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younger black boyShe was a mom who worked at home and her husband was a teacher at a local high school. They had a good sex life, but Jenna always knew she had a better sex drive than her husband. During sex she wanted to have her ass smacked and hair pulled. She wanted to be tied up during sex. The one thing her husband got her into was other women and black men, specifically younger black boys. She began to fantasize about them regularly and even began looking at pictures and videos.One afternoon Jenna had just gotten home and she noticed a boy standing at the front door when she greeted him, she realized he was a student waiting to be tutored. He was also on the football team. Jenna invited marcus into the house and chatted with him for a little before her husband got home. She didn’t think about it until later, but this young black supertoto yeni giriş boy was very attractive and well built. He was a more muscular version of usher, and much more athletic. The next week when he showed up, she greeted him and said her husband was not going to be home today but if he wanted to take a swim in their pool he could since it was so hot. Jenna watched at the young black boy swam in the pool and began to make herself aroused. This went on for a week until one day he showed up and was going to help around the garden while her husband was gone for the day. She watched him work on the yard and noticed his muscles and dark skin. They both went for a swim and laid out by the pool. He asked if he could use the shower because he had a date that evening. Jenna of course said yes and showed him to supertoto giriş the bathroom. Marcus forgot to close the door completely and when jenna brought him a towel, he was just getting out. Jenna walked in and saw the young wet black boy completely naked. She could not believe the size of his massive cock. She apologized and ran out of the bathroom. She decided it was time to seduce the black teen, after seeing him naked she had to have him. He was larger than her husband even though he was much younger. Marcus showed up the next Wednesday and while they were swimming Jenna asked him to put lotion on her. While he was doing this Jenna could feel marcus’s huge black cock getting hard against her. She rubbed her hand against it and said what is this marcus. He was shy about it, and Jenna asked if she could tutor supertoto güvenilirmi him in sex ed. That’s when she let herself go and led Marcus to her bedroom, by his young black teen cock. She laid him on the bed and began rubbing his muscular black body and kissing his abs. She kissed his thighs and worked her way down to his young cock. She pulled off his shorts and was so amazed by his massize size.She told him he would have to eat her to get her ready for something so big. So marcus used his thick black lips to eat her pussy like never before. Jenna could not believe how turned on she was by a young guy. It was time to fuck him. She slid down onto his young black cock and began to ride like never before. His young black cock slid in and out of her married white pussy. Oh Marcus fuck me with that black cock baby fuck me harder. He bent her over and began pounding her from behind and spanking her white ass. MMMMMMMM jenna screamed my husband cant even fuck me like this and he is a grown man. Fuck me with your cock you young black stud she screamed. He wasn’t even out of high school and fucked her pussy so well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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