Mar 26

Zelena’s Story 6

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Zelena’s Story 6After the lunch was over Zelena had four hours before she had to serve dinner and her photographer friend, Jay, wanted to do a special sitting so she changed quickly and walked over to his studio. There were a couple of men standing in the lobby of the building who she said hello to on her way up the stairs. She didn’t like the way they looked at her, although she thought it might be because she was wearing a short denim skirt. The dark skinned man smiled and said “hello”, but the short, skinny white man just gave her a creepy grin, as he eyed her legs.Jay let her into his studio and went to work right away. He took some straight pictures, and started on a sexy group, at first lots of leg gradually advancing to totally nude. He touched her as he changed her pose: her arms, then her breasts, her thighs and more.Then, while she lay across his couch he kissed her, gently at first, then with passion, their tongues meeting and entwining. Not a word was said as he undressed and she lay still, propped up on her elbows, legs parted. He kissed her breasts, sucking gently on the nipples, then, still kissing as he went, over her flat belly until reached her closed slit.He gently opened her to expose her pink vagina, already oozing wetness.”Such beauty, Zelly. Your pussy is absolutely beautiful.” Then his mouth was on her.As he licked and licked and licked her Zelena sighed and moaned with pleasure.”Jay, dear Jay, oh yes, yes, that is so good.” And she opened her legs wider for him.After what seemed a long, wonderful time, he rose up to show his hard penis, and without a pause thrust it into her pink wetness. He heard her cry out in a foreign language, but he understood the meaning perfectly.Deeply but gently he thrust into her, every thrust bringing a sigh and another foreign phrase. His deeps thrusts became harder, faster until he gave a groan as if in pain and ejaculated into Zelena’s steaming vagina. They hung together for several minutes as his penis gradually softened. They kissed and kissed again until finally Jay slowly pulled out of her wet hole. Zelena loved the feeling of a penis sliding out of her vagina and she lay there, legs open as the slimy trickle of white flowed out of her now-red slit.”Thank you, Zelly. That was so good.” Jay said gazing down at open legs. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time. You are such a lovely creature.””I’m no creature, I’m a girl and I loved that fucking. I wanted it too, long time.” Zelly laughed as she closed her legs and got up. Then, “Ooh, I leaking.” As she got up and ran to the toilet.When she’d cleaned up and dressed they kissed again, and Zelena went out and downstairs. The two men were still at the bottom of the stairs. “Where’ve you been dear?” the skinny white man asked her.”To see my friend, Jay. He take pictures of me.” Zelena answered nervously. She didn’t like this man, he seemed evil.”Did ‘e fuck you?””That’s not your business.” She told him.She tried to go out, but he blocked her way. “Did ‘e pay you?””Yes he pay me to pose for him.””He fucked you and paid you. That makes you an ‘ore, love. You’re an ‘ore, ain’t you?””I’m not a whore. Please let me go.””How much money he give you?””100 pounds.””Well ‘ere we get ‘alf of what an ‘ore makes, ya’see this is our territory, so give me 50 pounds.””No! that my money.”He pulled a switchblade out of his pocket, held it under her nose and persuaded her to hand over half of what Jay had given her for posing. He told her that he and Rufus also got to fuck any whores in that part of Soho. “I won’t fuck you!” She protested.”No deary, but you gonna give me and Rufus ‘ere a blowjob.” Again sticking the blade under her nose.She got down on her knees on the filthy floor and when Rufus pulled out his penis she took it in her mouth and started to suck it. His cock was very large and started to choke her, but she sucked it until she felt it squirting in her mouth, but when she started to take it out Jerry told her to swallow it.She was still sucking on it when someone came out of one of the offices and down the stairs. Jerry looked up at them and smiled. “Just teaching an ‘ore a lesson.” He said to them”Suck it all down!” he ordered her. There was so much it was leaking from the corners of her mouth.”Now it’s my turn.” He said, and still showing her the knife, stuck his penis in her face.She opened her mouth and with her eyes closed started to suck. It tasted very