Mar 26

Young Boy One Night Stand

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Young Boy One Night StandLet me tell you about the young boy I had the one night stand thing with when I was a single mom. It’s pretty funny because leading up to that night… there was a lot of sexual tension…. flirting… looks… etc. And after that night… we act like we don’t know each other. So this was when I was newly divorced so I had a newborn and a two year old at home so I didn’t get to go out much! But sometimes on the weekend, I would go to visit my friend Debbie and I would go out. One of our good friends has a band and we would go to whatever clubs or bars that his band was playing at that night. And this guy, Mike, started hanging out at one particular club Willy’s band always played at. So about every other weekend – we would see end up at the same place on Saturday night. And this one night – we saw him there and him and his friends and us started playing pool türbanlı escort together. Nothing happened that night, but you know sometimes you just know it’s going to… just that sexual tension that sometimes you have? We played pool and drank for hours and danced some… and just watched each other but not really talking much. So I guess the next weekend – he called me that Saturday evening. I wasn’t planning on going out…. I think my oldest son was already sleeping at my parent’s house and my youngest was with me. But he said – come on – come up here and let’s play pool. So I took my son to my parent’s house and I went up to the bar. Debbie my friend met me there, too. We played pool and it wasn’t long before he was leaning in behind me when I was leaning over to take a shot…. brushing up against me all the time. We played pool for an hour or türbanlı escort bayan so and then he whispered in my ear… want to come back to my house? I was like… hell yeah… what the hell took you so long to ask??? LOL!!So I followed him to his house. It was a house his parents just bought – and no one lived there yet. It was way out in the country and was HUGE. I had a brief moment of panic… OMG…. he could kill me and no one would ever find me! LOL!!He was a college football player – was a pretty big guy – not fat at all… just a really buff football type body. Really tall and just built! Yes I was 27 and he was barely…younger than I..LOL! Anyway… we got to this house and there was no electricity. So we were walking through this huge empty house…. with no lights. He was holding my hand, leading me through the house, showing me escort türbanlı all the rooms and where everything was. And then he stops and says… I want to fuck you in every single room in this house… and then start all over and do it all again….I was thinking OMG – I have to go home in a little while – gotta get up and go to church in a few hours! LOLHe knelt down in front of me and lifted up my skirt and started eating my pussy… for a really long time. He was very patient for such a young guy – surprising. And he was serious about what he said… we fucked in every room in that house… and it was really good and very erotic and I was loving it.But I was thinking – OMG – I couldn’t be with this man everyday – he’d kill me! LOLHe was carrying me around – naked – from room to room, with me bouncing on his cock. playing with my ass with his fingers while he was fucking me…sometimes he stop to bent me over and fuck me doggy style…love this too much because his big and fat cock made me cum like that over and over.Before we got out of that house, he pushed me against the main door entrance and shoved his cock all the way up my ass and made me cum for the last time that night!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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