Kas 12

Youth camping continued…….

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Youth camping continued…….Kelsey popped up looked at his watch and said, “dam we gotta go, we are almost late and that’s not cool the first night. Let’s get back.” We straightened ourselves up and headed back to camp. Kelsey put his arm around me as we walked and whispered in my ear, “ I think this is gonna be a great summer vacation, don’t you?” I grabbed the far cheek of his ass as we walked and said, “you have no idea Kelsey, Licked the side of his neck and just walked back to the campsite leaving Kelsey standing there giving me that, “You hot little bitch” look………………..We got back to the site and standing at the entrance to the tent was Doug, the chaperone, arms folded and not looking too happy. He looked at his watch and stated that curfew was 9:30 and he expected us to be on time the rest of the stay or there would be consequences. He moved aside and in we went. Chris was just settling in as were the other two tent mates. We talked a bit then Doug poked his head in and told us lights out then off he went towards the cabins. “we’ll probably see him around 2 or 3.” Kelsey said, “as long as the lights are out we can be up as long as we want and talk and stuff.” The two other guys were Brady and Tim, both they were both twelve and the only time I would see these two would be in the tent. They were with a different age group. As we sat up and just shot the shit, Brady and Tim fell asleep first. Brady was in the corner with Chris and Tim was in the corner with Doug’s stuff leaving Kelsey and myself in the same corner with the fourth corner taken up with our junk.The rest of us quieted down to settle in and Chris was soon asleep. As I lay there I felt Kelsey’s hand enter my sleeping bag, I shot him a concerned look, due to the other guys in the tent and he looked at me with those ice cool blue eyes giving me the it’s ok looked and continued his search in my bag soon finding my fast growing dick and grasping it in his hand. I let out a slight gasp as his touch sends a jolt through me. My dick, rock hard now, he begins to jack it. I fumble through to his bag and find his member. We lay there fondling each other for what seemed like an hour or so when we here Doug walking up and start to unzip the tent. We scramble to get ourselves in our own bag and act asleep. My not have had any luck tonight, he’s back early. As he settles in I turn my back to Kelsey and drift off to sleep. As I drift off I can feel him get into the spoon position behind me and even through the bags, I can feel his cock line up and nestle in my crack. The next morning I woke and the tent was empty. As I fumbled around to get going Chris and Kelsey return, towels in hand in shorts with wet hair, (Kelsey truly looked hot like this, I would have dropped right there if we were somewhere else.) bakırköy escort “Better hurry to the showers if you want hot water.” Kelsey said. “yeah thanks for the tip guys.” I mutter as I head for the showers. The showers are your typical one stall showers with solid whites curtains, there are six on each side. As I walk in the majority of the showers are taken and the bathroom is full of young swinging dicks. Guys were the showers and at the bank of sinks. I walk to the last shower to find all the stalls taken I decided to hit the sink while I wait for a stall. After brushing I notice the out of the last stall this red headed k** coming out, His cock is swinging like a clock pendulum and extends half the length of his thigh. I tried not to stare as he walked by but I think it was pretty obvious as he just grinned as he passed me. The bathroom was quickly emptying out so I decided I should get my shower, didn’t want to miss breakfast. I quickly took the last stall and let the water rejuvenate me. As I was rinsing I noticed the noise level in the bathroom was low so I peeked out of the stall to see just the redhead and two other guys who were finishing up. I ducked back into the shower and continued finishing up. Not two minutes went by when the curtain is pulled back, slightly startling me, there stood the redhead with his member in his hand looking me dead in the eye asking, “you saw something you liked?” waving his thickening cock. I just looked at him, a loss for words as he stepped into the stall. He placed his hands on my shoulders and tried to force me to my knees when sensibility kicked in my head and I bolted out of the stall and went to get my stuff. He stepped out behind me apologizing and asking me not to tell, he just misunderstood my stare and it was cool. I just mumbled it’s ok and bolted from the restroom back to the tent. Now in normal situations I would have probably jump at the chance at that monster, but I didn’t want to get the “camp slut” rep my first year. When I got back, Chris and Kelsey were waiting on me so I got ready as quick as possible and off to chow we went. The day went normal we won some contest swimming to my surprise and it was time for the scavenger hunt. Kelsey and I teamed up Chris and Shane as we decided to split up and see what we could find. Kelsey and I headed off into the woods wile Shane and Chris hit the common areas of the campsite. While walking I decided to tell Kelsey about my happenings that morning with the redhead. Kelsey said his name was Greg and this was his last years at the camp. He had heard of him having other such adventures in the past but said he was never really interested and hadn’t tested those waters. Then he just laughed and started to trot away from me, I beşiktaş escort followed behind and realized we were pretty far from the camp and shouted to Kelsey to