nasty as if he hadn’t washed it in days, and made her gag, but he was enjoying her discomfort, and taking her head in his hands commenced fucking her mouth. Deep and hard he jammed in down her throat until she was coughing and choking and saliva was drooling out of the corner of her mouth.”That’s lovely darlin’.” He grinned. “Don’t you like that? Just hold on…..Oh lovely…’ere it comes”…..and as he shot his sperm into her mouth he jammed his penis hard into her throat. “Aaah yes. Swallow it my love, swallow it then I’ll let you loose.”As he slowly withdrew his now-limp penis from her mouth he could see tears in her eyes, and saw his slimey ejaculate dripping down her chin. He stroked her cheek with his knife, and with one swift motion slit open her blouse and again her bra, so that her breasts were exposed.”Lovely titties you’ve got dear. I’m going to let you go now, but if you come ‘orin’ around ‘ere again me and Rufus get ‘alf of what you make. Understand?” She nodded.”Otherwise you know what’ll ‘appen? You might lose one of them nice pink nippies.”And with a smile he gave one of her breasts a jab with the point of the knife. Zelena squealed and looked down at her breast where the blood was slowly seeping out of a small stab wound. Her eyes were wide and her mouth open. She jumped to her feet, clutching her tattered blouse and pushed Jerry aside to run out on the street. She didn’t know which way to go but knew where she was going.She was running to the safety of the restaurant and her own little room. She dashed along the pavement and back in the road as she ran, avoiding pedestrians. The tears were streaming down her cheeks and a couple of people stopped to look, noticing the blood on her blouse and wondering what terrible thing must have happened to her.When she reached the restaurant she burst in the door, rushed past Emma and fled up to the loft where she fell on the bed sobbing.Emma watched her rush by, then turned to Vlad and told him she was going to check on Zelly. She found Zelena lying on her bed crying.”I want to go home. I hate London, there are bad, bad men here. I want my village, my daddy.””There, there dear. Tell me what happened.”In her broken English Zelena stammered out the whole story. Emma asked her if she knew these men, and when she said she didn’t Emma told her they’d find out who they were, get her money back and have them punished.”How you find these men?””We’ll see if Mister Villi can find them for you.””Fat Mister Villi? What can he do!” Zelena scoffed.”You don’t know Mister Villi, do you dear? Mister Villi is a very powerful man, he don’t look like it but he can find anyone in Soho, maybe even in all London. And Mister Villi loves you like a daughter, he’ll do anything for you.”She examined Zelena’s breast, which wasn’t bleeding so much now, kissed her and left.She told Vlad what had happened and that she thought they should have a doctor look at Zelena’s breast. Vlad got on the phone to Mister Villi immediately, and in 15 minutes he arrived.The fat man said he’d phoned his doctor who should be there soon, and that on no account should they let the police know what had happened. When the doctor arrived he examined Zelena, put two stitches in the wound, gave her an antibiotic injection and wrote her a prescription. They should watch her, he said, for signs of infection because it was quite a deep puncture wound.Mister Villi asked for Zelena to come down and tell him herself what had happened. The restaurant was starting to fill up for dinner when she got down so she sat at his table and she told him everything, what the men’s names were and what they looked like. They talked in Russian because this was the language they both understood but wouldn’t be understood by other diners.Emma told her not to hurry and said she’d take over for her and Mister Villi ordered her some food even though she said she wasn’t very hungry. After they’d eaten and over coffee Mister Villi made a phone call.”