enjoying what life throws at me.

I do have a secret crush! Well, don’t we all.

Monica had around three or four regular girls that kept coming into her life and zipping back out. Two constant ones, a perky workaholic with glasses and sexy brown hair, Yvonne, Sophia, Hunt’s ex, and the Mexican gamer chick, Sola. Her hair was so dark I said it was like midnight in the desert, and she just rolled her eyes. I think she thought I was a dork. I mean, she has a point. I am not the popular guy, just the guy in the background, chilling out.

A dork with a big cock. I like that notion.

I just had to mention that because I didn’t ask to be born with a five-inch cock, nope God gifted me with an eight-inch monster. I had no complaints up to now, so things in that department are fine. But was I some cocky, macho, alpha male, no on that account.

Forget my cock, let’s talk about Jon, my best friend. He works for his dad at Flitch, a rival to Google. He is the same age as me, but he likes playing the field. He has an on-again-off-again relationship with Ava Green, and yes, she has slain me on the spot green eyes and silky shoulder-length black hair and an ass of Godly proportions. I personally have tried to hint to Ava that Jon is a douche regarding girls, but I remain my normal shy self. I like to keep my feelings close to my chest. That does not stop me from lusting after Ava!

Well, one day, I got the chance, and I fucking took it!

The stars aligned up on that day, let me tell you. Jon had fucked some sporty chick and filmed it. He left his phone at Ava’s, and she quite quickly found the footage! You can imagine how that went down.

I have two stories to tell on Ava.

One is hot, but the other makes no sense.

Ava Green is a 5’7″ knockout. Olive skin, sharp features, and an ass that just begs for a tongue, a slap, and a fuck!

First story:

Monica and I were currently on hiatus. She wanted a break because of Mom’s issues, and she just wasn’t in the mood for what she called “intimacy.”

I had been on a long ride on my bike and was coming home. I took a short cut, which takes me down a long laneway next to a rocky ridge, past a few houses, and then on to my boulevard. I was nearing the end (and I usually have my earbuds in) when I heard my name. I stopped the bike and look around. No one. I hear my name again. I recognize the voice. Ava!

She steps out around the corner of the fence at the end of the laneway. Ava had on red and blue joggers on, hot pants on, you know the type, the high rise ones, deep blue and fucking tight, a cute stripy belly top exposing her hard midriff and lovely belly button ring. She wore a FILA baseball cap with her hair through the end bit.

“Glad to see you, Axel. Have you seen Pugsley?”

Wait a minute, huh? What got me all police radar was she knew I would be coming down this laneway. WTF?

“Um, your terrier, right?”

“West Highland Terrier, Axel.”

“Oh, Sorry. Um, not I haven’t. I was pretty fast, though.”

“She slipped through the fence not long ago. Can you help me?”

I got off my bike and put it up çankaya escort against the fence on the right. I gaze across the street, and digging in some low bushes was Pugsley.

“There he is!” I point. Ava races across the street and gobbles him up. She trots back while I get my bike.

“Nice one. Wanna grab a drink inside, you look hot.”

As I remember it, the way she said hot, sent shivers down my spine. I laughed, and we went into her house and to the kitchen. Ava made sure I shred my black Northwaves, including my socks and of course, my helmet and gloves.

I noticed no cars in the large driveway, so I assumed no one was home. She let Pugsley go and bent over to get pick up his lead.

I nearly fainted. Asses are hot. But this ass was hotter than the sun. I needed a drink badly. I felt my cock strain in my bike shorts.

It was all white inside. Shit. Four-story insanely white house with a big fucking pool that had a neat bar attached to one side.

She gets two long glasses. “Fresh lemonade? Not the sugary shit. Mom squeezes fresh lemons in soda water, it’s nice.”

“Sounds great.”

I noticed she was observing me. She pours the lemonade, takes her hat off, and flicks her hair around. Fuck it was so sexy I nearly collapse.

“Let’s go to the upper deck.”

“The what?”

“Lower deck is the pool area, the upper deck is the outdoor setting, lounge chairs, sofa, y’ know that kind of thing.”

“Entertainment deck, I guess,” I chuckle. Money is all around me. Shit, they are loaded.

