Haz 05

Your Pleasure is Mine

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“Ohhhh, you’re gonna fuck me.”

Yes, I will most certainly fuck you, my pet. You’re stretched out on your bed. I’ve taken off all of our clothes and I take a moment to lick your body with my eyes. What am I looking at now?

That’s right, I’m looking at your cock, your beautiful cock. You get hard as I look and when you tell me you’re looking, it stiffens even more. I love the veins. I love the soft skin with the hard underneath. I know what you want and I intend to make you scream with pleasure. I lift your shoulders and settle you slightly up on pillows. I want you to have a perfect view.

Don’t take your eyes off me now, watch what I’m doing to you. I bend over and put my mouth to your ear. You are my personal fucktoy. You can’t see it, but I smile when I hear you gasp. You want to be my toy, I kiss your ear and then pull back, making sure you’re watching, then I start licking and sucking your nipples, circling and flicking them with my tongue, slurping and sucking. I look at you and your eyes are locked on my mouth, so I lick my lips and bite them. You can’t take your eyes off me, can you. Mmmmm, running my tongue down your belly, stopping for kisses and little nibbles as I go, following the hair to your cock. Your skin is delicious, mmmm, I drool on your dick and kiss the tip. See that? My mouth is so close to your cock. Yes, moan for me, my pet.

Your eyes follow me with hunger as I climb up on the bed, holding myself directly over you, and slowly, so deliberately, put my feet just outside yours so I can feel our ankles touching. Then, allowing myself the time to feel every inch of your skin and you the time to see the stalking of your body, I spread my legs slightly and place my knees just outside yours. Yes, see my pussy? Do you like that? My thighs settle onto yours. Keep watching. Your lips are parted and look at that, you’re starting to sweat. I lay my hips over your cock and balls and slide esat escort side to side and up and down, rubbing my bush on your hard cock. See that? Mmmm, yes. Now I press my breasts to your chest. Oh, too close for you to watch now? Close your eyes. Oh, you jump as my breast touches your mouth. You are so eager. Suck and lick it, bite my nipple. Here’s the other breast too, teasing your lips before my nipple is yours to suck. My pussy is getting wet, electric from breast to pussy. My shoulders lay over yours, my cheek is pressed to your cheek and my mouth softly touches your ear, which I kiss and tongue. You’re breathing harder now, and mmmm, your breath on my neck makes me shudder.

My teeth close on your throat, holding it through your moans, breathing with you, feeling your pulse in my mouth. I know just what to do, propped on my elbows so my hands can run through your hair and along your neck. Your head belongs to me. Yes, submit to me now. My mouth feels the tiny loosening of tension in your neck and finally lets go of your throat to kiss your ear again, rubbing the other ear between my fingers, pinching your earlobe with my fingernails. Letting go of your ear now, I hesitate, move toward your mouth an inch and kiss your face, slowly, softly. Then hesitate, a little closer, another kiss, hesitate. Don’t turn your mouth toward my lips. Hold still! Good, you are my good pet. I’m just by your mouth now, but I don’t kiss you. My mouth hovers an inch away from your eager lips and stops. We breathe each others’ breath. There it is, I hear the tiniest whimper. Now you may kiss me.

Your mouth lunges for me and I don’t give way. I want you to spend yourself against me. You are ravenous for my lips and my tongue, nipping, licking, sucking. Kiss me deeply and I will give you my tongue. My pussy twitches in response, oh yes!

When I pull away your mouth tries to stay with me. Mmmm, your skin is flushed. etimesgut escort I show you two fingers, then reach down, sliding my hand between us, and dip them in my pussy, collecting the sweet juice, then show them to you again, your eyes widening as you anticipate what I’m going to do. Do you want the taste of me? Purse your lips tightly for me, yes. I slowly push my wet fingers through them and into your mouth. You suck them, and we watch it happen in our eyes as well, until yours finally close with a moan. I feel the nectar drip onto the skin of my inner thighs.

Now I’ve moved and come up on you from below, your legs over my shoulders, my hands under your ass, lifting you up to my mouth, still perfectly within your sight. Mmmm, I love to nuzzle your cock and balls, circle the head with my lips, feeling it get hard to my tongue, taking the tip into my mouth. See that? It’s so sexy, my lips sliding over your cock, my tongue licking along the whole length of it. I love to year you pant, I know the pleasure you’re feeling. Your balls fit perfectly in my mouth. Mmmmm, my tongue loves your balls, back and forth, quick-slow-quick, inside my mouth. Moan for me, yes. I release your balls and take just the tip of your dick into my mouth, then a little more, more still, each stroke of my mouth going a little farther, until that one stroke that takes you all the way in. Oh fuck, yes… Again and again, all the way into my throat. Watch your cock disappear into my mouth, my lips rubbing on your hair. Deep breath, I love the male smell of you there. I’m pulling back now, my mouth full of the delicious taste. I know your desire now. You’re ready to taste my pussy aren’t you? You want my pussy on your face.

Our kiss is deep, wet, long. All your passion is focused there, your tongue and lips intensely sensitive. Tell me you want it. Tell me to let you have it. My pussy sinks onto your face, stopping ankara escort to allow you to bite my inner thighs, slowly, and your tongue parts me. It’s everywhere, what an eager pet you are! Licking, flicking, tasting. You bite my pussy lips, then take them into your mouth and suck them. The sensation drives me crazy, and I grind on your face. Your voice is muffled, nearly every breath ending in a grunt or a moan. On and on with your teeth and lips buried in my wet pussy. Suddenly your tongue plunges all the way in and I’m pinned there on your mouth. Ahhhh, yes baby, drink my juice. My hands hold your head tightly by the hair. I can see your mouth locked on my body, eyes closed, intent, totally consumed by the taste of me. Pleasure, such pleasure! You abruptly try pull back a tiny bit and I lift. Your eyes are closed, your face straining, and then the scream I wanted to hear bursts from your throat. A deep inhale and you find me again with your mouth, your tongue darting inside and lapping at my clit.

You want me to cum on your tongue, don’t you. I feel the intense gathering storm of tension around my clit. My eyes close, my legs and back tighten, almost cramping. When I cum I stop breathing and pull you in hard, my arms and legs jerk, and my pussy grabs your tongue, stiffened and extended inside me as far as you can reach, and squeezes it hard, again, again, again. The final time brings my own cry of release. I lift just a little and push your head back to let you breathe. You looked dazed, your mouth slack, your lips swollen, and your entire lower face wet with the gush of my cumming. Now you must lick the smeared, slippery juices from my thighs and pussy lips. You are slow and loving to my body, as you lick and kiss and I reach down to trace the edges of your ears and jaw. No demand now. The skin on your face is warm as fever, flushed and radiating.

You’re done now, exhausted. I rest beside you and lay your shoulders down, pull the quilt over us. Your head is on my chest, I have gathered you into my arms, softly kissing the top of your head and stroking your shoulders and neck gently. You have pleased me very much, beautiful man, and you have earned your rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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