‘Allo, Joe, Joe D’Amico? We got a little problem. Two of your boys hurt my little girl.””No not one of my whores. All you fuckin’ dagoes ever think about is whores. No my little girl Zelly. She didn’t know that was your territory, but you boys don’t have to get that rough with a little girl. Anyway, she no whore, she just fuckin’ her boyfriend.””Okay, you send ’em over see me ten o’clock tomorrow. Yeah, Jerry and Rufus.” Mister Villi took Zelena’s hand. “We talk those boys tomorrow, okay?”Someone burst in the door of the restaurant, it was Jay.”What happened to Zelly?” He gasped. türbanlı kayseri escort He saw her sitting with mister Villi. “What happened? Everyone on the street is talking about it? They said you’d been stabbed.”She explained what had happened and he was relieved. “I was really afraid something terrible had happened to you. I’d seen those two hanging around and it would have been my fault if you’d been hurt badly.”He sat with them and had a glass of wine while Mister Villi explained that he’d deal with the men who’d hurt her. While they were talking Bella arrived by taxi and came over to the table. She’d heard through the g****vine that Zelena was hurt and had come right over. Everyone in the restaurant stared at this beautifully dressed woman; they knew she was either a celebrity or a whore.Other people from the street came in to see how Zelena was: mister Pachi the Indian newsagent, Bernardi the Italian greengrocer, a waiter from Bruno’s and soon the restaurant was crowded, and after Mister Villi bought wine for everyone a festive atmosphere prevailed. They were all glad that things weren’t as bad as they’d feared.While all this was going on Zelena excused herself. She was tired from all the excitement, both good and bad, and went up to bed.She had just dozed off when the hatch opened. It was Emma, who said Zelly’s mother was on the phone. Her mother had heard from Vlad who had called Zelena’s father and wanted to make sure she was alright. Zelena went down to the living room and talked to both her parents, and reassured them that she was okay, then went back to bed.The phone rang again an hour later, and a man asked incoherently and in broken English if he could speak to Zelena. Emma understood his name was Karl, so again she went up to tell Zelena.”Zelly, my love, are you alright? I just heard you’d been stabbed.” He said speaking in their own language.”Dear Karl. Yes, I’m okay.” And she went on to tell him what had happened.Karl said he’d heard in the village because Bella had called her father, the chemist, who had told the doctor who had just stopped by the inn. And from there the news had spread through the village.”When the priest heard, he was in the pub, and asked everyone to pray for you.” He laughed.”Karl my dear, my love. I think I’ll come home for a few days if I have enough money. I miss you all so much.” She paused, “I think I love you Karl.” She said.”I KNOW I love you Zelly. Goodbye my love.” As he hung up.Emma noticed the tears in her eyes as she finally went back up to bed.Next morning Zelena slept late, and over breakfast Emma told her to take the day off, and that Mister Villi wanted to talk to her at ten o’clock. She came down a couple of minutes early and they were talking when Jerry and Rufus arrived.”Are these two the men?” Mister Villi asked her. When she said they were, Jerry admitted that they had mistaken her for a prostitute.”I thought she was an ‘ore in Joe’s territory and tried to scare her off.”Mister Villi: “Okay, you make mistake. You a big man, eh? Stab a girl in her titty! Give her back the money you take from her.”Jerry pulled a 50 pound note out and handed it to her. Mister Villi asked if he had made her give them both a blowjob. Jerry admitted he had.”How much you pay a whore for blowjob?” He asked Jerry.”Well, that depends, don’t it? Twenty to fifty quid, dependin’.””Okay, you each give Zelena fifty pounds.”Reluctantly each of them counted out fifty pounds and handed it to Zelena.”Good. Now Jerry, you stab this little girl in her tit. Give me knife.” And when Jerry pulled it out of his pocket, he went on. “Now pull you dick out and lay it on table.”Jerry hesitated, looking around the empty restaurant, but Vlad had closed it until eleven o’clock at Mister Villi’s request. He handed the knife to Zelena and told her to stab Jerry’s cock with it.”I should do it, you bad man.” She said looking up at him as he stooped to lay his penis on the table. She reached over and stroked his cock with the knife. “But no, I can no do it. Too much blood, too much mess in restaurant”, and she handed the knife back to Mister Villi.With one deft move Mister Villi picked up the knife and stabbed the table beside Jerry’s cock. Jerry gave a gasp and fell over backward, knocking over a chair. Mister Villi burst into a huge laugh, while Rufus jumped back, gasped then gave a weak laugh, and Zelena just sat there open-mouthed, in shock and surprise.When Jerry had got up and stood again by the table, Mister Villi told him and Rufus that they should not only never again lay a hand on Zelena, but they were to make sure that no harm came to her in Soho.”You two listen carefully to me. My Zelly go where she want in Soho, in London. Anything bad happen to her you loose you balls. Anything bad happen my little girl you start running, ’cause I get you balls.”That night Zelena told Emma that she wanted to go home for a few days. She wanted to see her parents, her friends in the village, and, of course, Karl. Naturally Emma told Vlad, and next day when Zelena waited on Mister Villi at lunch he asked her:”You want to go home few days?’ When you want to go?” as he slipped his hand up her skirt between her legs. She was used to that now and didn’t flinch, in fact she rather liked it.Zelena said she want to go as soon as possible and wanted to stay a week. Two days later when she went to get his lunch order he told her he had made the arrangements. He would take her in his car to the airport, to Heathrow, and when she arrived at the other end a car would pick her up and take her to her village. A week later the car would pick her up again to take her back to the airport where she’d catch the plane back to London.When she protested that she didn’t think she could afford the plane fare he told her, “You not to worry about paying, I like you, I pay.”Uncle Vlad had spoken briefly to Zelena during all this, just to say how sorry he was that this had happened to her, but one evening after work he’d gone up to her room in the attic. She was half undressed as he lifted the hatch and looked at her.”My God you’re a lovely girl Zelly.” He said, as he took her in his arms and kissed her.”Wait, uncle, I go shower first.””No Zelly, bugger the shower, I want to fuck you now.” He said, and in spite of her protests his hand was already slipping into her knickers.Her underwear was soon off and they were both naked and lying on her bed. He gently touched her damaged breast and kissed it, then sucked on the other nipple while his fingers manipulated her vagina. He was more gentle and loving than usual. He kissed her over and over while she held his dripping penis and rubbed it.”Suck it.” He told her and without hesitating she rolled over and took his hard penis in her mouth.She sucked it lovingly, paying special attention to the ridge around the head, until he felt he was on the verge of ejaculating.”I want your arse.” Vlad told her, and she rolled over to take a tube of lubricant from the drawer in the little table beside her bed and handed it to him.Zelena got up on her knees in front of her uncle and he squeezed some lube on to her asshole, and massaged in around and into her hole with his finger. Then kneeling behind her he firmly pressed his stiff penis against her anus and watched it slowly slide into the hole.Zelena tried hard to relax, but it hurt at first, as it always did. As her asshole opened to let him into her she felt his big cock slipping and it started to feel good. She gasped audibly as it seemed to go in and in deep.”Uuuh..Oooh yes Uncle Vlad. That so good in my arse.” And she squeezed him with her anal muscles. But Uncle Vlad was gone. After maybe five deep thrusts he lost control, and started to squirt deep into his niece’s bowels.”Aaah Zelly. My little love, what a nice tight arsehole you have.” As he held her tightly around the waist.They stayed locked together for several minutes linked by his now-softening penis. Then he slowly pulled out of her. She loved the feeling of a cock pulling out through her asshole, it almost induced an orgasm.They kissed, and Vlad wrapped his limp penis in tissue and realized he’d have to give it a good wash because it had got dirty. As soon as he’d left Zelena went down to shower and clean up, after which she got into bed and slept soundlyZelena was finally on the plane and sat thinking about the morning while the rest of the passengers got on. She’d got up early and started to dress for the trip but as she put on the elegant new clothes that Mister Villi had bought for her she felt like a fraud. These fine things weren’t really hers; in fact she couldn’t wear the silk underwear, but packed it and put on her own things, which were nice enough.She had a hard time walking in the boots because they had high heels and she had difficulty walking down the stairs. When Emma and Uncle Vlad saw her they both stared at first then told her how wonderful she looked.Mister Villi türbanlı kayseri escort bayan had picked her up in his big chauffeur-driven car to take her to the airport and on the