We go up a flight of white fucking stairs and to the upper deck. Fucking perfect outdoor setting.

“Its organic rope weaves from Thailand, and you can see rich colors, nice contrasts.”

I don’t give a fuck about that just watching Ava plop herself down on a rope chair thing. A thing of perfection. Gulp. She takes a drink and places it on the shiny table. I drain my glass.

“So Axel, we don’t catch up much. What’s going on in your world?”

“Monica and I are on hiatus. Just working hard, keeping fit, you know.”

“What I do know is poor. Monica keeps complaining about your cock.”

If I had lemonade, it would have splattered all over the place.

“What the?”

“Said it was too big, it hurt like hell, and you keep wanting to cum over her tits. naughty boy.”

I thought right there I had entered into the Twilight Zone. I swallow. Dry throat again. Her words are frighteningly sexy. “I see. Just her talking shit.”

“I think not.” Ava stands up. She puts her hands on her hips. “You see, I need proof. drop them.”

I just stare. “Are you serious?”

“Always. Or do you need encouragement?” Instead of coming to me, she hooks her fingers on her hot pants and wiggles out of them. She smiles at me and runs her hand up her thigh and over her shaven pussy mound.

My cock springs to life in seconds. I stand. I smile. I drop my bike shorts and my cock springs out. I stare at her and fist my cock a few times to get it to full length. Her eyes gobble me up in a lustful stare. She throws her top off, and I am met with perfectly round tits with small pink nipples. She starts to play with one of her tits.

“Axel, you are fucking big, aren’t you. Poor Monica. She also said you would lose control sometimes, get too aggressive. That got me really interested.”

I smiled. “Ava, you want my cock?”

She takes another drink. “Yes, and I’m feeling reckless. Up for it, Axel?”

I like a challenge. “Oh yeah, Ava, had fantasies about you.”

She smiles. I throw my t-shirt off. Ava moves to me and gets on her knees. I push my cock to her face. She grabs it and flicks her tongue along the shaft.

“Suck me.”

“I intend to, big boy.” She licks her lips.

She gives me the blow jobs to end blow jobs. She sucks the fucking hell out of my cock like a damn Pornstar. She deep throats my cock and gags at least four times. I nearly blow my load and have to stop her.

She throws her hair around and laughs. “I love you cock, Axel.”

I push her to the table. Open her legs up and start eating her out. She tastes sweet. I play with her big tits and start having her cum in minutes. She scraps my back with her nails. I get up and put my cock against her soaking wet cunt.

“You want my big fucking cock, huh?”

“Fuck me, Axel, give it to me.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She laughs as I enter her then gasps. “Shit, take it easy, fly-boy.”

I start fucking her like my life depended on it. I just couldn’t get enough. I played with her clit, and I rammed her, and she started moaning about cumming again, which she did.

I turned her around and slapped her ass, and she starts wailing like a lost puppy. I fucked her so hard I thought I had entered another dimension. I finished cumming on her tits.

She looks at me and smiles.

“I should have picked the quiet one. You are truly a stud, Axel. You can fuck me anytime, that was incredible. Two orgasms in like two minutes and a cock to die for. Nice. çayyolu escort Now I got appointments. Don’t leave any dirt on the welcome mat, please. Bye.”

It was truly fucking insane.

I felt like a fuck toy. I nearly laughed my head off. I was just picked up, fucked, and tossed out.


What a bitch!

So two weeks later, she sends me a text message that basically says if I don’t come over to her place and fuck her senseless, she will take lots of drugs. She was home alone on Saturday and Sunday.

I knew she was still single, so I just jumped on my Ducati and tore around to her house.

We fucked all day and well into the night. We fucked everywhere in the house. I collapsed and woke up with her smelling like baby powder and curled into a ball next to me. We fucked that morning, and I could tell the woman had changed. Something was eating at her. Was it emotions because she had a lot of walls up.

After my final session with Ava, she broke down and cried. She told me she went to a Medium and was told I was perfect for her. At this point, I thought that was great, so I pushed the envelope further and suggested we should be a couple more than just fuck buddies. The dam burst open!