see where we were headed and he said we were almost there. Finally we come to a clearing with a pristine small lake. “we’re here” Kelsey shouts and starts to shed his clothing and dives into the water. He’s down for a bit then pops straight up out of the water past his waistline. His cock flops up then down as he sinks back in. He’s so hot. “Come on, get in.” I look around and there is no one. I start to strip and in I go. I head straight for him. When I reached him, I started to tread when he said, “just stand up dummy”, laughing. Thanks dummy, I said as I start to splash him. He comes at me and gets me in a body lock face to face. We lock eyes and I can feel the growing of both our cocks as he locks lips with me. We engage in passionate tongue fighting, as he guides us to the shore there are huge boulders and we get comfortable in a sixty nine position on one of them. No concern for if we were seen though we were pretty secluded and slightly hidden by some over hanging trees. I started to really work on his cock as I really like Kelsey and wanted to please him. He sucked my cock keeping up my tempo. His finger starts to work its way towards my ass and I responded by spreading my legs a little to give him better access. He starts working the index finger in and out of my tight ass and I begin to moan a little as I work his tool. He’s commenting on my tight hole and starts to work the second one in. Telling me how nice it is and how much he would like a crack at fuckin my hot little hole. I just moan my approval since my mouth is stuffed with his fully hard dick. Yeah that it, get it nice and wet for your hole baby, lets try this out. I come off his cock and he swings around behind me and lifts my leg and positions the tip at my hole. I brace for the entry but he is gentle and takes his time getting his throbbing cock up my tight hole. After it’s fully up my ass he puts his arm around me and asked me if I’m ok. I responded yes and he begins to slowly stroke his cock in and out of my hole while nibbling my ears and telling me what a hot fuck I was and how sweet my hole felt on his hot cock. I could just close my eyes and hold on for the ride as it had been a while since I did this last. He started to pick up the pace long stroking his hot tool in and out of my hole, then got up on his knees and spread my legs wide for easier penetration. He positioned the head, then drove it all home in one plunge and held it there. My eyes nearly pop out from the thrust, as he starts to drill my hole. Ten, fifteen minutes go by as he continues to drill my hole repositioning me as beylikdüzü escort he wants like a doll. All the while giving my ass a real pounding I try all I can to muffle out my moans and gasps. He starts to tell me he’s getting ready to pop his load and he wants me to swallow it. I tell him ok as he picks up the pace and starts to tense. He pulls his cock out and straddles my chest and places the head at my lips. He puts it in and as soon as his head hits my tongue it starts to shoot his fiery load quickly filling my mouth as I start to swallow it down. “Yeah baby, swallow that hot load” he says as his cock starts to deflate. I lick him up and look up as he gave me that grin again” You are a hot little bitch aren’t you!” I just smiled and fished licking his cock clean. Then jumped in the water and started to swim. Kelsey just laid on the rock to recover. As I was swimming I saw a figure in the woods, I couldn’t make out who but they were heading away, there was no way they could see us from that angle anyway, and just shrugged it off as I dove under the water. After refreshing in the water, I got back to Kelsey as he was putting his clothes on. “awww really already?” I said, “yeah, we should start to head back and catch up with Shane and Chris to see what they have found and besides I know where some of this stuff is from the past they sometimes put different stuff in the same place so let’s go.” I got dressed and gathered our stuff and we headed off back into the woods. We picked up a few things on the way and met up with the other two guys at the camp. We got all but one item, but did better than any one. We gave each other high fives and as I got to Shane, I received a resounding high five that almost took my arm off. I shot him a glance but he was already back to slapping the other guys again. The rest of the day we just kind of hung out until dinner. After we all gathered at the bonfire and snag songs and other stupid crap they do at camp. The four of us just hung together until lights out and before I knew it I was back in the tent and the night was winding down. Doug had done his check and was off to the cabins again and again we stayed up to talk for as long as it took us to fall asleep. I think I was the first off as I don’t remember much conversation. I was awakened about two hours later to Kelsey unzipping my bag and pulling my shorts down. Once again his hard cock was in my ass. This time it was just about him getting off asss he quietly pounded my hole as I pretended to sleep and kept completely quiet. Kelsey continued to pound my ass as his body tensed and unlike the first time he dumped his load in my thoroughly fucked hole. He left his cock in for as long as it took to deflate and exit on it’s own. I just lay there as he pulled my shorts back up, zipped my bag and turned over to go back to sleep. I just lay there clenching my hole wanting to hold it in for the rest of the night. I soon fell off to sleep thinking of my day’s adventure and wondering what was in store for me the last two days. Boy would I be surprised……..to be continued.

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