way they’d chatted. He’d slip his hand up her skirt as he usually did in the restaurant and had stopped short when he reached her panties.”Didn’t you get silk underwear and knickers?””I did.” She answered, embarrassed. “But they were too nice to wear so I put my old things on.”He roared with laughter and gave her a huge hug. “I love you Zelly, but from now on you always wear silk, okay?”He told her that if she wanted to be an escort she could work for him, or in one of his clubs and make good money and she said she’d think about it. However she wanted to be with Bella.”Maybe Bella can work for me too.””And Szasza, how about her?” She’d asked him.”You want me to hire every whore in London? I’ll think about it.” He said smiling at her, knowing he couldn’t refuse her anything.He put his arm around her and kissed her, then asked, “Do you know what my real name is?”And when she said “No” he went on, “I was named for my uncle, a famous man in Russia, but stupid English can’t pronounce it, so they call me Mister Villi. My real name is Joseph Djugashvili, You know that name?”She nodded, but found it hard to believe. He looked nothing like the man she, and everyone in the East, knew to be Joseph Djugashvili, however he was Georgian.”So I should call you Uncle Joe?” She laughed.”You can call me anything, but I like Uncle Joe.”As they raced along the M-4 toward Heathrow other cars seemed to move over to let them through, it all seemed like a different life to Zelena. When they reached Heathrow the chauffeur hopped out, got her bag and took her into the terminal where he found the counter for her flight and left her at the end of the line. A man checking tickets said she was in the wrong line and took her to another place where she stood nervously by herself.”What’s the matter with my ticket?” she asked him.”Nothing’s wrong with your ticket dear, you were in the economy line.”Just then the woman at the desk called her over to check her ticket and passport. Again Zelena demanded to know why she had been separated from the others. From her experience in Eastern Europe she was afraid of being pulled out of line.”There’s no problem miss, it’s just that the other people are economy and you’re first class.” And showed her the ticket where it said in bold print ‘FIRST CLASS’.”First class?” She was aghast. She couldn’t possibly pay for that. But when she started to question it the woman told her that it was paid for, and looking at the return part told her it was paid both ways.So now she sat in the most comfortable seat she’d ever been in while the flight attendant fussed over her until she finally accepted a glass of champagne. She noticed the man sitting next to her and smiled at him.He smiled back, “Who are you?””Me? My name Zelena.””Hi, my name is Fred. But I meant are you someone I should know, a model, an actress? You caused quite a stir back there.””Model? Actress? No, I’m waitress.” She laughed.”I don’t believe it, waitresses don’t dress like that.””I work in my uncle’s restaurant in Soho, in London.””The tips must be very good in your uncle’s restaurant. What’s it called?”She told him about Uncle Vlad’s restaurant, and went on, “But I have a very good friend who bought me clothes and paid for my plane ticket.””You’re his mistress?” The man said with a smirk.”Mistress? I don’t understand. What’s mistress?””Do you….uh….sleep with him?””sleep with him?” Zelena was still bewildered. Then she got it. “You mean fuck him? No! He’s old fat man. Very nice man, lots of money, but no, he doesn’t fuck me.” She said, reddening a little.”How long have you been in England?” Fred asked.And after she explained, omitting the part of wanting to be an escort, he told her that girls didn’t say ‘fuck’ to total strangers. He asked who the man was and when she told him about Mister Villi it dawned on him who her benefactor was.”Ah yes, I’ve heard of Mister Villi. But wait a minute, you’re not the girl who got stabbed, are you?”She admitted it had been her, and went on to tell him the story, which he’d already heard in an exaggerated form. He was getting interested now, especially when she told him that Mister Villi treated her like a daughter.Fred went to the toilet, and unknown to Zelena was very busy on his cell phone. Shortly after he returned the plane landed and they parted company going through customs and immigration. After picking up her suitcase Zelena started to leave, looking for the man who was to meet her and take her home. Two men in dark glasses started to move toward