Ava: “You want to get all emotional?”

Me: “Boyfriend and Girlfriend, um yeah.”

Ava: “That’s overrated. Look at Jon and me. He just goes and fucks other chicks whenever his dick gets hard.”

Me: (rationalizing) “That’s Jon. He’s like that. I’m not like that.

Ava: (not listening) “All guys are the fucking same. You don’t know jack shit. Fuck off.

So I got on my Ducati and tore around the city and off up the highway for a few hours.

Fuck me.

Crazy woman.

I felt like I was just a cock with no feelings. We just had sex like a thousand times, each one better than the last, and she thought I was a dick head!

I was pissed.

So my crush on Ava nose-dived big time, but I did have a fucking good time with her.

Let’s move on to my other friend Hunt.

Hunt is a year older than us and moved here from Alaska. He is a real outdoors guy. At 18, he started out as a Wildland Firefighter, and now at 22, he is on a Hotshot Team. He loves it but the girls, but the girls not so much love his job. So Hunt, like Jon, plays the field. He has a new girl almost every single time I see him, it is crazy. Hunt loves practical jokes, so that gets him into all sorts of bother. Hunt does have an Achilles heel. Her name is Sophia Mason. She and he moved down here from Alaska. They appeared to be the perfect couple. You know the drill, Sophia, and Hunt was prom king and queen. They both lost their virginity to each other, a real cute couple, then Hunt went and fucked Sophia’s best friend, Emily. This happened not once but countless times. Sophia found out they had a Pornhub channel! Anyway, Sophia found solace in Monica’s kind words, and they became great friends much to my pleasure. Then Monica left, and I saw less and less of Sophia. Sophia could easily be a Victoria Secret Model. Curves all in the right spots. Natural blonde blue eyes — natural everything. 34C tits just begging to be sucked! Cute giggle, I mean, I can see why Hunt fell for her.

So did I have a thing for Sophia? Not really, um sort of, she was hot and all, but it wasn’t out of the ballpark desire for me. At least she didn’t maul my ass, then kick me out like fucking trash! Anyway, she seemed quite needy, and I needed someone who was more carefree and athletic.

It was twelve days out until the Halloween Party at Velma’s Grillhouse.

Sounds strange, I know. A Grillhouse for a party?

My Mom, who works with Velma at the Grillhouse, hosts the yearly Halloween party out the back of the Grillhouse in a large, old school Heritage Barn.

It’s got cool old benches inside and outside, cute white windows, and tons of space to party! It has its own Facebook and Instagram page as people can hire it out for functions. I’ve even helped out serving food and drinks at the many Weddings held there.

Officially, the party is called The Halloween Party at the Grill.

I was the organizer for the entertainment. The only problem this year we couldn’t get The Plastered Faces, a real hot rock n roll indie band but ended up booking, Wicked Bitch, who are good, but a little too retro. They told me when I spoke to them that they will stick to the song list and maybe throw some of their “out there” music. The lead singer, a gothic-looking chick calling herself Galvega, mentioned the band is practicing Witches. They said they would arrive two hours before the gig and cleanse the place from evil spirits. I said, sure. I can be there, whatever.

They made a point about keeping in touch as sometimes they have trouble at their gigs.

At the time I didn’t think that was an issue.



Axel’s Insta Girlfriend

“Hey Axel, how are you?”

The voice came at me from across the diner. Lyrical and upbeat. ankara escort Do I know that voice?

I turn around and spot Monica’s good friend, Yvonne. She always looks so neat and tidy. No rim glasses, long brown hair, consistently tight in a ponytail, little make-up underscoring her natural beauty, just under my height, slim, athletic, and smells of jasmine and vanilla. She is carrying a satchel and a soda and looks rather busy. I finish my peppermint tea and wave at her to come and join me. She saunters over with a big grin on her face.

“Hi, Yvonne, what brings you to this neck of the woods?”

“You didn’t respond on social media, so I thought I would track you down.”

She has me at “track.” I like this. I think. “Um not big on social media.”

“I can tell. What about texting?”

“I like face to face, Yvonne.”