her, and thinking they were the ones she moved to meet them when someone else came up from behind, grabbed the handle of her suitcase and continued to the exit.”Come on, hurry Zelena.” He said.”Wait! Who are you?” She asked him as she quickened her pace to keep up with him.”Villi sent me, and we must hurry because there are two men following you.””What?” She looked around and sure enough the two men she thought were there to meet her were behind them.They hurried into the parking lot until they reached a nice grey car and as soon as he’d put the suitcase in the car they got in. As he started the car, “I’m Tam. Sorry to rush you like that, but those two look bad. They’re still following us, but I think I can slip them when we get on the road.”Tam drove out of the parking lot fast and on to the highway then off again at the first exit. After that he proceeded to make a series of deft maneuvers until they seemed to Zelena to be headed in the wrong direction. All of this made her very nervous and she couldn’t help wondering if she’d met the right man or if she was getting deeper into trouble.She sat next to this man, Tam, occasionally glancing at him out the corner of her eye. He was a tall nice looking man of about 35 or 40, who obviously took care of himself. He might be Russian with a slight oriental look and spoke her language fluently. He was actually Kazakh, and a deserter from the Russian army. He’d been stationed in Chechnya and had seen the horror there, the killing, the ****. He’d gone into a hut to find another soldier undressing a nine-year-old girl and without a thought had shot him. He’d found the girl’s parents and they helped him disappear. After wandering through Georgia to Eastern Europe he’d become part of Mister Villi’s loose-knit organization.He looked over at Zelena and patted her knee. “Look, I’ve got them going the wrong way.” Pointing at a car coming toward them. “They may see us and turn around, but they’ll never catch us now.” As they drove Tam glanced at Zelena. She was pretty alright, she could be a model or an actress. She had to be something special for him to have to pick her up and for those two other men to try to intercept her.”Do you work in one of Mister Villi’s clubs?” He asked her.”No, I’m a waitress in Soho where he comes to eat.”Interesting, he thought. They talked some more, and he assumed she was sleeping with mister Villi. She started to recognize the countryside and soon reached the village where Zelena steered him to her parents’ shop. As they got out of the car Tam asked if she had a cell phone. When she said she didn’t, he handed her one.”Take this, it’s mine. I’ll set it on a number, and all you have to do is press this button. If you see those men again or anyone suspicious in the village phone me. It will take me at least an hour to get here, so don’t delay, and I’ll be here as quickly as I can. Be careful, those men are dangerous.”Dmitri, her father, was waiting on a customer as they drove up and as he handed the woman her change he looked over his shoulder and called to his wife:”Nadia, come quick!” almost dropping the woman’s bag of fruit. The woman was from the village and understood, and as soon as Nadia came out they all stood looking at this vision. Nadia and Dmitri couldn’t believe how their daughter had changed, she looked so elegant, no longer the pretty village girl.Dmitri rushed forward, crushing her in his arms. “My Zelly; my beautiful little girl.” After Nadia hugged and kissed her daughter they closed the shop and all went upstairs. In the living room they had tea and talked and talked. Zelena told them about London and Soho in particular and the restaurant. She told them the complete story about her stabbing and how wonderful everyone had been. And she told them about Mister Villi, and what his real name was.In reply they told her that nothing had really changed in the village except that more of the young people were leaving. She wanted to change into jeans, but first, they said, they must ask Karl over to supper, and then they’d all go over to the inn for a drink. She realized that her parents wanted people to see her dressed in her nice clothes.Meeting Karl again gave Zelena a feeling of excitement and made her türbanlı escort kayseri realize how strong her feeling for him really was. In the inn Dmitri and Nadia were anxious to show off their beautifully dressed daughter.All the village seemed to be there and she repeated her stories of London and, of course, the real story of how she’d been stabbed. The men demanded to see the breast where she’d been wounded, and after a couple of glasses of beer she satisfied their curiosity, but when the asked to show more she laughed and said “No!”With all the music, noise and laughter Karl and Zelena slipped out the back door and walked through the woods to their favorite spot where they sat on the grass. Alone at last the two lovers kissed passionately, although Zelena was worried about her clothes. Every other time they’d been here together she’d been in jeans.”Zelly, my love, you look so beautiful. I’m almost afraid to touch you.” He said as he stroked her stockinged leg.They continued to kiss and his hand slid up her leg and under her skirt. He wanted her so badly his penis was hard and leaking…and aching. His hand reached the top of her stocking to find her panties.”Take these off please my love.”She did as he asked, and lay there in the grass, feeling the warm breeze wafting over her open, wet vagina as she lay there with her legs open. This made her even hotter.”Oh how I love this, feeling the air on my pussy. Don’t fuck me yet, please Karl. Let’s not fuck yet. I want to enjoy this feeling.”But Karl was getting very, very hot. He needed a nice warm cunt to stick his aching rod into. He caressed her soft bare thigh and leaned over to kiss its softness, then moved on to kiss her moist, open slit and the soft lips inside it. He opened her wider with his fingers, savored the musky odor of her and flicked out his tongue to taste her.”Do it now Karl.” Zelena whispered urgently. “Fuck me now, please!”Karl rolled over on top of her, couched between her open legs, and like a magnet his penis found her soft wet opening, and as it slipped into her they both gave a deep sigh.”My love, my Zelly. I want this forever.””So do I.” Zelena answered. “But forever doesn’t begin yet.”They lay together with Zelena spreading her legs wide for Karl to penetrate her. He went into her hard and deep and she responded with sighs and moans. Their sex was hot and active but loving, and Zelena met his deep thrusts, moving her hips forward to meet him. The heat rising in her came to a climax quickly and she cried out with the pleasure it gave her.”Karl, Karl…so good. Fuck me hard, fuck me my love.”Soon, too soon for them both, Karl ejaculated into Zelena’s eager vagina. They lay together in a tight embrace until Zelena broke loose and kissed Karl while their organs, his penis and her vagina, remained locked together.”Zelly, Zelly my love.” He whispered to her. “I hate the idea of you fucking other men. When you’re an escort many, many men will fuck you.””Yes, I hope so.””Please, please be careful, both of the men and always make them wear a condom. You’ve already had a man stab your beautiful tit. I thought you were dead when I heard it. But there’s disease too, diseases that can kill.”Her parents were already home when Zelena finally went upstairs. She looked into the living room and said goodnight and went into her room. In the living room Nadia looked over at Dmitri.”Leave her alone, she’s just got home and has had a long journey.””You know I can’t.” He told her. “She’s so beautiful. I have to have her.”Dmitri got up after a few minutes and went into his daughter’s room. He undressed quickly and naked slipped into bed beside her. She was naked too because she’d been expecting him. Zelena was tired and a little drunk and while she was sure her father would want to fuck her she wanted it too. It had been six months since she’d enjoyed his touch and she needed it again.Dmitri kissed this lovely soft creature and even though he knew it was the same girl, the same woman whom he had initiated into sex a couple of years before she now seemed new and different. She moved her legs apart for him to touch her and he felt the wetness of her opening. He realized that the wetness was because she had just had sex with Karl and the idea of her having had another man made his need that much greater. He was passing from a loving father with his daughter to a man wanting to penetrate, to impregnate, this beautiful woman.But he realized the complications if he were to get her pregnant, so he put on a condom before he rolled on top of her as she spread her legs for him and they both sighed as his penis slipped into her ready vagina. His thrusts were hard and deep, while he whispered his deep love for her in her ear.Zelena in reply “Oh Daddy, that’s so good. I’ll always love it when you fuck me.”There was a special bond between them that made