We lock eyes. Hazel eyes meet my blue eyes. Nice. She smiles at me. “I am so glad to have found you.

“I am your man.”

“I know. I have a proposal for you.”

“Um, okay.”

“You don’t have a girlfriend, right?”

“Currently, nope and nothing on the horizon, either.”

“What about me?”

I nearly spit out my tea. “Wha …”

“I need a boyfriend to attend a Couples Only function at the Lodge. You see, the Lodge is hosting a Couples Only Experience, and I really want to go because it gets me to finish off my dissertation on Monogamy.”

Last I heard, Yvonne was studying to be a Psychologist, she must be near the end of her degree. It sounds strange. “Sounds strange, Yvonne. Sell it to me.”

Yvonne laughs. Wow, what straight teeth. She is fucking gorgeous up close. She is wearing blue stretch pants, and they look stunning on her.

“Monica said you are stubborn. Come on, you don’t have to pay, you have me on your arm and get to witness and taste this strange annual event on Couples.”

“What else did Monica say?” I ignore the other stuff Yvonne says.

She winks at me. “I’m not indulging.”

I chuckle. This is a game. “Indulge in the secrets of me, or I don’t go.”

Yvonne gasps and whacks my leg. “That means you are coming!”

“Only if you tell me, can’t have you holding all the secrets, can we.”

“Okay, fine. She was sore one day, like in pain sore.”

Oh shit, I know where this is going. Ava said the same thing but in a more direct way. It’s my cock. Damn it. I play dumb. “Sore back, sore arm, what?”

Yvonne leans in close and mouths the word “Pussy.”

“You can say that out loud, you know.”

“No, it’s um, a dirty word.”

I laugh. “Are you kidding me, it’s a hot word, a perfect word.”

She rolls her eyes. She is fucking sexy doing that. “Anyway, I said, as a joke, Axel must have fucked you good. Lucky girl!”

I stare right at her. I know exactly what she is talking about. We went back to Monica’s place as no one was home. She was a little tipsy, she wanted to do “kinky” stuff she said. I said, “sure thing.” She wanted me to do all sorts of wild things she had watched online. I didn’t say no to any of them. First was to tie her up naked and put her in a dark room. I was to come in, and penis whip her, which I did, and then we proceeded to do light BDSM, which ended up in a two-hour fuckfest ending with me cumming in her ass. Then I was so turned on, we fucked in every room in the house. I came if I remember, five times that night. It was hot.

“I see.”

“Monica freaked on me. I told her I was joking! I was so embarrassed.”

“No way!”

“Yes. I wasn’t embarrassed about the poor girl part, what I would give to have that as a problem!”

I laugh and take a sip of water. “So, is there more?”

Yvonne nods and leans in closer this time. I can nearly feel her breathing. “Then she said you had a big dick, and that contributed to her pain, and it wasn’t the first time either. She said she wished you had a smaller dick and hated the fact she let you, you know, to do it in her butt!”

“Holy shit! Really!” I nearly fall off my chair. Yvonne catches me, and we almost kiss.

“Sorry, Axel, that’s what she said.”

I was sort of pissed off that Monica spilled the beans of our relationship with Ava and now Yvonne, hell for all I know every girl that has come in contact with Monica must know about me!

I lean back. “She loved it. She wanted it. Hell, we fucked five times that night.”

Yvonne put her hand up to her mouth, covering a large gasp. She punches me on the arm.


“I’m just saying from my perspective.”

“Seven is a little excessive, don’t you think. I mean, all guys exaggerate.”

I shake my head. “Nope, not this guy.”

Yvonne is cute that I have to say. She rolls her eyes. “Whatever.”

“So anyway, I’ll go. Is there any kinky shit at this Couples thing?”

Yvonne shakes her head. “My professor said quote, “It’s an evening full of an esoteric spiritual evening full of sensory engagement. It’s like a degustation.”

“A what?”

“A careful, appreciative tasting of various food, focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art, and good company, that’s what. Sounds fun, huh?”

“If I’m getting fed, that’s great.”

Yvonne gets up and hugs me. “Thanks so much for this, it means a lot to me. I just got to send a quick text to the Professor confirming my place.”

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