their lovemaking unique and inspired as it built up to a climax. Dmitri touched his daughter’s body as he ravaged her, kissing and sucking on her full breasts while his hands caressed her body. When he felt the end coming on he gripped her buttocks with both hands, pulling her to him and gave several hard thrusts as he ejaculated almost painfully.Two nights later Dmitri went into his daughter’s bedroom again. This was to be their last night together because Zelena’s last night at home was reserved for Karl. This week had gone so quickly for all of them that it was hard to believe that the time was almost over. While she was looking forward to getting back to London and starting the new life that Mister Villi, Uncle Joe, had promised her, she had enjoyed meeting everyone again, she must have talked to everyone in the village, and repeated stories about her life in London a hundred timesZelena felt her father’s hands touching and caressing her body. He loved the feeling of her young, smooth body, and then thought of all the men who would soon be enjoying it. He knew that even though she liked to call herself an escort, she would really be a whore, a prostitute, and the thought of it made him hot.”Be careful my dear, be careful not to get a disease or get pregnant. And be careful of the men you’ll meet. Men can do some terrible things to girls, you’ve already found that out.””Don’t worry Daddy. I’ll be working in one of Mister Villi’s clubs. I’ll be safe.””You know, dear Zelly, his uncle was a terrible, ruthless man, who killed thousands maybe millions. I wish I felt better about you working for him. I’d like to meet him.””You must come to London and meet him, I think you’d like him.”Dmitri’s probing fingers were now exploring Zelena’s wet vagina as they kissed. But now he was thinking of something else. He’d brought a tube of lubricant with him, and putting a dab on his finger he slipped back to find her anus and slipped his finger into it.Zelena’s heart was pounding. She knew what was coming and she wanted it but knew it might hurt. She moved her legs apart to let her father have better access to her hole, and felt him pushed two fingers into her.”Oh yes, Daddy, that’s nice. I like that.” She muttered fervently as his fingers slipped in and out of her. The third finger hurt a little but she wanted it, and more and the excitement was intense.”Kneel Zelly.” Her father directed her tersely. She did what she was told, kneeling on the edge of the bed. She felt the head of Dmitri’s hard penis nuzzling her anus and felt a pain as it penetrated her, and she gave a sharp cry.Her father pushed a little harder and his penis slid deeper into her.”Oh God!” she cried as he pushed harder, now deep into her rectum. “Oh Daddy, I love the feel of your cock in my arse, even if it does hurt.” She should have said “because it hurts” because the pain was part of the pleasure she was enjoying.”And I love your tight arse, my dear Zelly. It’s so warm and fits around my cock like a hand.”On and on he went, fucking, fucking, fucking his daughter’s arsehole while she groaned with the pain and pleasure of it. Then he started to fuck her faster, really reaming her hole, and his balls were slapping against her labia and clitoris. This was driving Zelena wild and she was rocking back to meet his thrusts until suddenly she felt the heat explode and she screamed as an orgasm ripped through both her holes and filled her body.She lunged and bucked like an a****l as the heat soared through her body. This caused Dmitri to have an orgasm too, and he started to ejaculate deep into her body.”Zelly! Zelly! Oh God that’s good.” He cried out as he continued reaming her anus. Then with a couple of thrusts that were so hard she cried out in pain, he lay still.They lay together as his fluid drained into her, and she tightened her anal sphincter around his now limp penis. Then he pulled out and the feel of his penis pulling out made her gasp. Dmitri kissed Zelena again and quietly went back to his own bedZelena lay naked, still with the glow of that wonderful sex on her. Tomorrow was her last day at home and then back to London. Tomorrow afternoon and evening she’d spend with Karl. First, though, she was going to see Mother Kali who she hadn’t talked to yet, to see if she had any advice for her. Mother Kali had worked as a prostitute when the Russians were there and might have some tips for her in her new venture working as an escort for Uncle Joe.

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